Sunday Matters: Chinese Take-Out & Zombies

Sunday Matters

This past week was good. The weather was warm, I didn’t have to rush around and I even managed to cook some meals at home. Valentine’s Day was a little uneventful, but mostly by choice. I don’t deal well with crowds and often just opt to stay in, which is exactly what we did.

Except for the 4 a.m. registration for The Sound of Music on Valentine’s Day which wiped me out, only because I managed to turn my ankle. It’s not sprained or bruised but I managed to turn it just enough to keep rolling it every time I take a step. People were running! I was not. All I did was step out of the car wrong. The Hub says this could only happen to me. He’s probably right.

These cake pops that my friend made helped make-up for the early morning wake-up:

Cake pops

My book club met to select the books for the year and it’s an interesting list. I will post it soon. I agonized over my choices but they both made it in, The Boys in the Boat and Norwegian by Night.

And…I got to meet one of my fave people (Karen) for lunch. She and her husband stopped by to have lunch with me on Friday and she made me these awesome pillows.

There is a story behind these pillows. She posted the fabric on Instagram and I was drooling over it. Japanese prints always make me think of Murakami. And then when I met her for lunch, she had these pillows for me! I was near tears and so surprised. I am going to take the two pillows, reclaim the loft and finally have my reading loft. The Teen may protest.


Right Now:

We are going to church this morning. I am looking forward to it since I missed last week’s service. I have coffee in hand now but will probably pick-up a green smoothie on the way home from church.

This Week:

Track starts. It was delayed by a week but will start for real this Tuesday. The Girl needs it.

I have a hair appointment. The one that was rescheduled since the one I had two weeks ago ended up being a no-go since the salon was closed. My hair is a disaster because of it. I am debating if I should go shorter.


Just finished Her by Harriet Lane. The book was pretty wonderful until the very end when it all went to crap. Seriously, the last three pages. What the heck?

I need to choose my next book and once again, I haven’t a clue what to choose. Dead Wake is looking pretty good.


We watched The Sound of Music last night, in prep for the next show. We also watched Definitely, Maybe. I had seen it before but I thought The Girl might enjoy it and she did. I started watching Breaking Bad at lunch. I am almost done with season one and it has grown on me. Tonight, The Walking Dead.


I am not making anything today but we are going to pick up Chinese take-out. I have been craving it for weeks but no one else has so this is sort of my Valentine treat. Chicken in black bean sauce and House Special garlic and rice noodles. I can’t wait.

Grateful for:

I am grateful for so many things, the roof over my head, my health (even though I have issues now and then, my issues could be so much worse) and I am grateful for friends. This past week, the actions of some of my friends really brought tears to my eyes.

Happy Thought For the Week:

One last week before rehearsals start for The Sound of Music. I will be starting a new book, my hair situation will be taken care of and every night this week I am going to tackle the clutter that has built-up over the past few weeks. When the weather is like this I just want to clean. Sad, but true.

What are you doing today?

24 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Chinese Take-Out & Zombies”

  1. Those cake pops look incredibly yummy. I’ve got a hankering for something sweet today 😀

    Sorry that the ending of your recent read was a stinker. That’s the pits and it’s happened to me more than once. Boo! I’d definitely go for Dead Wake next. It’s fascinating!

    Hooray for The Walking Dead. I’m so glad it’s back!

    Have a great week

  2. Jim tried the Chinese takeout trick on me. I said last night, “About dinner….” (meaning, what time it would be since I was making fish), and he said, “What? You want me to get Chinese take out?” ha ha! too bad (for both of us) I already had dinner in the oven!

  3. I hope you have a great week!! I loved your posts about Annie and seeing the pictures. Your kids are so talented!!

    On tap for me today … taking my daughter out to sell Girl Scout cookies, cleaning up around the house, getting in some reading and writing, and of course, The Walking Dead tonight!!

