Christmas Eve Happenings

Christmas in California
Due to some eye problems (long story), I have been away from books and the blog and basically, the Internet in general and it’s been a real pain. In my head, my vacation was supposed to be filled with reading and until this morning, just looking at printed text of any kind (online, phone, physical book) was excruciating.

Finally, finally I believe I have a handle on it. This, of course, makes me extremely happy.

I can read today, and that is what I plan to do until it’s time to celebrate with the in-laws and the rest of the family. I do have to make a veggie platter but that’s easy. The Christmas shopping is done and the presents are wrapped. Life is good. The Hub is working until 3pm and then we’ll head on over to see the family shortly thereafter.

The Girl just got up and The Teen is still sleeping. We’ll work a movie in somewhere but right now I am sipping coffee and watching I Love Lucy. It’s supposed to be a warm 70 degrees today here in California but I must say, it’s beautiful out. The air is still fresh from all the rain we had.

I may not be online tomorrow so I want to wish all of you who celebrate it, a very Merry Christmas.


16 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Happenings”

  1. So sorry about your eyes. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and that 2015 will be a happy and healthy year for all of you.

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Your weather sounds beautiful. It is not snowy here, which is OK, but we have had something like 17 days without sunlight. Still….at least there isn’t winter driving to contend with.

    Hope you are able to get some reading done 🙂

  3. My original plan was to get a lot of reading done too, but then I’ve opted to see if I can get one book done (Creating True Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh) and watching movies. So far, I think I’ve watched seven movies, including A Christmas Carol with my wife. Next up: Heat, and then later the Kill Bill movies, and several others over the weekend.

    Hope you and your family had a lovely Christmas and you’re able to get some reading done. But if you don’t, hope it’s a good restful break for you.

  4. I was just catching up with all your posts that I missed this month. I hope you had a grand Christmas and that eye isn’t bothering you much. I am trying to get out of my deepest rut ever and hopefully will be back sooner than later. We’ll see about that.

  5. I hope the eye issue has been put to bed for you. We’ve been visiting with lots of family and some friends when we can fit them in, but you know how that can be. It’s been good to be away from the blog and let the pre-scehduled posts go up without worry! I’ve read my first Murakami!

  6. Hope your health gets better in the new year Ti. We had a good Christmas in Calif at the OC. But it went by too quickly as usual. I miss it already. Enjoy it there for me.

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