Sunday Matters: Making a List and Checking It Twice

Sunday Matters

This past week was a good one. The 39 Steps wrapped last night and let me tell you, it was the most hysterical show. I laughed until I cried and then I laughed some more. I believe this was The Teen’s first non-musical performance and it was a lot of fun. He played a bunch of roles but his main role was Mr. Memory.

Mr. Memory
The 39 Steps


It rained in California! Yes, it did and there was even a tornado, flooding and mud slides but it moved through quickly and the air is so nice and clean. Another storm is expected for Monday. Bring it on.

I’ve gotten to the point where I need to do my shopping and it needs to be done today. I can’t put it off anymore. We are heading into the last week of school for the kids and my last week at work. Joy! But, that pesky shopping. Tsk. I am sitting down right now looking over my list to make sure I know what the plan is.

Right Now:

Trying to decide if we will attend church or not. Today is a special  service where they turn it over to the kids. It could be fun but The Girl is not in that age range and The Hub, not sure he has the patience for it. I may watch it online. Hmmm. Still thinking about it.

This Week:

Nothing much going on. The Teen has his choir Christmas party, finals and I think he has a choir performance too but that is for a private party and doesn’t involve us. The Girl has a class bunco party and me? Nothing. Well, except for work.


Hoping to finish The Rosie Effect. I got sidetracked by King’s short story, A Good Marriage. I had the library book for no less than four renewals and finally sat down to read it. It was a good story. Haven’t seen the movie but I honestly don’t feel I need to. I got what I needed from the story.

Next up, Murakami’s The Strange Library and I am ending the year with it.


Chritmas movies. I gotta start watching them now. I am really in the mood for The Family Stone.


Nothing, right now. I haven’t a lick of food in the house. I really need to hit the market but Chinese take-out sounds good too.

Grateful for:

Today, I am grateful for my little Otter Pup. She has been with us for nearly five years now and is the most delightful little pup. She’s sweet, a bad ass when she needs to be, hopelessly devoted, and funny as hell with all of her antics. People always ask what she is, but I have no idea. We rescued her from the shelter when she was about five months old. She’s some sort of terrier mix but the rest, who knows? She’s only 7 lbs but she secretly thinks she is a much larger dog.

The Otter Pup

Happy Thought For the Week:

One. More. Week.

What are your plans for today? Any special holiday events?

22 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Making a List and Checking It Twice”

  1. No special holiday plans today…

    …I’m going to weigh in (as I usually do) whether you make it to church this week. I’m going to go with no, that you watch it online. 🙂

    Rest of the day: Chilling to music, watching Dawn of the Planet Apes by myself because wife doesn’t want to see it, reading? Maybe. I’m not sure yet.

    Ice cream and potato chips for a late brunch here, probably too. Hey, it’s the weekend. <– That's my excuse today. Don't ask me during the week. 😉

    1. You had ice cream and chips for brunch? That actually sounds rather good.

      I did watch the service online and it’s probably best we didn’t go. It was geared toward younger kids. Both my daughter and hub would have been bored.

      As you know, I watched Elf. Managed to squeeze it in before bed. My dauhter loves that movie. She says it’s her fave. It is not mine, but each time I watch it I like it more. I’d say it’s in my top ten Xmas now.


  2. You will get your shopping under control…Den and I usually do everything from on line stores for each other…but I wanted a different kind of Christmas this year…more doing stuff and less stuff!

    We are making chili today…and momentarily heading out to Terrain…because it is so Christmassy!

    Enjoy your day! Oh…we have been watching The Hobbit…the newest one…for some reason Orks are Christmas to me! Lol!

    1. What’s sad about all of this is that I really did cut down on my shopping, but what little I have to do is almost ridiculously stressful because of crowds, etc. Yesterday’s shopping was more manageable because it involved specialty stores that I could get in and out of easily. I need to hit the bookstore tonight while The Girl is at rehearsal. I am so easily distracted there.


  3. We need to finish our shopping too but we have absolutely no idea what to get Vance. So far we’ve bought him a book and a couple stocking stuffers. I’m hoping inspiration will strike soon. Good luck getting it done!

    1. I’d be happy just working on the stockings. I have a few items for the stockings but yeah, I have to get that done too. Hittng the bookstore tonight during rehearsal to see if I can finish it all off.


  4. My day consists of church, finishing up a couple of little sewing projects–I have a few little things to pick up at a store (not at a Mall, 🙂 ), someone online shopping for Sam, celebrating my birthday with my family tonight at Spaghetti Factory, and maybe some cookie baking. I am not looking forward to work this week–we are closed from the 24th through the 2nd and there is much to do before then!
    I am reading The Look of Love by Sarah Jio who is a local author and that will probably be my last book of the year too.
    I hope your day is restful and productive!

    1. I’m glad the 6 mo pics went well. I always had to hold the kids down while camouflaged by a blanket. I am the big, white lump in all of our photos. My kids get a kick out it now. I didn’t find it so cute then.

      I can’t wait for this work week to be over!! I think it may be a busy one though for me.


  5. The 39 Steps sounds like a fn production! I was wondering if you would be getting to The Strange Library soon. I’m waiting in it from the library. I have King’s A Good Marriage in my stack too. And the Otter Pup is so cute. I say this even though I’m more a cat person myself (and DON’T tell him this, but at 7 pounds he could kind of qualify as a cat).

    1. Belle,

      I was raised with cats but when our beloved 17 year old cat passed away, the kids wanted to get a pup! She is like a cat. Sleeps in the sun, meows even. No joke. Our cat died on Valentines day and we got this pup on the same day a few years later. Makes me think it was meant to be.


  6. We’ve got mid-terms for the girl this week so that should be interesting. She isn’t much fun to live with at this time. My son is two shakes away from being on academic probation and I’m hoping he can pull his shit together. Makes me crazy. My parents arrive from IN today. Dentist appt tomorrow, and then once the kids are out they have a multitude of appts as well. Ready for that two week vacation.

    1. I am ready for vacation as well, but from the emails I got from work last night, I am thinking this week will be a real bitch.


  7. We tried to finish up the holiday cards, my hubby decided he wanted to start painting our front hall….it was an interesting weekend, and I had the book club holiday party/gift exchange, which ended up being smaller than expected.

    1. I saw on FB that painting has begun, Once you start, you can’t stop and even if you only mean to paint one room you will end up doing more.


  8. OmGeranium, you’ve had the Otter Pup for 5 years?!? I remember when you welcomed her into your home:)

    We’ve been making the rounds for my roommates son’s performances, symphony, choir, band….seriously whose bright idea was it to make him stick to music?

    Thank you for hanging in there with me:)

    1. Since I have two kids in the performing arts, I can certainly relate! The Teen told me that he wants to major in Marketing and minor in Musical Theatre so there will be more shows in our future.


  9. Otter Pup is adorable. She would give Esther a mindful, I’m sure. And RAIN! I guess it didn’t sweep away your campus? 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  10. Cute photo of Otter Pup. I love dogs, mine is sweet too. Deep in her heart, mischievous on the outside. Congrats to the Teen on 39 Steps. He’s a natural at this. Happy Holidays to your family. With luck, I’ll be in the O.C. on Monday. I’m okay with rain, bring it on!

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