  4. A 4 a.m. registration? I thought at first that must be a typo! In our house, it would be the dad doing that type of thing! lol The pillows are gorgeous! Today is a Sunday snow day, so I’m enjoying a cozy day in with hubby. Cooking a little, catching up on my blog reading, and maybe catching up a little on reading and reviews, i hope. Tomorrow’s Presidents’ Day, so the shoveling can wait! Wish I could buy some Thin Mints from you! The G/F variety I tried last year was pretty good, as I recall!

    1. I am typically the lucky one to do these registrations but this time, because it was Valentine’s Day, the hub went with me which worked out well because as he parked the car, I hobbled over to the line and claimed my spot.


  5. Warm weather, what’s that? It’s almost 7 degrees here today. Balmy, I tell you. Your ankle turning stunt sounds like something I would do. Some people hurt themselves actually doing something. I hurt myself by pausing for a moment in a doorway to inspect my fingernails. It would be weird if I hurt myself in some sort of way the masses might hurt themselves instead of by doing, uh… nothing. Hope it heals up quick and you enjoy your week of recovery between shows!

    1. I read your fingernail comment on my phone, while walking and I had to stop walking just to get a proper laugh in. That is so funny and so me.


  6. I love the pillows! So pretty. Nice that you already have a spot for them that is all yours. Or will be. LOL

    Am interested in hearing what you book group selected as reads. And those cake pops. So pretty. Bet they taste good too.

    I love the Sound of Music. Haven’t watched it in years. I should do that. Have a good week, Ti!

  7. I have to ask: is this a high school play or school musical for The Sound of Music? I just can’t imagine waiting for auditions at 4 a.m. It seems like they’d have a better process? Is Julie Andrews in this one? 😉 Just to my non-theater mind, it seems crazy. Of course, my wife is in a play that is a little over an hour and they had a five-hour rehearsal for it, so I don’t get that either.

  8. Love the cake pops, love the pillows, you had a great week other than the ankle thing!

    Now I am hungry for Chinese food!

  9. I love your pillows! And I can’t wait to hear what your book club chose to read. I love looking at reading lists. It just means more to add to my own TBR stacks. 🙂

    1. Well, I’ve had a day to think about HER’s ending and I don’t think the entire book went to crap because of the last few pages, but I think a lot of readers will not appreciate the ending at all. The more I think about it, the more I understand it but still.


  10. When you mentioned the 4:00 a.m. registration for the Sound of Music last week, I thought you meant online! It’s much much worse having to actually drive there in the dead of night. But I’m glad you got the Girl registered – you are very dedicated! Not glad about your ankle, though. I do things like that all the time. I actually fell UP the stairs once. Have no clue how that happened.

    I’m so glad Norwegian by Night is a go with your book club! I started reading it the other night, and it’s been good so far. I love the main character so far – his age is a part of him and he’s very real.

    The pillow looks beautiful. I can just imagine your new reading nook. I picked up The Strange Library from the library on Friday, so it looks like I might be reading that Murakami first. My husband saw it and he’s decided to read it too, so we’ll have a book club of two, I guess.

  11. Valentine’s was mostly me and the kiddo making valentines and baking and then the hubby came home and we all went to Outback, which wasn’t crowded when we got there, but it was by the time we left. Then we rented movies and watched those. Sunday he worked again and it was me and the girl with laundry. Not much reading here…I have The Trigger about WWI, which is odd, and Scent of Butterflies, which I need to finish today!

  12. I LOVE that pillow! So Murakami. Sorry about the ankle, and I totally understand because I have weak ankles and am always turning them. I can’t even count how many times I’ve gone ass over teakettle, hurting more than just my ankle and humiliating myself. LOL. TWD yes! BB yes! All good stuff. We have been running around very busy because my sister was visiting but she left yesterday so things should calm down.

  13. Gorgeous pillow! Seriously, I love it. The weather, here, is snowy!! I am super loving it. This is our first snowstorm of the year and I managed to leave work at lunch today. Tomorrow also may turn out to be a work from home sort of day. Hopefully! Hope you enjoy your week before rehearsals!

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