Shameless Reading Spot: What’s Yours?

Do you guys watch Seinfeld? You know that episode where George builds out the space under his desk so he can take naps while working?

Seinfeld - George

Every time this episode comes on my husband and I laugh because this is a trick I have been doing for years. NOT while working and NOT to take naps, but before work, I throw down my yoga mat and sort of “hang out” there with my book.

It’s true.

I made the decision a long time ago to get to work earlier than I have to. Mostly, to avoid traffic but back in the day, I did it to go to the gym before work. That doesn’t happen anymore. But, I’ve come to love my early mornings for lots of reasons. It’s super quiet, no one is here, I can enjoy my coffee, read, listen to Spotify if I want and yes, throw down my yoga mat, get comfy and literally fall into whatever book I am reading at the time.

This morning I was thinking about why this spot appeals to me so much and I have to say, that it reminds me of my childhood. My favorite library growing up had reading cubbies for the kids. Made of wood, they were just the right size and when you read inside of one, you could shut the world out around you.

Here’s a shot of mine, minus the yoga mat but as you can see, it’s not tricked out like the one George had. Heck, it doesn’t even have a back to it. My old desk did. Oh, how I miss it.


My husband knows me so well that yesterday when he asked me how I was feeling in chat, this is what went down:


So, am I weird? Do you guys have a shameless reading spot? It’s not something I would yell from the rafters but I think maybe readers could understand my weirdness. No?

40 thoughts on “Shameless Reading Spot: What’s Yours?”

  1. Hahaha, that’s so cute! It reminds me of Drop Everything and Read in elementary school. I don’t really have a secret reading spot, but I totally understand the appeal of getting to work early and hiding out quietly before everyone else is there…I do the same thing.

  2. I don’t remember having a special reading spot anywhere I worked, but I do remember hunting for places to read on my lunch hour. I remember one time when I was working at the church we attended, I used to hide out in the Preaching Minister’s office (we didn’t have one at that time, so it was empty). I’d shut the door and sit on the couch with my lunch and read the entire hour. Woe be to anyone who disturbed me! LOL

    Oh, and then we hired a new minister and I lost my spot. 😦

    1. The best thing about Seinfeld is that I can relate to all four characters. Sometimes I’m Jerry. Sometimes I am Elaine. Mostly, I’m George.


  3. I’m a huge Seinfeld fan, so yes I remember that ep and loved it! I always thought it was such a great idea for a reading cubby 🙂 I don’t have that option anymore, but wouldn’t mind it if I did. I’m glad you have a spot you can chill in for a bit. I think you’re smart to get to work early for some peace and quiet – I’m sure it helps to prepare you for the day. And some days need extra prep just to deal with them 🙂

    1. I just love it. I remember when we were house hunting for our first home and in the model we were in, I got down on the floor to look up at the ceiling. My hub thought I was nuts but I was trying to envision a comfy reading atmosphere.


    1. I used to have a fave stairway here at work. It went up to the library but was closed down since a blind student accidentally fell down them one day. I used to read there but then they added a coffee shop and now it’s opened up again. How dare they.


  4. I don’t have a secret cozy spot for reading like you anymore, but when I was a kid my favorite spot was in the apple tree at my grandmother’s house. She didn’t live that far and my brother and I would bike over to their house anytime, and I would climb to the high branches, prop myself up and read all afternoon in that tree.

  5. That’s so cool! I don’t think I have a spot like that though I do have a reading nook where I like to camp. Still, every morning, before work, my favorite spot is the dining table, where I read/iPad/blog along with having my morning cereal.

    1. I can’t read at my dining room table. It’s got great light but the chairs are not comfortable. Hand-me-down dining sets are nice to look at and well made but not comfortable at all.


  6. Cute 🙂 I don’t have a spot like that. I usually read in bed until I fall asleep. But sometimes I drool over the book while I’m sleeping 🙂

    1. I read about 15 minutes in bed right before I hit the sack. The pup jumps on my back to keep me there as I am a stomach reader.


  7. That is too funny Ti. I am a loner at work during lunch every day for (1) hour, people know now not to sit near me on the quiet floor of the library during that time.)

    I know most all the words to every Seinfeld episode, and we still watch our all-time favs every evening: (Soup Nazi, The Suit, The Contest, Chinese Restaurant, George Slipping his boss a mickey etc).

