Movie Review: Gone Girl

Gone Girl movie poster.

*No Spoilers*

As with most movies, I was late to the party with this one. Which kind of surprised me only because I was pretty sure I’d run out to see the movie right after finishing the book.  My review of the book wasn’t all glowing unicorns and daffodils but I did appreciate the page-turning aspect of the story.

Recently, while cleaning out my kitchen drawers I decided to watch the movie and it was the perfect movie for that type of activity. It had the same feel as the book, but I felt that Amy’s character is handled a bit better on film.

For those who don’t know what it’s about. Amy Dunne goes missing and her husband Nick is the #1 suspect. But is he? As the detectives work the case and as we follow Amy’s journal entries, the story of what happened and what is about to happen begins to break through.

Just like the book, these characters are not likable but Nick is more likable on film than in print. Perhaps, the director softened him up a little because it’s hard to feel anything for two unlikable characters. Whatever the reason, I felt it was a good choice. Plus, Nick is played by Ben Affleck and I’ve always liked him.

Amy. She is a piece of work. Rosamund Pike’s performance is pretty good. I literally could not stand her calculating ways.

There are some gruesome scenes. I don’t remember any from the book but there is one in the movie and it’s kind of tough to watch. I’m not sure it was even needed. Be warned.

The ending is different from the book but not in a bad way. It felt a little more real than the book. I read the book some time ago but when the credits rolled I was like, huh, that’s interesting.

In the end, I think I liked it much more than the book. Have you read the book and/or seen the movie?

15 thoughts on “Movie Review: Gone Girl”

  1. I enjoyed the movie as much as the book (and I loved the book!) I don’t recall the ending being all that different but I never remember endings so whatever.

  2. Like Care, I really enjoyed the book and the movie and didn’t think the movie ending was all that different. I saw the movie in the theater and then watched it again at home.

  3. I read the book and saw the movie. The scene in the movie that was gross did occur in the book. That was the only way she could away from that guy. She planned it that way. I enjoyed both the book and the movie.

    1. ​I don’t remember that scene being in the book. Maybe it just didn’t seem as violent in print. ​I read it so long ago.

    1. I know she was calculating and ruthless but it was really over the top. I guess I felt the same way about the book, too. I liked the cinematography. The angles, the shadows, the way it was shot made it interesting.

  4. Seen the movie… Didn’t really blow me away or anything. I’m sure the book would’ve made a greater impact – ’tis the way of these things 🙂 Happy Friday, Ti ❤

  5. I liked the book, but I loved the movie and thought they did a better job, it was as if Flynn had a chance to refine her work in the movie. Also I don’t remember that scene in the book either…and the ending was different. Or at least it was better explained in the movie.

  6. I was SO impressed with the movie. The first half, before the reveal happens, moved a little slowly for my tastes, but the second half, my God. Rosamund Pike was just mesmerizing on the screen. I couldn’t look away from her.

  7. Read and watched. Some things about the book I preferred; I actually liked that Nick was more unlikable in the book but there was no way I couldn’t totally buy him as utterly unlikable when looking at Affleck. I thought the part w/ Amy confined was a bit off from what I remembered of the book. I totally could not remember if the gory scene in the movie was the same as the book. All in all, I did think it was a pretty good adaptation.

  8. Yes. I read the book & saw the movie. I thought the book got crazy but it was clever. I thought the movie was done well. Thumbs up to both. The characters creepy in their ways

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