Summer Faves

Summer Faves

You know, I’m trying really hard for it to feel like summer but so far, it just feels like any old time of the year. The weather this week has been really cool and cloudy and although I like it, it just doesn’t put me in a summery mood.

To remind myself of all the good things that this time of the year brings, I’m making a list of some of the things that instantly put me in a good mood.

  1. Picnics at the beach!
  2. Concerts in the Park. Starts this weekend for us!
  3. Summer reading! SO many good books out there.
  4. Salads for dinner. No hot kitchen to deal with.
  5. Popsicles!! I am partial to Big Sticks (cherry/pineapple). Yum!
  6. Grilling my grub! Corn, steak, burgers, you name it.
  7. Lemon & Sage Body Butter by Bliss. I could eat the stuff.
  8. Fizzy/Fruity drinks or even better, Mint Juleps!
  9. The smell of the sea and the sound of crashing waves.
  10. Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen. Happiness in a bottle.
  11. Watermelon. Super sweet and seedless.
  12. Fresh, cool morning air before the heat hits.
  13. Road trips!
  14. Entering a cool museum to escape the heat.
  15. Or… a cool movie theater.
  16. Stopping at the fruit stand after visiting Santa Barbara.
  17. Lazy evenings spent with a good book.
  18. My coconut hair cream. Smells like a mix of surf and sand.
  19. Sitting in the shade, listening to the sounds around me.
  20. Watching the Otter Pup nap in her favorite sunny spot.
  21. A perfectly ripe tomato right off the vine.
  22. The smell of fresh cut grass. No grass this year (drought).
  23. Warm summer evenings, right before the sun goes down.
  24. Strappy sandals and brightly colored toes.
  25. Bright blue skies.

I didn’t even mention NO homework but it’s right up there with the best stuff. What would you add to this list?

16 thoughts on “Summer Faves”

    1. I complain about heat a lot but it really is quite comfortable compared to what you have to endure! So yes, AC is quite important and keeps us all happy. 

  1. We’ve had the rain and massive humidity with low 90’s. Now, we are about to start the real summer heat. And hopefully, the humidity will decrease as the temps rise to the skies. I like grilled stuff in summer and a good reason to treat myself to a regular pedicure – with beautiful colorful polish. 🙂

    1. I love brightly colored polish against tanned feet! My daughter is partial to neon orange but I love all of the aquas. 

  2. We’ve had some really stifling humid weather and lots of rain — I wish I could ship some to you! Our garden is producing a lot, which is one thing I love about summer. I love the fresh veggies…It’s great to see the fruits of our labor — my daughter is particularly excited since she had more of a role this year in the planting.

    What would I add to the list — swimming in the pool! My daughter loves it and so do I. We took her to her first water park over 4th of July weekend and it was so sad when she cried because she wanted to stay until it closed at 9pm! She’s a little too young for those late hours.

    1. I wish we had a pool. My daughter is usually all tanned and golden from camp but she was too old this year to enjoy it and so we’ve only been to the public pool once for her track party. I really need to take her again. She’s a natural swimmer. I wanted her to join swim team this summer because in all the other years it conflicted with camp but this year, they changed the practice times and now it conflicts with evening stuff. 

  3. What would I add?

    Sleeveless shirts
    A relaxed schedule
    Longer evenings
    Walks outside
    Napping outside
    Cold beer (or wine)
    Fresh produce
    Food in general because it tastes better in the summer
    The birds chirping and flitting about

    1. No fireflies in these parts but I like the idea of them. No flowers these days with the drought. Just artificial lawns going in left and right as well as f’n cactus gardens! We are supposed to get a crap load of rain with El Nino this Fall so I hope my entire, dead backyard down not come crashing down around me in the form of a mudslide since the shrubs are in the midst of dying.  I wish I could do sleeveless shirts but the arms… flappy is not a good look. 

    1. Rosemary Lemonade?? Where have I been? I have loads of rosemary. The only thing that hasn’t died due to drought. I have to try this. Hammocks. I love the idea of one and have been asking for one for years and years but it all falls on deaf ears. I have the perfect spot for one. Maybe I will include a photo in a post soon. I want a gazebo or a hammock. I’d think a hammock would be easier. 

  4. You have just about covered it all! Maybe a week at the lake…or a lobster roll…and walking in a warm summer rain…no lightning!

  5. Yes, yes, yes, yes! I definitely feel like I put up with our long winters just so that I can eat tomatoes straight off the vine!

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