    1. The Suit! That is one that doesn’t air in the rotation all that often. My faves, not sure of the actual episode names but they here they are:

      The Christmas Card The Parking Garage The Chinese Restaurant The Movie The Opposite The Contest The Nap The Butter Shave The Old Man The Dinner Party

      I have way more but I’d be listing too many if I kept going.


  8. You aren’t weird but I tend to read everywhere…especially in rooms we don’t often use…I made sure that every room has a comfy reading spot…but usually cats are involved!

    1. I used to think I’d read anywhere but really that is not the case. I am actually quite picky about my reading spots.


  9. I love getting up early! You’re right — it’s quiet and no one is around, I can have my coffee and read my book in my….. okay, I don’t really have a secret spot, but I do have a big old comfy overstuffed chair. Does that count? I sit there every morning with coffee and a book, every lunchtime with my lunch and a book, and in the evenings too.
    In the summer I do love to lay on the patio swing and read while it sways back and forth.

  10. As strange as it might sound, since I work at a library, I don’t read during my lunch break there or if I arrive early, which I often do. I usually play Solitaire during lunch. For me, I have to have long stretches of time to read, like an afternoon or an evening and I plan ahead to read, and when I do, it’s usually on the couch, so no shameless or shameful reading spot here. Now, though, reading your blog post, I wish I had one. 🙂

    1. I seriously love my reading spot. I have non-traditional spots all over the place. For some reason I gotta be on the ground or close to the ground or maybe just horizontal.


    1. At work I just feel as if I have to hide! I work in communications and they are always looking for me or something goes down while I am out, etc. 

  11. Yes, I totally understand. It looks like such a cozy spot to me. When I’m reading, I love feeling cozy and sheltered. I don’t bunk down under my desk but that’s just because I work from home so my reading chair is always close by, but for sure if I had an office, I’d be under that desk! (Well, actually, I probably would have had to read this post first and say to myself, what a great idea! and then I’d be doing it).

  12. Ha! Ti this post made me laugh so hard! This is one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes. I love it when the little kid peeks in at George and says “HI! I’m Brian.” and George says “Get out of here Brian.” I can totally see why you would find a great little private spot to enjoy some alone time before starting your day. My favorite spot is on my front porch on the wicker love seat with big pillows and a blanket at night. I was out there last night for the first time now that the weather is nice and Spring is officially here. Great post! : )

    1. Oh! Your reading spot sounds divine. I have a really nice yard but I find that when I read out there I get distracted by the temp, or flying insects or kids playing next door.  Seinfeld… yes! The Nap is so funny. I love when the dog discovers him under there. 

  13. Well, goodness, I thought reading in my car was shameless (since I’m really hiding so no one will bother me!). I never thought about hiding under my desk. Wonder if anyone would notice?

  14. You make me wish I did have a shameless spot to read. 🙂 The closest I come is sometimes reading in my walk in closet when my cat is in there, hiding. It doesn’t happen often fortunately (I say “fortunately” because if my cat is hiding in there, it usually means he isn’t feeling well). I’ll settle on the floor beside him and read and pet him.

    I work in an office with staff that work all sorts of hours and there is an office that is empty during the day I often go to during my lunch break to read. It gets me away from people and it’s quiet. It’s a great place for me to calm my mind on an especially busy and stressful day and also for reading. The downside is it isn’t always available and then I often end up in my car –which, as the weather gets warmer, isn’t ideal.

    There are staff who do sleep under their desks in my office. It’s a big no no, but they do it anyway, especially those who are working the night shift.

    1. My husband likes to read in under the stairs at his office. I guess there’s a decent sized space there where he can hide away unseen during his breaks or lunch break. 🙂

    2. Even if the weather is nice, I can’t read in my car. University parking is at a premium here and they’d be waiting for me to leave if I headed to my car. I do find empty classrooms sometimes but then someone always walks in to study or something. All of our coffee houses are packed and loud! Can’t read there or even in the library! They allow talking there. Which, I guess they just gave into since no one followed the no talking rule anyway. 

  15. Do you ever fall asleep under there? And someone wakes you up? Gosh that would be my fear. And yes I still love watching Seinfeld

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