Sunday Matters: Rest

Sunday Matters

I have been on vacation since the 19th and I can’t believe that one, precious week has already passed. Disneyland was a blast, Christmas Eve was enjoyable and Christmas dinner was very nice. I think I’ve gained at least five pounds.

With all the health stuff I’ve been dealing with, I’ve come to the conclusion that I work too much and don’t sleep nearly enough to function like a normal human being. I’ve been catching up on sleep and even with all the extra naps and sleeping in, I am still exhausted. That can’t be good.

So, I am taking it easy. Lots of couch potato activities that involve movie and TV watching. I am still going easy on the reading. I finished one book and wrote-up the review, but I may just take a break from reading for the rest of the year as I am worried about the eye thing coming back.

Right Now:

The church we attend is on ‘vacation’ this week so the service is online only. This is okay with me. I plan to sit here with my half cup of coffee and enjoy the service anyway. I’m itching to do something by the coast but our little road trip yesterday was a bust for a number of reasons. Not sure we’ll venture out today.

This Week:

No big plans this week. The Teen is attending a New Year’s Eve party with his girlfriend and we’ll most likely order in and hang out. One exciting thing that takes place at the end of this week is a visit from my uncle and cousin. I haven’t seen them in a really long time and she is bringing her darling baby boy with her.


I could not read Bag of Bones for the read along because of my darn eyes. I feel awful about that because I was really looking forward to joining in. I could not read the new Murakami either. I think I will save it for the beginning of the year.


I’ve been watching all sorts of things. Lots of Roseanne, Lucy and Seinfeld. Plenty of KCET programming like Huell Howser, too. We watched What About Bob? (Bill Murray) last night and Friday (Chris Tucker), the night before. Also managed to watch all of the holiday episodes of Adam 12 and Emergency! Not to mention all the holiday movies we watched which included It’s a Wonderful Life, a classic.

I have a bunch of movies recorded that I’d like to see like The Great Gatsby and American Hustle. I have to be in the right mood to see them, though.


I made tacos a few nights ago but haven’t cooked anything since. With all the eating we’ve managed to do, I am not in the mood for anything.

Grateful for:

I am glad for this time off, even if a good chunk of it is spent sleeping.

Happy Thought For the Week:

No work this week and I am looking forward to my uncle and cousin visiting.

What have you all been up to? I’ve been online a little bit, just to keep on top of the big stuff but I am still reducing my computer time so that my eyes can rest. How are you?

22 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Rest”

  1. Sometimes, a lot of the time, the body needs rest so don’t feel bad. You are refueling and that’s not a bad thing for as busy a person as you are, and from what I read here, that’s not even counting work. Me? I work this Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday, but have had off since this past Tuesday. I haven’t been reading much, mostly binge watching favorite movies. Plus I’ve been spending time with family and that’s been good too.

    1. The binge watching has been great. I never have the time to just sit and watch what I want. Today, I will probably dive into The Wonder Years.


  2. I’ve been enjoying vacation/holiday time in a very unproductive way! I had a cold before Christmas and before Thanksgiving, so holiday preparations suffered but, in the end, probably no one noticed! It does make you appreciate periods of good health more, but sometimes you just have to rest up!

    1. Taking health for grranted… I really feel as if I hsve these past few years and this little eye scare really worried me! My father lost his vision due to diabetes and as a reader, losing sight is a horrific thing. I think my eye stuff was due to severe migraines but I don’t suffer from them normally. It was all just strange.


  3. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been feeling so poorly but I’m glad that you’re resting and resting and resting. Rest some more–sounds like your body needs it. And lots of oldie but goodies on the TV! Enjoy the downtime.

  4. I don’t get enough sleep either but it’s because I can’t sleep when I go to bed. Have you figured out what’s wrong with your eyes? Mine have been bothering me as well and I suspect my thyroid but, so far, 3 doctors have disagreed with me. It’s so frustrating!

