Good Stuff Happening

DTASC Winners!!
One of the moms snapped this pic but I forget who! Thank you for taking it!

Oh, My. Goodness. If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, I’ve been sitting on the other side of this screen fawning over the video performance of THIS group of talented performers.

Yes folks!! These guys took 1st place out of 86 schools at the Drama Teachers Association of Southern California competition! (#DTASC) They won Open Musical which is the toughest category. They did Bonnie & Clyde and they killed it! I am so proud of them.  What’s neat about the competition is that you can only use four chairs as props. It’s so cool.

I got to spend the entire day following these guys around and I have to tell you… I just love being surrounded by talent and music and kids who are just so passionate about what they do.


Next up. We are hosting a Halloween party for theatre this weekend. Should be fun! Needless to say my reading has been sporadic. Need to get back into it next week.

Then, on 11/16 they get to perform at the winner’s showcase! It’s so exciting.

What are you up to this weekend? Dressing up? Parties? Do tell.

UPDATE: I didn’t post the video publicly but if I know you and you’d like to see it and you are not on Facebook, leave me a comment and I will send it to you directly. Some folks have asked and I am more than happy to gush about it.

20 thoughts on “Good Stuff Happening”

  1. Congrats to the Teen and his co-stars!! That is so awesome that they won 1st place!! How exciting!! Its always inspiring and fun to be around people who are so passionate about what they love and these kids sound like they have that passion in spades. Hope you have a wonderful Halloween!! I’ll be passing out candy and watching scary movies all night 🙂

  2. Working on Saturday. Not much of a dress up person plus can’t think of anything to dress up as. Yep, party pooper, my middle name ;).

    But congrats to The Teen and the whole troupe! And good luck with the party, hope you all have fun.

  3. Congratulations to them!! That is so awesome! If it’s alright to do, you should post a video of their performance – I’d love to check it out.

    This weekend, we’ll just be doling out candies. I cannot wait to see what the kids dress up as this year.

    1. Are you on Facebook? I posted it there for friends but don’t want it posted publicly to preserve their choreography and such. My recording is low quality bit still. On Oct 28, 2015 10:30 AM, “Book Chatter” wrote:


  4. This was such great news, and I love that pic of your son with the trophy on FB. We’re taking our daughter out with her friend for Halloween. No party plans here.

  5. Well, congrats to The Teen! ❤ And have a great time at the party, Ti – you deserve it. I'm taking my son trick-or-treating (and I will, of course, be wearing a pointy hat!)

  6. Congrats to all of them and aren’t they cute? Love the smiles! Ti, your kids are endlessly fascinating. I know you are so proud of them. 🙂

  7. Wow that’s terrific. Congrats to the winners! I’d like to see the video if okay with you. We are away this wknd to a cabin in the mountains so we will miss Halloween craziness. Enjoy!

  8. Congratulations to the son and his team!! That is so AWESOME! (And a fantastic thing to put on a college application.) No wonder you are so excited. And of course I want to see the video! I love watching your kids perform.

  9. Wow, that’s great! Congrats to the Teen and his talented friends.

    We’ll be home this weekend… passing out candy to just a couple groups of trick-or-treaters. Enjoy the party.

  10. Congrats to the Teen 🙂

    I haven’t dressed up in several years. I don’t have the money or the energy either to dress up or go anywhere that makes wearing one matter. Eh. What are you going to do? lol

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