Sunday Matters: Finally, a Fall Weekend with Clouds and Everything!

Sunday Matters

How was everyone’s Halloween? Ours was great. We had quite a bit of candy left over because guess what…it rained! Yes! Not much, but it was cold and breezy and a little wet out there so I think a lot of families opted to stay home. The Girl had her friend over and The Teen had his girlfriend over and it was a really nice time. We watched The Tingler and The Teen and his girlfriend watched Psycho. Pumpkins were carved, seeds were roasted and plenty of candy was munched. All in all, a good night.

Right Now:

At this moment, I am looking forward to my first cup of coffee. A little dash of cinnamon and nutmeg and I am good. Oh, can’t forget the cream. After coffee and a quick bite, we are off to church which I am really looking forward to. The series we are in right now is on family and how it’s not always perfect. The timing of this series could not be better. The holidays are coming up and there are some issues with my side of the family that tend to bring me down. They are out of my control but I can’t help it.

This Week:

Not much going on this week. There are a few rehearsals and book club but I think that’s it. I went to the mall yesterday and it FELT like the holidays were right around the corner. Honestly, if the kids were not with me I would have picked up a few gifts but they were, so I didn’t. This week, I am going to think about my strategy for this holiday season. I really want to tone down the commercial aspect and focus on family.


I haven’t started anything new. I am still in the middle of several books. I really want to start The Rosie Effect though. I may, but only if I can make a little more progress in my one reading club book, Five Days at Memorial. My club meets to discuss it this week so I really need to finish it.


As I mentioned above, I finally watched The Tingler, a classic horror movie starring Vincent Price. It was good and campy. With the weather the way it’s been, cloudy and cool, I’ve been getting my Lucy fix and watching back-to-back episodes. I DID manage to watch Halloween and Halloween II as well, I love those movies.

The Walking Dead is on tonight so I will for sure be watching that. A word about last week’s episode of American Horror Story, so sad. I almost shed a tear!


Not sure yet. The Teen made pumpkin bread. Yep, The Teen! He really gets into Fall. Last night I made a chicken stir-fry for dinner but tonight? I really don’t know what we are in the mood for yet.

Grateful for:

This week, I am really grateful that my immediate family is healthy. I battle health issues related to Lupus but I have been pretty good lately. Recently, The Teen heard about a friend with some health issues and my parents have a lot of health issues and it’s just scary to think how fragile we are. You don’t think about it often and honestly, who wants to dwell on it? But as I get older, so does everyone around me. So for today, I am grateful for the health of my family.

Happy Thought For the Week:

My happy thought has to do with a book that will be out soon. Sign-up to read it with me!

ReviveMe 2014
What are you up to today?


19 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Finally, a Fall Weekend with Clouds and Everything!”

  1. Sounds like you had a great Halloween with your family 😉 I’m with you on toning down the commercial aspects for Christmas – definitely more focus on family. I’m super excited about the holidays and have been watching Christmas movies on Hallmark – I’m a sucker for those heartwarming love movie. As for health issues, I’m with you about how thinking about it too much can bog you down, but it does seem unavoidable at times. I suffer from autoimmune hepatitis, so I have my fair share of problems, but I’m trying to focus on the positive – which is my meds have been lowered 🙂 I’m glad to hear that you’ve been doing well with your own health issues – that’s great! Enjoy church! I love when the sermon seems to be relevant to things happening in your own life at the moment – talk about the right timing. I can’t wait for TWD tonight – Beth!! And, I’m really excited about King later this month 🙂 Have a great week, Ti!!!

  2. I know what you mean about the health issues. I found out this week that an old, dear friend of mine passed away – she was 58. It seems that every family we know has been struck with something health related. Instead of being sad about it, I try to take it as a message to live life to its fullest.

    1. I try to use it as a reminder to live fully as well but I usually fail. I am just too busy with stuff and it’s depressing. I am upbeat and positive 90% of the time but that darn 10% really brings me down. I think this blue thing is my norm around the holidays. I fight it tooth and nail and do better some years than others.


  3. It was cold(ish) and brisk for Halloween but we had a good time. It was the first time my 3 year old actually understood and enjoyed it. However, we did not get a single trick or treater! It seems like people go around their own neighborhoods less and less and go to either more affluent places or the mall, for whatever reasons. We are headed to the mall now and I am sure the holiday decor will be out, which I don’t mind actually.I hear you about feeling grateful for family and health.

    1. The local high school had a football game on Halloween so the teen element just wasn’t there but I had a lot of little ones. Had loads of candy left over.

