My Reading Life at The Moment

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I don’t think it’s possible to read any slower than I have been. I mean, really people. It’s just not possible.

I don’t know what my deal is. I just feel like lingering on the page for way too long. Yes, the books are good. I am so close to finishing Salem’s Lot. I really just need to sit myself down and finish those last few pages so I can move on, right?

And Finders Keepers was put on hold to read Salem’s Lot for the read-along and now it sits, ever so patiently, waiting for me to pick it up again. It was great! There is no reason for me not to finish it.

The Boston Girl. Ugh.  I totally forgot about my book club meeting this week so I am attempting to read this one quickly for Thursday’s meeting. So far, it’s delightful but again, I want to linger a bit and I don’t have the time to do it.

Kafka on the Shore. Oh yes, I’ve read it before but another blogger and I will be reading it this month. I feel as if Murakami will fix me up. I need a literary push. A shove, if you will. Murakami’s writing does that to me.

Goodreads sent me a reminder yesterday saying that I am woefully behind on my reading goals for the year. Yes, Goodreads! I know this!

This time of the year does something to me. And because we rarely see seasons here in California, one month rolls into the next without any fanfare so it’s easy for it to be a big blur by the time the Christmas tree is up.

I swore I would not let this happen.

There’s still time though and now that this is all out of my head I am just going to jump back into it with lots of hot coffee, cold coffee and spiced cider and make it all happen. I LOVE this time of year and reading is what makes it so special to me. So that’s it. I am picking myself up and dusting myself off and jumping in.

I can tell from my reader that some of you are in the same place. We all need a little shove that will send us back to our bookshelves in search of that perfect book to pull us back in.

We can do this. Are you with me?

22 thoughts on “My Reading Life at The Moment”

  1. Totally with you! Do you see yourself ever living where there are actual seasons? It is so easy when your life…my life…is in four neat sections. I have three months four times a year to do different stuff…when you really think about…it’s so odd…plus I crave different books for different seasons! Oh my…I am definitely the kind of person that needs seasons…no blurry lines here! Good luck getting your reading groove back!

    1. Patty, I can totally see myself living in the Pacific Northwest where there would be at least a couple seasons. I don’t think I could do East coast for long. I just get too cold and do not like to drive in real weather. I don’t think I’d handle that part of it well. If I was retired and didn’t have a daily commute for work I would love to be snowed in.

  2. Given the titles you’re reading, yes, you’re entitled to taking your time. I’ve reached the same conclusion. I’m reading City on Fire by Risk Hallberg and it’s almost 1000 pages, and a book of ideas to boot. Thought-provoking concepts and multi-faceted characters. I can’t well be expected to breeze through something like that, can I? And neither can you. In any case, should there be a problem, yes, Murakami WILL fix it. He’s the panacea for all such “illnesses” 🙂

  3. I was just saying on another blog that I’m a “nester” so love this time a year. Theres no guilt to stay indoors earlier and read or watch a movie with a warm beverage.

    You have a a lot on your plate so don’t be too hard on yourself for reading slower.

    1. I know, but I was on such a roll. I felt it coming on too. This seems to happen to me every other year.

      It was cold today! 60 degrees is darn near freezing for us.

  4. I’ve been reading but haven’t been blogging. Another dreaded slump? I’ve just embarked on Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels (received all four for my birthday!) and am loving them, but just can’t get any review posts written. The weather here has warmed up again, but I’ve come down with a cold, so have no energy to do much of anything! I read some horror for October, but never joined RIP or wrote a single Halloween-y post. There’s always next year!

    1. I was sick too. That’s how this all started. I could not hold my head up to read and then just gave up. I think it’s hard to write reviews this time of year and do people even want to read them right now? I wonder about that too. We have a frost warning right now!! It was only 42 when I got to work and that is like frigid temps for So Cal. LOVE.

  5. Ti, we can totally do this! I think reading Murakami is smart – how can his writing not inspire you to read more, right? As for ‘Salem’s Lot and Finders Keepers – finish them off so you can enjoy their endings. In the end of Finders Keepers you can pretty much guess what the next book will be about – I can’t wait for that one! Its weird to be in such a reading rut lately, especially since there are so many great books to read – ugh! I’m really hoping HP helps me out. My fingers are crossed we get our reading mojo back ASAP!!

    1. Why DO these ruts happen when there are so many good books out? Maybe we get overwhelmed by the selection?? I don’t know but I am halfway through with The Boston Girl, which I just started so if I can push through that dreaded 50% mark I think I may have moved into the land of “do”. LOL.

  6. I’m near that point in the year where I have little time to read, so I’m striving to finish the commitments I have and not add to them. I’ve been reading more graphic novels than other kinds of novels. I may just not accept review copies in 2016. I have a ton of books I bought and wanted to read, and I haven’t had time. And with my daughter having a weekly reading sheet for pre-school, I’ve been reading more books with her, which has been fun, especially as she recognizes words.

    I hope you are enjoying Salem’s Lot; it’s one of my favorites.

    1. My daughter has reading logs all through K-6 and now has them for 8-9. She hates them with a passion. I would be so happy to do a reading log.

  7. I hear you! I’m reading, but really….really….slowly. And I keep wanting to watch TV or a movie. Which I guess is OK, right? I’m enjoying my current book, but only picking it up at bedtime and reading maybe a chapter. Ah well. It’s all good. Have a good rest of the week, Ti. I have mystery book club tonight and I need to go think about what I’m going to talk about with them.

    1. I never even got to watch my horror movies this year for Halloween. I do feel like curling up with Netflix these days. I really just need an extra day to do errands and stuff so that I can have one day of rest. Knowing me though I’d clean the closet or something.

  8. I am feeling the same way. I think it is because it is in the 70s and by this time of the year I am usually under a nice comfy blanket with my pumpkin spice coffee. With it being in the 70’s though it does not even feel the holidays.

  9. I find that after I finish a book sometimes I need a rest or a break between books. So there is a pause which can be 2 or 3 days, but I really dont have time for breaks between books. I’m behind on Goodreads goals too. I’m curious about The Boston Girl and would like to know if you & your book group thought it was good. thx

    1. We meet on Thursday to discuss it but I am 60% in and like it quite a bit. I have to see where the story is going though. It’s sort of situational family drama at the moment.

  10. I go through phases like that though right now I am in the read fast mode.Honestly, I want to always read slow. Read and absorb my books, not race through them to pick the next.

    1. I honestly don’t even know why I feel the need to speed it up. It’s just me. If I take too long with a book it nearly always leads to a rut. I only take a few ARCs a year now so it’s not even that. Read, absorb, live in the moment. I love that but too much of if makes me a slug.

  11. I am so totally there with you right now! Everything has been so chaotic for me lately, and I can’t wait to get past a few things and get back into reading again. And, blogging!

  12. Totally with you! I even forced myself to finish a book that seriously put me to sleep after one page. One page. It was great for insomnia, but it is over and now I can get on with something a little less tedious.

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