Fluffy, Furry, Stinky – Pet Sematary (Final Stretch)

Tony - Catuck
After a lumbering start, I am in the final stretch of the Pet Sematary read-along, affectionately referred to as #gangstercats on Twitter. Check out Tony (above). He’s really a duck but he thinks he’s a cat. Sent to me by the host of this read-along with instructions to gussy him up. So he’s all decked out in his gangster-like finery. He’s meant to protect. But will he?

BTW, the whole #gangstercats thing is actually from a line in the book. You know, in case you were wondering and thinking we all lost our minds.

Some observations of the book so far (without spoilers):

  • This is my 3rd time reading it, but my first time reading as a mom and let me tell you, the kid stuff is a little hard to digest. It’s rough going from here on out.
  • The “cat-uck” (half cat/half duck) you see above can’t hold a candle to the cat in the book. The cat in the book is scary, smelly and not the fun-loving furry minx you’d expect from a family pet.
  • King has said many times this is his scariest book to date and yes, I can see that being an accurate statement. But at the same time, I don’t have nightmares about this stuff. The evening news scares me more.
  • Reading the book has made me want to see the movie again and let’s face it, the movie was horrible.

That’s it for now. I plan to finish it up soon but what does one read after a book like this?

11 thoughts on “Fluffy, Furry, Stinky – Pet Sematary (Final Stretch)”

  1. I have the movie permanently on my iPod. I know, I’m nuts. But my husband and I unilaterally agree that it is a very scary movie. Dead cats and babies are right up there with clowns. The book is even more terrifying because my mind is a much scarier place than anything a director can conjure. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one.

  2. I tossed and turned with odd thoughts of Uncle Stevie and forests last night. Not really scary nightmares but constant ing in my head. Uck! And I didn’t read any PS yesterday! (My catuck arrived, tho, now that I think abt it… ) sigh

  3. Sounds like a fun and scary read. I love that little mascot you all have – its hilarious. And you are right about the film – it was terrible (but it still creeped me out).

  4. I am heading to the library in a few, and am so tempted to get a copy of this book (because I have no idea where my own copy is at the moment). I’m not sure why, but you are making me want to re-read it again too. I should be concerned because I will be looking at it from a parent’s eyes this time around too.

  5. I started this one late too and received my ca-uck today. I’m still thinking about ways to trick him/her out. I’m thoroughly enjoying the book so far and find myself not doing things I need to do – like pay bills – in order to read, something I haven’t done in a long time. Uncle Stevie does it again!

  6. I haven’t received my catuck yet – may take a while, Canada and all. Tony is cute! (Don’t tell him I said that, though. He might not take it as a compliment. Tough! Tell him I said he looks tough!).

    I’m just starting to get into the scary parts. For some reason, I’m taking this slow. But Church has definitely gotten very icky.

    1. I was so far behind, i really didn’t think I’d finish as soon as I did. I got to one part and then just kept going. You aren’t the only one to say that Tony is cute. He is sitting on my desk at work and many have said “Oh! How cute! He even has an uzi!” Yep.


  7. Got to part 2 last night and read the first chapter “after” this morning and my goodness was it a tough read! Just kept thinking of my little ones and how I’ve yelled at them to hold my hand in the road. I’m loving the book, though–out of the “scary” King books I’ve read, this one is right up there with IT for me. And I’ve only had to shake myself out of a not so pleasant dream once…though I know the fun is only beginning!

    Tony looks great! Not sure how I’m going to deck out my catuck yet.

    1. Yes!! Reading this as a mom is really hard to do. I don’t think I fully comprehended the horror of it all when I read it ages ago. That part in the book, the one we are referring to, is so vivid in the book. I really prefer King’s old stuff to his new stuff. And I agree, it’s right up there with IT. I also like Carrie quite a bit.


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