A few more pics…

As I mentioned in my previous post, we have a serious lack of photos from this show (Annie) due to the photo ban.  However, I forget about the two photos I purchased.

This is of The Teen as Rooster on stage. Photos taken by Nancy’s Portraits.

Rooster and Hannigan
Rooster, making a seriously creepy face and Ms. Hannigan
Lily, Rooster, Hannigan
Lily St. Regis, Rooster & Hannigan

And because I am a good sport, here is a really old pic from the first time he did Annie. He was Wacky, the dummy. Check out my shirt. Ugh.

Me and Wacky

9 thoughts on “A few more pics…”

  1. He has really grown up! It would have been nice if you could have gotten a picture of the three of you backstage this time around 🙂 Those photo bans … but at least they have the professional ones for purchase!

    1. Sadly, I think it’s still in my closet. I hang on to stuff to use for costumes later but man, that one.. I don’t know. LOL.


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