    1. Kathy, my father lost his vision due to diabetes and retinal detachment so I worked myself up into a frenzy when my eye sockets started to hurt. Of course, I was also terrified to go to the doctor. My eyes were dry, blurry and they hurt like I got punched. I really thought they were just strained from so much close computer work but then I sersiouly could not even look at light. The day we went to Disneyland I tried some antibacterial drops I had and I felt better. But then two days later my whole face was swollen. I think it was a combination of Lupus, a possible eye infection and migraines from me backing off on coffee.

      Today is the first day I can look at this computer screen without agony. What symptoms do you have?


  5. Well, and who *doesn’t* gain five pounds over the holidays? (thank heavens it’s just once a year, although it seems to last longer and longer every year!). Well I’m very concerned now about your eyes! I’m sure you know both Sandy and I will be nagging you unrelentingly till you see an eye doctor!

  6. Ti! I am so happy to hear you are taking care of yourself, rest wise, but take care of your eyes! Enjoy your couch potato time and vacation. I have been off work since the 24th and go back the 5th, although I am going into the office for a little while tomorrow just to make sure things are truly ready for when we all get back the 5th!

    1. Thanks, Kim! Enjoy the rest of your time off. I am going to try to do the same. Looking forward to kicking back with a new book later today.


  7. I hope your eye situation gets better. I suffer a from a form of migraine that affect the eyes as well, and know how troublesome it can be. Hoping your body gets all the rest it needs. My hubby and I have another week off as well and plan to kick back and relax. He will catch up on is DVR’d programs and i will read.

  8. Oh, more health issues? Girl, 2015 is the year you make YOU a priority!

    I am so glad to hear you are getting to sleep a lot. I know exactly what you mean about napping and sleeping late and still feeling exhausted. I plan to use this last week of vacation to get as much sleep as possible and hopefully set the tone for the new year.

    Now, take care of yourself and protect your eyes! How scary!

  9. I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling too good, but glad that you are able to get plenty of rest, even though I’m sure that’s not how you want to spend the holidays. Glad that you are able to have fun even without reading – the lounging about and the movie watching is sure to be a nice enjoyment.

  10. I’m so sorry you haven’t been well. It sounds like you have severe eye strain or something. I got that sometimes in college from various things, especially from reading on a computer screen. I even got Iritis once, which can be really painful. I really hope you feel better.

    And its okay to be a couch potato too, especially on the holidays. Your health is more important than any review.

    1. Iritis? Wow. Haven’t heard of that one but of course it matches what I was dealing with. LOL. I am so sensitive to what I read online. I am up to about an hour on the computer and an hour of reading time before I start to get a headache. I’m sure it’s a combination of things, starting with the severe eye strain I got from work and the 160 doc I had to edit in just a couple of hours. I plan to go to the doc at the beginining of the year.


      1. From what little I remember the doctor telling me, the Iritis was simply an inflamation of the tissue/muscle in my eye, and he put me on a steroid eye drop. I understand there are more severe instances in people. So, I sympathize with the discomfort and being unable to read for long periods of time. I hope the doctor finds some answers for you as to what is wrong. :/

        Eye pain is scary.

  11. I hate when the health stuff takes precedence. I mean it should be a an all the time thing, but when it takes over? Not so much fun, so you rest, please!

    When my eyesight went to pot this year, it did increase my audiobook usage. I wasn’t in pain even though one couldn’t have been able to tell from my whining:)

    1. I think my eye thing was due to migraines although it’s been years and years since I’ve had them. All I could do was go to bed and lie in the dark. Plus, I had a weird bump over my eye that would pop out when one hit. My daughter said my head looked funny. No kidding.


  12. I really hope your eyes are back to normal so you can maximize your reading time! Enjoy the rest of your time off. I know it will fly by.

  13. You need rest. I can relate to that! We’ve been just chilling out this week before we both head back to work on Friday, Jan. 2. I cannot even imagine what has gone on at work. 🙂 I don’t even care. Just enjoying down time, though I only read one book — Murakami’s Strange Library.

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