Time: It Slips Past Me

There is something about this time of year. Time flies. Just the other day I couldn’t believe that it was October and now we are preparing for Halloween and ready to bring in November. Well, some of us are ready. I haven’t bought any candy yet, but we are having a party for the theater kids and no planning has happened for that either.

My husband was sick this past weekend. He pretty much kept to himself but somehow I picked up what he had and now I am down for the count. Still working, but really should be home. Trying not to get The Teen sick. His all-day theater competition is this Saturday. We will all be in attendance and I am wondering if I will make it through the day, but Saturday is a ways off. I could be totally recovered by then.

Reading lots, but in spurts. All I really feel like doing is binge watching Netflix, covered in a blanket, drinking tea.  Alas, it is not meant to be.

So, I will settle for the tea.

What’s new in your world?

21 thoughts on “Time: It Slips Past Me”

    1. ​Thank you! We are trying to quarantine ourselves to keep him well. He’s been rehearsing such long hours though. He really needs to rest. ​

  1. Wow, sounds like a busy time. I cannot believe it is nearly November. My husband just started decorating for Halloween, and while my daughter has repeatedly asked when it will be Halloween since Oct. 1…I somehow lost track of time.

    We’ve just been running around and around. She has a bday party this weekend for a preschool classmate, and I’m still exhausted from the weekend walkathon in dc with work.

    1. Yeah, these days even the smallest event causes me angst. I really just want to stay home and chill. LOL. I’ve learned that I need quiet moments to feel good and I’ve had less of them these days. Working on it though.

      Have fun at the preschool party! The middle school group at church is having their Halloween event on Sunday. I need to figure out what to wear.

      On Wed, Oct 21, 2015 at 9:02 AM, Book Chatter wrote:


  2. Feel better soon, Ti! We’ve been struggling with a bad cold over here as well – I had to keep my son home for a whole week. Tea does work wonders, so drink plenty of it!

  3. Just sort of prepping the house and yard for colder weather…reading…making lots of soup and thinking about how strange it is to feel cold! Stay well!

  4. Hope you feel better!!!! I’m in frantic mode because I have been stalled in procrastination mode for a few things and just can’t. get. moving. Oh well, the time marches on and denial won’t make it go away.. On the reading front, I tried to stall my Salem’s Lot by picking up a different book which I ended up reading in record time which meant that I finished Salem’s Lot yesterday. I already posted a review of the ‘stopgap’ book and have begun my #SalemAlong post when I had to stop and do what I am supposed to do. Oh wait, no, now I am visiting blogs and still avoiding my work. BYE, I really must get to it!! (hope you feel better)

    1. That’s the thing with King RALs, we read them too quickly. I am so far behind but that’s okay because I am really enjoying the book. My entire head feels like it’s going to explode today. Yesterday I was too dizzy to read.

      What work have you been putting off? Okay. Don’t tell me. Just DO it. Tell me later.

  5. I have to tell you, I was in productions all through my teen years, and those were the BEST experiences of my whole life (and I am now an adult, I think. LOL) So glad the kids enjoy them. And I also love to read.

    1. I was a theater kid in my teen years as well! I loved it to pieces. So, I get it. Both kids, the teen and the tween have done numerous shows. Mostly big musicals but I prefer the smaller, more intimate shows/pieces. This weekend, the Teen’s skit is from Bonnie and Clyde. I hope they do well.

  6. Yeah this month has gone super fast. It’s almost Nov and I’ve hardly gotten to Oct. Yikes getting sick is no fun. I hope you & your family recover quickly. I’m behind on WD episodes but should catch up on the tape tonight.

  7. No tea here.

    I am having wings… Finally. On Friday.

    I agree time is going too quickly. Our library director already has our schedules set for the last two months. I already feel like the year is over.

    1. I guess it’s nice to know your schedule ahead of time but I can see why it feels like the year is over. This is my favorite time of the year and I just want to draw it out for as long as I can. Think I can do it?

  8. My poor Ti. You need a vacation. Just for you. Somewhere you can hide from the world, sleep when you want, read or watch TV. Just rest and regain some energy to face the world again.

  9. I hope you are feeling better by now Ti! It’s been so long since I commented here because life has been so crazy and time is just flying by. Reading has been hit and miss for me, but that’s simply because I haven’t had much time to read. Thank goodness for audiobooks!

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