Sunday Matters: Ideas & Stuff

Sunday Matters

This week went pretty well. The Teen is now a licensed driver. I finally got my new glasses adjusted correctly so that I can actually wear them, and I’ve been a reading fool.

We’ve also made progress on The Girl’s beach inspired bedroom. This is the photo we are using for inspiration:

Beach Bedroom

So far we’ve purchased those lights, a quilt set and sheets. She’s going with more of an aqua color. We picked up paint for her dresser and we have some wall hangings. Her walls will be an aqua color but the border that she had before is a real pain to remove! It’s taking a long time to get it all off.  I still need to make that head board but we know the plan so it’s all coming together.

I also love all the beachy stuff I keep finding on Pinterest:

No Wake Zone

Beach House Rules

She is going to love this room when it’s done and I am going to be so jealous!!

Right Now:

Just sitting here with my coffee and more avocado toast. About to head out to church and then back for volunteering later.

This Week:

Nothing big going on this week. No appointments or anything.  I will probably work on The Girl’s dresser and uh, maybe my closet. I know. Someday, I will get to my closet. It’s not unorganized but just full of stuff I no longer want to wear and as long as the stuff is there, I just keep wearing it.


I finished The Last Pilot by Benjamin Johncock. I’m working on the review now but I think a lot of people will be reading this book.  I am halfway through with Summerlong by Dean Bakopoulos. Also, very good. In addition to these, I am done with Part I of Atlas Shrugged for the #AtlasRAL. It’s quite the entertaining read. Big ideas. Interesting characters.  So far, I like it.

I had planned to start Nantucket by Nan Rossiter last week but I had too many reading deadlines and that’s one I want to savor, so I am carving out time for it later this week.


I had to watch Can’t Buy Me Love after hearing about Amanda Peterson’s passing. She was so young!

The Comic Con teaser for The Walking Dead is INSANE. If you haven’t seen it, click here and be sure to watch all the way till the end. I cannot wait for it to start in October but its spin-off series, Fear The Walking Dead begins in August. I will for sure be tuning in to see how they deal with a Los Angeles setting.


It wasn’t  a big cooking week and since I am volunteering later today, not sure I will have time to throw something together. We hit a Mexican restaurant last night for enchiladas and it was delish! Kind of feeling like a salad today. We’ll see how we all feel later.

Grateful for:

Bookish friends. I love to read books with you all! It’s so fun to chat about books with people who love books just as much as I do. Reading your emails, checking out your blogs and following you guys on the various social media platforms really gets me through the week. Thank you!

31 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Ideas & Stuff”

  1. That bedroom is going to be so great when it’s done. Love that you are doing a beach theme with her. Looking forward to seeing it when it’s done. Also I always enjoy seeing what you are reading and what your insights are into the books!

  2. We’ve been thinking about our closet too. I think I have Trish of Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity to blame. She wrote a post about her closet after reading that Marie Kondo book (darn that book 😉 anyway, and my wife’s read it too so now we need to get to work on it too, but my wife wants to look at the whole picture first as it recommends in the book. So maybe next year. 😉

  3. So cute!!!! You’ll have to focus on YOUR room next so you don’t have to be jealous. 😉 Go ahead Ti…treat yoself. Maybe The Girl will help you and it can be another fun project.

    And goodness–get those clothes out of your closet. I feel so much better after doing mine. Congrats to The Teen! Crazy times ahead! 😛

    1. We’ve been on a tight budget for so long that it’s a little hard for me to spend the money for her room, much less do ours but someday. 

  4. That room is going to be gorgeous! Hope you post more pictures… of the dresser project, too.

    My plan is to spend some time on my closet this week, too. I finished The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and am itching to get started. We’ll see how it goes…

  5. That room is going to be gorgeous!!! Love, love, love it!

    I had already seen the trailer for the next season of The Walking Dead. It looks intense!! Can’t wait. And, my calendar is marked for August 25th. Really curious about this spin-off.

    BTW, I am so thankful for my bookish friends too, including you! 🙂

  6. Aw, I’m so jealous of your project! But in a good way – I love them, too. I only wish I were there so I could help 😉 Congrats to the Teen for becoming a licensed driver – yay!! I don’t know about other peeps, but I’m grateful for ya right back. Muah! ❤

  7. Which Mexican restaurant? I’ve been doing my closet this week (and I’m still not done), getting rid of so much stuff. Love the beach idea, especially the no-wake zone.

    1. The restaurant we tried was Maria Bonita, off of Soledad across from Home Depot.

      From:”Book Chatter” Date:Sun, Jul 12, 2015 at 11:16 AM Subject:[Book Chatter] Comment: “Sunday Matters: Ideas & Stuff”

  8. Congrats to your boy – good for him!! And I love all the cute decorating pictures for your girlie. Her room will be quite lovely. Have a good week, Ti!

  9. The Girl’s room is going to be so cute! Some how my kids’ rooms always got redecorated before mine. I suppose because they outgrow them.

    1. Her room was a rose theme and it is just not her style. Wasn’t really her style when she was younger either. I’m a little nervous over painting the wall an actual color by why not? Our house is so neutral it’s boring. 

  10. Yay for you with the new glasses! I love The Girl’s room. Someday I’m going to find the time and money to re-do my bedroom. My girls all have better bedrooms than my husband and I do.

    1. She wants it to happen all at once but we are on a budget so we have to do this in spurts. I think once we get the paint on the wall and the dresser painted she will be happy. 

  11. Nice beach cottage 🙂 I look forward to hearing what you think of The Last Pilot. I can’t believe that WD trailer. Oh My Gosh. Here I thought things were safe & good for one moment …. and yet Season 6 looks terrifying. Does everyone turn against Rick? Ugh. I hate that

    1. The Last Pilot was great. I have to write the review tomorrow for next week. I am going to have a copy to giveaway too!The Walking Dead trailer is crazy!! I love it. My son thinks they gave too much away but you know how that goes. They makeit look like certain things are happening but you  know those editors are eagle eyed when it comes to this stuff. Nothingis given away. Just all sorts of stuff is alluded to. It looks like it’s Rick against everyone, especially when Morgan says he canhandle him but I think Morgan is probably protecting Rick there. Too much loyalty there. At least, I hope. 

  12. I hope you will post photos of your Girl’s bedroom. Love beach themes and all those pictures in this post are making me want to do the same in my house too.

      1. At this point, I’ve past due. Oh well. The good thing about being overdue is that I am no longer counting down. I’m in the she’ll come when she’s ready camp now. Until my due date hit, I was eagerly waiting to see when she’ll make her appearance. I’m still eager but more relaxed, you know?

  13. That bedroom is going to be absolutely gorgeous. And I know what you mean about bookish friends. I’m so glad to have a little slice of time tonight to check in on all of mine – including you!

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