This Book Cover Makes Me Long For Summer


What am I? Nuts? Summer in Southern California is a brutal, hot mess of a season. But there is just something lovely about it, too. I am thinking about it lately because our weather has been so warm. Think, mid-80’s warm.

It has me thinking about Mint Juleps and lounging in the backyard with a good book. You should know this about me though, I love the idea of reading outside but in reality I do not like the bugs, or the sun, or the critters that come up to me or even fall out of the trees. Yes, that happened to me at work. A squirrel fell out of the tree onto my head.

But still… I like to think about summer reading. I saw this book on Edelweiss and promptly requested it, but it hasn’t been approved yet. Click on the cover to read the blurb. It sounds so good.

Have you got your eye on a particular book to read this summer? I am such a sucker for covers like this one.

15 thoughts on “This Book Cover Makes Me Long For Summer”

    1. Another blogger posted that the snow is so heavy on her roof that it’s starting to compromise her roof. I can’t even imagine!

      I can’t deal with any extreme. Anything below 45 is too cold for me and anything about 90 is too warm. My office is a meat locker at 65 degrees but I sit here with my fuzzy blanket like Old Mother Hubbard just to keep warm and then I step outside in full coat only to be hit with 85 degree weather.


  1. It is 9 degrees here today…summer sounds good!! And if you get the book be sure to review it…it sounds good. If you can read it next to a pool like that all the better!

    1. I miss swimming lessons. I used to sit there in the shade of a tree and listen to the kids splash around. I’d get some reading done, but not much because I was always watching to make sure they didn’t take a header into the shallow end. But I miss it. That smell of sunscreen and chlorine. Goodness.


  2. Try requesting it again perhaps as I’ve been approved. Sometimes when I request something 6 or more mths before pub date, it gets denied or remains unanswered. It does look good.

    Jealous of your weather – another 2-day snow storm this weekend, we have almost 2 feet and 5-6′ snow banks:(

    1. With the business not going well these past few years, we’ve not be able to do anything to the house but at one point, the idea was to add a sun porch off of the dining room that we’d enter in by french doors. Didn’t happen. Maybe someday. If I sit on that side of the house it does feel as if I am outside though. There are a lot of windows on that side.


    1. We had 90 degree temps but really, it’s not a good thing. Our water situation is so dire. It’s not looking good for us.


  3. I am the same. I love those images of summer – especially the ones with glasses of mint julep, even though I’ve never actually tasted a mint julep – but in reality I don’t do well with heat, humidity, bugs or things falling out of trees. And while I love the look of a beautiful lawn, I hate walking on grass. The only outdoors thing that I love both in image and in reality are the beach and the ocean.

    But what I love the most is cool weather. Which is kind of lucky, because there are two seasons where I can get it, spring and fall. My second love is cold weather, which we have where I am right now. When it’s summer, with its heat and humidity, you’re very likely to find me inside, where it’s air-conditioned. But I do love the pictures of summer! (I think it helps, though, that we tend to get a lot of sunny cold days during our winters here in Toronto …)

    Oh, and the sun makes me freckle like crazy. Only now that I’m older, they no longer look like freckles. They look like age spots!

  4. Oh I love that cover! I am so ready for the winter to be over. We are having sub-zero temperatures this week and a nasty wind, so I am definitely looking forward to days when I can lounge in my summer clothes.

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