Sunday Matters: Less Crazy, Please

Sunday Matters

Right Now:

Oh goodness. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done a Sunday post but I’m here today!

One kid directed a show and the events leading up to that have kept the house busy. The Halloween party was fun. The Girl had a migraine all week long and then during PE got hit by a kid running at full speed. The end result threw her into a pole. Trip to urgent care followed. CT scan clean (thank goodness). I’ve decided that I have way too much stuff and want to toss everything in my house.

You know, the normal stuff.

As I sit back to drink this coffee it’s clear to me that I need Less Crazy but how does one achieve this with two busy kids?

This Week:

More show stuff this weekend. I also feel the need to start prepping for the holidays. This part, I do not mind. I saw something on Facebook about a four gift plan for Christmas:

  • Something they want
  • Something they need
  • Something to wear
  • Something to read

Sounds easy and perfect but will it fly in my house?


Too much. That’s the first time I’ve ever said that. I’m reading a lot but not very quickly. I just finished The Boston Girl and the review for that should be up shortly. I am trying to finish three other books but…

My next book is the new John Irving. It’s not going so well.

Avenue of Mysteries


No surprise. The Walking Dead. It’s so good. Also watching American Horror Story Hotel but since that one is on so late I have to record it and watch it later.

I never got to watch all of my Halloween horror movies so maybe I can squeeze them in now.  I’m also wanting to watch some classics.


I  made a boat load of chicken and enchiladas for the Halloween party and we’ve been eating that all week long but I seriously cannot eat another chicken taco or cheese enchilada. I need something else like a big steak or something.

Grateful for:

I am grateful for fun people and especially those with a good heart.

30 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Less Crazy, Please”

  1. I’m hoping you get Less Crazy in the weeks ahead. You need and deserve it!

    Life has been crazy around here too. I’m trying to finish up a class that I took last month. Only two papers left and at least one will be finished today. I have also been doing a lot of traveling, and I’m excited that I don’t have any of that one my plate for a while. I’m hoping both of these factors mean more reading, blogging, and writing time for me in the weeks ahead.

  2. The 4 gift Idea sounds like a good one – let us know how that flies. 😉 You seem to stay busy but from where I sit you handle it well, so, Brava! to you, my friend. I was going to watch AHS this season after hearing raves from friends, but it’s just a bit too much for me. Even my friend who LOVED it previously quit watching and she is no slouch when it comes to dark shows. As you know, I’m cleaning out my house and purging a lot of stuff. It is liberating to do that – I’m loving it and wich I would’ve done it sooner! The house feels lighter! Have a good week!

    1. I think to other people, I handle it well but inside sometimes I am a bit too frazzled. I get worked up when there is too much on my calendar.

    2. This season of AHS is so far out there that I find it hard to believe that it’s not on a pay channel. BUT, I love the Art Deco set, the acting and the actors. It’s so graphic though!

  3. You sound carefree today! But Thanksgiving is only two weeks away and I know how much you love that holiday! Jammie’s, movies, food…

    1. I think that is why I sound so carefree! I love Thanksgiving so much! I am pairing down my menu too to just the things we really like. We always have so much waste. I also want to ramp up the desserts because that is the one thing I end up not enjoying because of being gluten free but this time, I am going to make something really decadent or buy something. I think I may attempt GF rolls again but we’ll see. Every year I end up with door stops but maybe this year I will get lucky.

  4. I hope the production went well, which I’m sure it did! Sounds like you’ve been very busy…and I hope you find time to chill a bit.

    Nothing new here just the new norm of busy for me, and I’m behind on reading the book club book, The Difference Engine, again. Every month, I seem to be behind.

    1. I was behind on my club book too so I crammed it in and then could not go because of the girl’s head injury. It’s okay though because it jump started my reading again.

      OMG!! The show was amazing. There are two more performances this weekend and I plan to see it again if I can.

  5. I’ve seen that four gift idea for Christmas before. I think it is an awesome idea but it wouldn’t go well in my house. I wish I would have started doing that when my kids were little. I feel like I’m past the point of no return now.
    I have missed your Sunday posts. Glad you’re OK 🙂

    1. I know! Why did we all go overboard when they were so little. They didn’t even know what they were getting. I would be thrilled with four gifts. My husband and I rarely buy gifts for one another.

    1. I do give up, normally. But this was an ARC and it IS Irving. I think if I did not review it I would not get approved next time and it’s hard as it is to get the big ticket ARCs. I am going to give it until 30%. I am at 10% now.