      You mentioned the mall. I hit the mall and although the decorations were only out in the two anchor stores (Macy’s and JC Penney) the VIBE was all Christmas. Sales everywhere, people everywhere, the rush to get stuff done. My son even said… maybe we should start our Christmas shopping. He really mean, maybe I should start the Christmas shopping. I shuddered and left but I tell ya, I got in the car and did feel as if I missed out on some sales. Not good. I just want to go back to the day after Thanksgiving where it was magical to wake up to Christmas stuff everywhere. Now, it’s all over the place and not special.


  4. Sounds like an excellent time all around. I finished a couple of great books…one Zombie read and one YA coming of age that was spectacular.

    I am starting an eco-vampire book, but I haven’t gotten too far into it and I am finishing up the zombie series I hope.

    I have fond memories of watching Vincent Price….I haven’t seen The Tingler in a really long time. We were watching Dracula with friends over the weekend and we’ve watched 2 of Freak show finally….so behind…but that clown is the best part of the show…in my opinion.

  5. Glad y’all had a great Halloween despite the rain. And I’m sure you are all grateful for the rain anyway–I know we could use a few drops! We took the girls to my sister’s old neighborhood and it was deserted and depressing. Makes me sad how things have changed. We put out a bowl here (with WAY too much candy) and I was thrilled how much was taken by the time we got back. Now I’m scouring Pinterest for leftover candy ideas. Get it out of my house!!

    I’ve never heard of The Tingler! We’ve been watching Gilmore Girls here (yes, Scott too), but I’m starting to get burned out on it. Too much sweet/kitschiness in a short amount of time!

    1. I brought candy to work but it’s not the good good candy. I didn’t buy the good good candy that my family likes and The Girl got bored trick or treatin’ and didn’t have that large of a haul this year. I should be able to get rid of the candy here at work with all of these students around.

      You said you were depressed over the one neighborhood. Well, I have friends who have moved on to Christmas and put TREES up! I am so depressed over that. And I hit the mall this weekend for an errand and Christmas was all around me. Not so much in the way of decor but spirit… 50% off sales, people everywhere. That vibe. Ugh.


  6. Your week sounded great…relaxation, good food, great books and movies…healthy everyone! Lots to be thankful for…I try to enjoy every single moment…even the bad ones. I tend to stress if my life is imperfect and I am trying to get over that!

    Have a great Sunday!

    1. There is a lot of stuff that it out of my hands right now so all I can do is sit here and pray. Seriously. It’s hard for a person who likes to be in control to hand themselves over like that but I’ve no choice.

      I need a long week off. I am all achy today so I think I jinxed myself.


    1. Re: Five Days at Memorial

      I am at the halfway point but really, there hasn’t been any new info for several pages. They are starting to investigate now but where does it go from there? Do you remember?


  7. Our Halloween was pretty low on action. We didn’t see as many kids as last time. There was a game going on at the local school the same night, so that may be why. But there’s leftover candy and we have already hidden them away or else we’ll be munching on them for a long time.

  8. I forgot about the release of “Revival” in November. I can’t commit to you read-a-long, but do hope to read it over Christmas break if not sooner.

  9. We weren’t hit with rain until 10:30 p.m., but we still had a low turn out. Just over half of what we received last year. I really think it was because the corner house that used to be all decked out and inviting was dark this year (new homeowners) and only three houses on our street were giving out candy. I have a ton left over–and it has to go soon. It’s too tempting. (I forgot to bring it to work today.)

    Five Days at Memorial is one I want to read. I look forward to reading your thoughts on it.

    It’s a good thing I did my Christmas shopping for my staff before we took the cats to the vet on Saturday for their annual check-up. I about died when we got the bill for my senior cat. He had to have blood work done because of some issues he’s continuing to have. Between vet bills and car repairs and holiday shopping . . . We’re going light this year, but still, it’s been tough. I still haven’t gotten Mouse her gifts. Luckily that list is short. We have so many relatives that send her gifts–I might as well save my money.

    I have a pre-op appointment this week and then am supposed to have surgery in two weeks. My mom’s excited because she gets to visit. I’m trying to pretend it’s still far in the future so I don’t have to think about both the surgery and having my mom in town. How awful am I for feeling that way? Ugh.

    I do hope you have a good week, Ti!

  10. I have totally started my Christmas shopping, a little here and there, but still so much to do. I hate waiting until the last minute.

    I am seriously considering doing the readalong with you. I am always up for a King novel! We will see how far I get in my book this weekend before I decide.

    Hope you have a great week!

    1. When it comes to King, the read along is really more like a group read. Just a bunch of us knowing that we are all reading it together. Makes it fun! I hope you can join us! No questions or mandatory posts.


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