Sunday Matters: Madness

Sunday Matters

This has been a very interesting week of challenges. I think I caught myself going mad at least three times, possibly four. Just too many things coming at me at once and me being too tired to want to deal with any of them. Some things that put me over the top:

  • My daughter not getting the part she tried for in the play.
  • Attending junior high orientation, the same night she got the news about the play. Hysterics. Sadness. I needed drugs. Didn’t have any.
  • My car leaking gasoline everywhere the same day we get the other car back from having the alternator repaired.
  • A freak electrical storm which forced track practice to end early and caused The Girl to almost pass out from fright.

But that’s all behind us now and Saturday we had The Girl’s first track meet and she decided to add High Jump as an event. Something she’s always been afraid to try. It was a proud moment to see her do that when I know that deep down, she was terrified. We also attended a choir concert for The Teen. A very nice way to end the day.

The Teen? How has he been? Well, he’s been pretty good. Plugging away at his SAT prep class and preparing for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels in May. He should be getting his license here pretty soon if he ever finishes his driver’s training.

The Girl? Trying to decide what elective to take in junior high. Will she take yearbook like her brother? Or audition for choir? Or will she opt for four quarter long electives? She’s not sure yet. She’s leaning towards yearbook but that and choir she has to apply/interview for so who knows how that will all go.

Right Now:

About to head to church. I sure need it! In addition to my coffee I really want to tempt fate and eat a bagel but I know I can’t do that with my gluten issues. I really want one though.

This Week:

Should be a better week. We don’t have much going on except track and the basic ensemble rehearsal for the show.



  • The Book of Strange New Things (really good but it’s a big one)
  • The Bullet (hoping this is a page turner)


Same old stuff but soon things will be ending and I’ll have to fill-up my time with something else.

  • The Walking Dead has only two more episodes! Daryl is on a bike again! Things are happening.
  • Bates Motel is getting good too but this is a quieter show. Not as much action but it’s riveting.
  • Breaking Bad has become one of my fave shows. I am on season four, episode six. My lunches have been enjoyable while watching this one.


I never got to make gumbo last week so I really want it this week. Of course, The Teen will complain. He doesn’t like food that goes over rice.

Grateful for:

My bed. I need to catch-up on sleep and although my bed is not new or fancy or adjustable in any way, it feels good to get into it after a long week.

28 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Madness”

  1. Well, at least this week sounds like it should be quieter anyway. Here’s hoping…

    …as for The Teen not liking things that go over rice, couldn’t he just eat it without the rice? 🙂 That’s what I’d do.

    1. I hope I don’t scare you or any other young moms with all of my drama. It’s a busy mess at time but can be a lot of fun too. I spent a good 6 hours at the track meet but it was so nice out and I spent it chatting with another family and a new family I met. Not bad. Topped it off with two hours of a choir concert and although we were all tired, I just had to sit there and enjoy it. Again, not bad at all. I like when the busy stuff is followed by good stuff. 

  2. Hopefully this week is better….I hate weeks where too many things seem to go wrong.

    I go back to work tomorrow – spring break is officially over. Good to be back in a routine, but I’m anticipating some struggles with getting up early in the morning – more for the girls than for me.

    Hope you get your gumbo!

    1.  I did not get my gumbo. 2nd week in a row. I ate so much salt sitting in the stands at the track meet that I probably didn’t need the extra sodium anyway. 

  3. Hmmm…you did have a week. So sorry about the part in the play. But, yay for the high jump. Decisions, decisions. She’ll make the right ones, I’m sure. And I haven’t had gumbo in such a long time. Sounds good and I’d say, like Bryan, just ditch the rice. Have a good week, Ti!

    1. No gumbo again. I didn’t feel like buying the stuff. Oh, and the Teen does skip the rice but then eats more than half of the stuff that is supposed to be eaten with rice which doesn’t leave much for the rest of us. That kid could eat four chicken breasts if I let him. 

    1. The only calm moments I had last week was when I went to bed. Seriously. Sometimes that is the only thing that works for me. 

  4. OMG…poor mom, it sounds like a very difficult week. Hope this week is better.

    My daughter turned 40 this weekend so we had a nice restaurant celebration with family.

    1. I’m glad you had a nice time with your daughter!  We had a nice weekend. The weather for the track meet was super nice. The choir concert was a lot of fun and my busy week is over. SO glad about that. 

  5. I’ve had my share of weeks that have me near madness. I know by your bullet points how much weight each of them carry. You should have let me know, I could have sent you my drugs. TWD, Bates Motel and BB will help, I know it helped me. All I have to say is “Season 5, Episode Ozymandias”. Hold on to your shorts.

    1. Thanks for the Breaking Bad warning. I am still recovering from Gayle or Gail.. not sure how to spell that one.  Did you see TWD???

  6. So sorry for The Girl but I’ll bet she bounces back better than Mama! It sucks to see them hurt. You’ve had quite the week; hope this coming week is more relaxing!

    1.  She’s not bouncing back from this one as of yet. In fact, she’s been rather unpleasant this entire weekend. She has ensemble rehearsal tonight so I think she will have the most trouble tonight if any night. 

  7. I really want to read The Bullet. I’m looking forward to your review.

    Hopefully the coming week is going to go better.

    1. Hey Ryan, give me the URL for your blog. I tried to find it but it wasn’t tied to your FB page. I want to follow. 

  8. Definitely not a great week, but hopefully this week will be better. You’ve always got so much going on! While it’s not great to be leaking gasoline, I’m glad it didn’t start doing that when your other car was still at the shop. Hopefully it will be a quick (and cheap) fix. Give The Girl some more hugs from me, and hooray for trying the high jump!

    I’ve had a relatively quiet week but I think this coming week will be a lot more chaotic. Partly because I have a bunch of deadlines and I don’t have them “in my head” – there are too many – so feel kind of clueless.

    1. Turned out my gasoline leak was due to a recalled part of the fuel pump. When I took it to the dealer, Honda had had too many fuel pumps fail completely so they upgraded the recall to a full replacement. It’s fixed and there was a recall for something else that they took care of at the same time. So glad to have my car back.  The Girl is still very upset and it doesn’t help that the email sent this morning has a reminder in it that “we can’t always get what we want” that doesn’t seem to apply to ALL kids, now does it?  

  9. You made it!!! I knew you would! I think it best to let the dust settle and come back to the next audition fresh and optimistic. Besides, now you get to enjoy the sunshine at track meets!

    I hear you on the bed thing. I did not spend nearly enough time in mine this weekend. I need to change that.

    Have a great (and relaxing) week!

    1. How did the first ensemble practice go after last week’s drama? I’ve been thinking about her and you this week hoping you both have a much less stressful week!

  10. The Walking Dead is getting good. I’m sure all hell will break out for the finale. I think they got Rick but this place they’re in creeps me out. Poor Noah. I’ll be ready for the finale!

  11. I’m so sorry that your daughter didn’t get the part she was hoping for. It’s so hard at that age.

  12. Poor teen could never survive here–we eat a ton of food over rice (though I usually leave the rice out of my bowl as I don’t LOVE it). So much rice.

    What a week! Hopefully this week is much much more calmer. So sorry The Girl didn’t get the part she wanted. I’m sure she’s so disappointed. 😦

    And I can’t wait until The Walking Dead is OVER so that we can finally binge on it. 🙂 I’m getting impatient.

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