  6. Ti, Avenue of Mysteries is not going well for me either. I read a few chapters in bed at night and that’s about it.

    Soon things will be calmer when your son is in college and only one child at home. Teen years are stressful.

    Have a good week with lots of deep breathing.

    1. I am trying really hard to make sense of Avenue but it makes no sense to me. What is the deal? He’s a this kid with this special sister? I find myself losing the story every time I begin a new paragraph. I am now 10% in but struggling big time.

  7. You’ve got your hands more than full with all of this. Sorry to hear about Avenue of Mysteries… usually love Irving, but the blurb didn’t really appeal. We’ll see when I get to it. I like the Christmas gift plan!

    1. I love Irving but this one is taking a long while for me to figure it out. I just put it down to finish King but will plow through it by this weekend.

  8. I don’t know if I can provide any advice on how to make things less crazy with two busy teens. In fact, I am probably the last person who should give advice on that at all, since I obviously have not figured that part out myself. At this point in time, I am hoping things will improve when C leaves for college in two years.

    I absolutely love your Christmas gift plan. In fact, I already copied it down to my Christmas folder and will be pitching it to my husband when he gets back from his latest business trip. What a perfect way to downsize the holiday but still make it meaningful.

    Hang in there. Honestly, I live on leftovers because it makes dinners so much easier when everyone is getting home at all hours of the night. I say I make double batches because of Connor eating so much, but really, it is all about the ease of dinner planning. And one load of laundry a day. It doesn’t make it go away, but at least it tames the pile without making you feel overwhelmed.

    1. Well, potentially, my kid will be away for college next fall so things will certainly wind down a little. At the same time the other kid ramps up her activities with track sign-up starting already. At the show this past weekend, my daughter didn’t even sit with us. She sat with the other theater kids because she already feels as if she is one of them. They are good to her, too. It’s just a fun group of kids. I am going to miss all of those seniors.

      I am going to pitch the gift idea and see what happens. I may stray a little from it, but not by much. It’s just too much when some of the stuff you buy never gets used or even put away. That is the case every year. I always find a shirt, still wrapped in tissue or a book or something stashed away and never read.

      I would much rather do this gift plan and then see a show or two as a family.

  9. I don’t foresee less crazy happening in your house any time soon – especially not with a senior in the house!

  10. I just finished reading “The Boston Girl”. Can’t wait to read your review of it to see if your thoughts are the same or different from mine.

    1. My review posts on Thursday. Unfortunately, I had to miss my book club meeting but I heard that they felt the book was a little too light for discussion. We must compare notes once the review posts.

  11. I am always up for a big steak, personally 🙂 So The Teen is directing? That is so awesome! And I’m glad The Girl is fine. This is my first night of blog reading in a month (or at least, it feels like it’s been a month. Maybe two?) – I’ve missed you!

  12. You are one busy bee! Glad you are getting time to read 🙂 As for TWD – I found this last ep pretty lackluster. I could care less about Jessie or that doctor. And why do they have to bring another baby onto the show – ugh! We already have to deal with Judith! I hope this isn’t the way they plan to keep Glenn on the show?! Anyhow, hope you have a great week!!

  13. Wow! Thank goodness your girl is okay… As for you, it sounds like you’ve got a case of Christmas fever going on 🙂 It’s an affliction I also am quite familiar with… Don’t worry, you’ll get it all done, the holidays will be amazing, and you’ll wake up on January 1st feeling contented and absolutely ready to kick 2016’s butt! How do I know? Experience! :p
    Ah, Avenue of Mysteries is on my list too. Let me know how you’re liking it. Hugs ❤

    1. I have high hopes for Avenue of Mysteries but right now it’s not going too well.

      I guess I am in the Christmas spirit this year. I see the city decorations up and I don’t mind them this time. I just want it to be less commercial and less stress. Maybe I can at least improve that aspect of it this time around. Although, the Girl told me she wants me to take her out for Black Friday. Good lord. She is a bear in crowds and will not enjoy it but I see how she thinks it could be fun.

  14. 3 episodes left of WD! Not sure what to think but I’m hoping Glen is alive! I want you to let me know if the John Irving book is any good or if I should skip. The author is coming here on Dec. 3 to read from it but I’m on the fence about the whole thing. Is it worth it??

    1. The Irving book is not working for me. I haven’t seen other reviews yet but if he came to town I’d still see him for his other works. I’ve loved many of his books.

      TWD. That ending. I won’t mention it in case you have yet to see it but I don’t think it’s what it is.

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