Sunday Matters: What’s In a Word?

Sunday Matters

I am still pondering my one word of focus for 2015. I am really stumped. I have a few in mind but none seem to fit. I know a few of you had a difficult time selecting a word as well. Hopefully I’ll have it before say… 2016. Simplicity was a good one for last year

Right Now:

Due to a certain football game, my church activities have been pushed to this evening. We’ve attended the evening service once before and it’s kind of a boring crowd (to be honest). I hope they are a little more lively tonight. The good thing is that I don’t have to rush to get ready so I am sitting here doing what I do best, sip coffee and keep the couch warm.

My return to work was okay. One day dragged on and on and I can be all fine about it now because it’s over but at the time I was in major bitch mode and wanted nothing to do with anyone or anything. Many of you stopped by to cheer me up or caught me on Facebook and it was great. Really. I wish I could put all of you in my pocket and just carry you around.

This Week:

Nothing major this week. Rehearsals, a driving lesson for The Teen, one doc appointment. Totally doable. I may have to toss the Otter Pup into some suds as she is smelling a little corn-chippy. Cat lovers are going “ewwwww” but yes, dogs tend to smell like corn chips after awhile. Maybe because of the corn in their food? I don’t know but her name is not Fritos so she must have a bath. Lucky for me, she loves her baths.


I am reading some good stuff. One book is for a tour later this week. Very interesting read. You’ll read all about it later this week. I started the new Stewart O’Nan, as well.


I’ve got to get caught up on American Horror Story. I’ve missed the last three episodes. I have them all recorded. I just need to carve out some time to catch up. That is one show that The Hub and Teen watch with me so it would be good if we could all watch at the same time. A dream, really.

The Golden Globes are on tonight. Not sure if I’ll watch though. I am more of an Oscar gal.


I am in the mood for chili. I don’t think anyone else is though.

Grateful for:

Good medical insurance. I’ve needed to use it a few times this past week and although I had a premium increase this year, I don’t care.

Happy Thought For the Week:

I should have plenty of time to read this week which is always a good thing.

23 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: What’s In a Word?”

  1. Well, you could do like I did and just choose two words. 🙂

    Now I’m in the mood for chili too, but it’s a little colder (just like probably 60 or 70 degrees) here so I don’t think it will be hard to convince my wife for some. We probably have some in the freezer actually.

    Only three things on your agenda for the week? Whoa. I’m betting that will change. 😉 and 😦 but you can do all the things because well, you’ve done them before and The Hub, The Girl and The Teen will help you through them, I’m sure.

  2. Our dog smells like dog sweat within a week or two after her last bath. She hates her baths, so she makes max use of her first time in the backyard to get dirty. Ugh, the devil of a dog who happens to be too cute. I don’t like that sweaty smell, but it’s better than the smell she gets after even a day at the boarding place we leave her at when we are out of town. I don’t know what that smell is, but it gave me allergy twice, and I thought maybe it was cat dander. So she always gets a bath after a boarding stint.

    1. My pup is a Yorkie mix who has hair, not fur so for some reason she never smells sweaty but when she goes for walks, her hair picks up everything around her. At this time of year, she smells like pine trees but in the summer she smells like grass. I kind of like how she brings the outdoors inside with her.

      The corn chip thing though is from the treats she gets from Trader Joes. They are mostly corn based.


  3. This has the feel of a good week! I would be happy to be your Pocket Patty! Lol!

    Den says Lucy and Roxie always smell like me…especially Lucy because she nestles under my chin and smells like my perfume!

  4. I love this post. What a nice way reflect on last week and look ahead to the next.

    So you’re going to focus on a single word for the year? That’s an interesting idea. I’ve heard of people choosing a Bible verse. That would be intense, too. Good luck on finding the right word. Here’s to a good week ahead.

  5. Maybe you could go with Simplicity again? It seems like that has helped, maybe you could use some more?! Just a thought.

    Focus is my word, as I think I’ve told you already.

    I made a great crockpot Chicken parm…it was so yummy. And I made Apple Banana bread yesterday, but today, nothing on the cooking agenda for me…just reading.

  6. I’m still debating my word for 2015. I’ve come up with a few, but none really fit 100% yet. I will keep thinking and hopefully come up with something soon.

    I definitely am thankful for insurance as well, especially considering that we are in the midst of switching because I recently resigned from my job while in the midst of dealing with some medical issues. Insurance is so much fun!

    1. A lot of people seem to be having trouble coming up with their one word. I came up with a good one. The closest I’ve come yet to having one and I forgot what it was! I was driving, it came to me, I turned a corner and it left me. Crap! That wasn’t it. LOL.


  7. Yay for insurance, yes! There isn’t a week that goes by when we don’t have at least one or two doctor appointments and multiple medications to fill. I think my word is going to be chill. But others have done balance, which was on my list too. I have to keep myself emotionally level or my head is going to pop off. Meds help of course. And AHS…we’ve probably missed at least a month of episodes. Ugh. Ryan and I are the only to watch, and he has been really consumed with school work. Hopefully some day we will get caught up.

    1. My kids started school this morning so it will be back to the grind with homework and the life. I hate that part.


  8. It never takes Tallulah long to smell like Fritos, which sucks because she detests her baths. Thankfully, Gretchen never gets that funky.

    I hear you on insurance. You never really consider it until you need it and then it becomes a life saver. I hope you don’t need it for a very long time after all of this!

    Have a great Sunday and great weekend!

  9. I found myself actually trying to think of a word for you during church. Maybe my word should be focus. LOL.

    We just survived the Packers game, which I am sure your family was also watching. Now I need to really get busy. I laid down with a book while they were all screaming about the game, but dozed off for a bit.
    Enjoy your week!

  10. I would be quite happy to ride around in your pocket! (Wait, does that sound kind of weird?) Although I did miss both your post and your FB update. It’s been a hectic week here, I’m afraid. Hope this week at work goes by fast. I hate it when days drag on and on.

    I did not know that dogs smell like corn chips after a while! I’m trying to imagine it. It doesn’t sound as bad as smelling like Doritos.

    It’s another busy week here but only because I have work deadlines. Dylan has only one rehearsal and the husband is taking him so it’s not on my schedule at all!

    1. It’s weird but the corn chip thing is not really a bad smell. It’s just what I associate with my pup after she eats too many treats.

      We have two rehearsals this week for each kid. My hub and I split it. Normally I can sit and read during the one but tonight there is a parent meeting so I will have to actually get out my car.

      Here’s to a decent week!


  11. Happy New Week! I watched some of the Globes but from my FB stream this morning, I realized I quit before the Clooney speech and I wanted to see that. Oh well, that’s what youtube is for…

    1. Clooney’s speech wasn’t much to talk about. There was a sweet romantic ending to it but other than that, he seemed to be at a loss for words.


  12. Ha! I love the corn-chippy comment! I always say my dog smells like a cross between dirty socks and popcorn….they really do get that weird corn-chippy odor! Hope you have a good week!

  13. I hope you had a good time at the evening service! I used to like to go to the early service at our old church–less people and much more quiet. I imagine boring would work well for me. 😉 And now you’ve got me wondering if my dog ever smelled like corn chips . . .

    Chilli sounds good. I’m in charge of dinner for Mouse and I tonight since my husband has to work late. Never a good thing to rely on me for food. I’ll think of something.

    Have a great week!

  14. I did so badly with my word for 2014 that I couldn’t even remember what it had been done until I searched my blog for it. A part of me thinks I should try it again (because it really is one I need to focus on) or try something new hoping it will stick better! How are those driving lessons going?

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