What’s On Your Mind?

I’ll tell you what’s on mine, the WEEKEND! I only worked three days this week but man, it sure feels like twelve.

I am still trying to come up with my “one word” for this year. Last year I chose Simplicity and for the most part, I did manage to pull some of it off. I can continue with that but my mind just isn’t focused enough to come up with a decent word for this year. Don’t say ‘focus’. Hahaha. I’d be a big failure if I went with that word.

After my forced reading break I have read four books so far this year. Once I was able to, I really dove in. Feels good to finally be reading again. I need that time to balance me out and trust me, if you asked my kids or Hub, they’d agree that I was a bit off for over a month. I am going to try to do whatever errands I need to do tomorrow so I can relax come Sunday.

The Hundred-Foot Journey

Tonight? I am really craving a lettuce-wrapped burger and fries and then hopefully I will get to watch The Hundred-Foot Journey. Sometimes, I cannot convince my family to see these types of  movies but when I am successful, they usually agree that they are very good. The Girl is a challenge, she always wants a Rom-Com and The Teen will either want slapstick comedy or an action flick. I have a hard crowd to please.

So, what’s on your mind? Any plans for the weekend? I have the new Stewart O’Nan book (West of Sunset) and I am dying to read it this weekend.

22 thoughts on “What’s On Your Mind?”

    1. So sorry to hear about the memorial service. They are typically very emotional.You’ll have to treat yourself afterward. BTW, how are your eyes doing? Mine are better. Not perfect but going in the right direction at least.


  1. We’re getting ready to fly to Florida, unless the horrible weather forces us to stay put another day. The Hundred Foot Journey is excellent… hope you can convince your crowd to watch it. I’m looking forward to Stewart O’Nan’s new book, too!

  2. Looking forward to West of Sunset as well, and hope to catch the movie Boyhood as it’s up for an Oscar. Reading Girl of a Train; Hawkins right now.

    Enjoy the weekend.

    1. Have you started West of Sunset? I am 50% through it and it’s different from O’Nan’s other books. I like it though.

      Boyhood. I heard about it for the first time while watching the Globes last night. It looks so good!


  3. I hope you enjoy the O’Nan! I was so tempted, but I’m cutting way back on review books in 2015, so I had to refrain. 🙂 Focus should be my one word for this year, because for some reason I feel more focused on a number of fronts.

    1. Some authors I can’t turn down. O’Nan is one of them. I think you know the other two. LOL.


  4. We have The Hundred Foot Journey at the library. You’ll have to tell us how it was…then I’ll decide if I want to watch it. 🙂

    This weekend: not doing much of anything because it’s going to be cold, cold, and more cold, with wind chills below zero to start the weekend and then snow to end the weekend. I’m vegging, reading The Martian sometime this weekend, writing a Sunday Salon blog post (already have an idea inspired by several bloggers), watching something on Netflix, don’t know what, might just be Friends marathon. We’ll see. Wife has play practices (she’s in a doo wop version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream called Fools in Love) so I’ll be pretty much on my own…

    1. I could not watch Hundred Foot Journey. Football overtook my house this weekend and it seems all TVs were in use. I still have the DVD from Netflix though so I am shooting for Tuesday night.


  5. I have only finished one book this year. LOL I’m so slow. I hope to finish another one this weekend if my daughter lets me. I don’t have my precious evening reading time anymore because we switched up our evening routine, and it’s put a dent in my reading. I’m only half complaining. 😉

    I hope you enjoyed The Hundred-Foot Journey. I thought the book was okay. I haven’t seen the movie. I saw Unbroken today. I had planned to see Mockingjay, but changed my mind at the last minute.

    This weekend is all about the family. We have soccer tomorrow. It’s the last class until February. I’m kind of hoping it will be rained out so we can stay home. Aren’t I terrible?

    I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Did your daughter end up with a fever? I saw something about a fever watch. I hope she’s okay.

      The rainy weather was so nice. I was out of it so I stayed on the couch most of the time. It was nice to just collapse and not have to be anywhere.


  6. I would say the weekend too, but this has turned out to be a deadline heavy month so it’s not going to feel much like the weekend for me. With all the work, I kind of feel frantic every day making sure I work on the new goals (they’re really habits) I committed to, but on the other hand, in a very surprising way, I can tell I’m actually carving out time for myself by making them a priority. So it’s been good even though it’s been bad, if that makes sense!

    I’m not much for going to the movies. Last year Guardians of the Galaxy was the highlight for me. I liked it so much I went to see it twice. I’ve “finished” two books so far, but I’m not sure they count (although you bet I put it in the reading spreadsheet I’m trying to keep filled this year!) because I started them last year.

    I think your “one word” will come to you when the time is right, even if it might take a while. I know I was trying to force the right word to come to me, even thought I had “the one”, and then woke up on New Year’s day with the right word, which was nothing like the word I’d been thinking of!

  7. I am off to a good start reading this year, too. It feels good. Of course, the snow day this week helped as did our late starts because of cold temps. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Your burger plans sound good. And I want to see The Hundred-Foot Journey too. Have it in my queue at Netflix. We need to get the last season of Justified watched so that we can be ready when the next season comes soon. Take care!

    1. I never got to see Hundred Foot Journey. Could not get my kids to buy into it and the TV was hogged for football. Grrrr. I still have it. Will try to see it this week.


  9. Oooh, burger and fries sounds fabulous. Last night we went to a seafood buffet, and tonight we are going out to fancy schmancy for hubby’s birthday. But I’m thinking tomorrow…turkey burgers. I have no idea what my word is going to be this year. Last year was strength, and while I needed it, I certainly did not have it. I think maybe it needs to be related to chilling out and enjoying life, before I keel over. I’m so glad your eyes are better. I am addicted to a game on my phone so no reading is happening at the moment!!!

    1. I saw somewhere that your word was going to be CHILL. LOL. That works. But can you do it?

      My burger was good but that was the last good thing I’ve had because this Augmentin has killed my stomach and appetite. Today though, I think I’ve turned a corner. I don’t feel half dead today.


  10. Oh, thank goodness for the weekend! This week just about killed me. I wasn’t expecting to have to work 13-hour days. I have to go out and get the weekly groceries tomorrow morning, but I don’t plan to move from my couch after that.

    I am so glad you are able to read again! Did you ever find out why you were having so many issues with your eyes?

  11. I just watched the Hundred Foot Journey last week and liked it. I think I enjoyed the book much better but the movie was enjoyable too. I am so glad for the weekend too though the week wasn’t too bad.

    1. Nope. They don’t want to watch Hundred Foot Journey with me at all. I brought it up three times and they opted for Caddyshack once, Election, the second time and Honeymoon in Vegas the 3rd time. I am going to have to watch it on my own, like I did with Moonrise Kingdom.


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