The Sunday Salon: A Great Movie, Lots of Shopping and My Gloomy Weather

Sunday Salon

Good morning, all! This weekend has been a good mix of busy and fun. I hit the mall with both kids in tow to pick-up a few things for school. I think The Teen is good now but The Girl needs a few more things. Still need to do the school supply run as we did not get to it yesterday because of this movie:

Guardians of the Galaxy

After all that shopping, we headed out to see Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m not sure what I expected but it was really good. The overall audience reaction was good too. Lots of laughs, good special effects and a nice movie for the entire family to see which is such a rarity these days.

Some not so good things, our garbage disposal went out as did our AC, which has been a lemon since the first day we put it in. The company that did the install is trying to make good on it, but that doesn’t make us any more comfortable. The humidity has been 63% and nearly 100 degrees and on Tuesday and Wednesday we have go without any air so they can isolate the lines. I am not going to be in a good mood, that’s for sure.

What am I reading?

I am about halfway through California by Edan Lepucki. I had hoped to be done with it by now but the entire day of shopping kind of sucked up my time. Today, we are going to church and will probably do the school supply run too. We’ll see,

What am I cooking?

Not sure. Once again my cupboards are bare. My kids are in that growth phase so I cannot for the life of me, keep food in the house. With the weather the way it is, gloomy yet hot as heck, what do you make? I sort of want soup but I also kind of want salad. Sigh.

What am I watching?

Besides Guardians of the Galaxy, I haven’t been sitting down long enough to see anything else.

What about you? How has your weekend been?

26 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: A Great Movie, Lots of Shopping and My Gloomy Weather”

  1. We went for the movie too this weekend and loved it. I was really not looking forward to it but it was such a surprise. Lots of laughs and good acting.

  2. Agh, that whole AC thing sounds like a major drag. I’m not the hugest lover of AC, but weathering hundred degree days without it sounds pretty awful. Hope they can sort out the problem quickly!

    1. I can understand the need for quite time but you will probably want to see this one at some point. It’s really, a lot of fun. 


  3. You did have a busy week end! We ran around like that yesterday…Den decided he needed shorts and our fave place had them on sale…40% off! We both got the coolest flip flops, too…then a few groceries and we were home…today we are staying in! Not cooking…getting Mexican for dinner! You need to sit down!

  4. lol…my kids are a little older than yours (18, 17 and 15) and I NEVER have enough food in the is insane..and if they have friends over 😦

    1. They will sit down with a family sized box of crackers, leave three in the box and put them back on the shelf. I am going broke.  We tried to get our incredibly high mortgage restructured once and they told me that for our area, we should be spending no more than $350 a month on food. I laughed. Are you kidding me?? We spend that in one week and that is still not enough. We never  did get approved. 


  5. Wow – AC & disposal at the same time, what a bummer! I hope things get fixed soon! This weekend my oldest had a slumber party and my husband took all of the boys at the party to see Gaurdians of the Galaxy and they liked it. I feel like I’m finally coming out of the fog of the no-sleep-party-host phase. I did watch the first Outlander episode online though and that was fun.

  6. I hit the mall with my daughter… she was invited to a VIBrouge event at Sephora. Surprisingly, I had a great time! Now I’m going to visit a few blogs and then read The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, Ti!

    1. Surprisingly, the mall was empty for us. I think maybe some last minute vacations were being enjoyed or something because we had a nice time at the mall and I normally cannot stand it. 


  7. Things usually break in threes, in my experience. So take care! I hate back to school shopping, and of course my kids put it off as long as they can. I think we are mostly done though. Our plan is that at some point while we are here at the beach, we will go see that movie. I was waiting for a rainstorm (which usually happens every day) to go, but it has been gorgeous. Maybe tomorrow. Honestly, based on the trailer I thought it looked totally stupid. Rotten Tomatoes has proven me wrong!!!

    1. I guess you could count my van door as #3. Ugh. Like I need this. Oh, and raccoon have made a latrine out of my yard. I am freaking out about roundworm and the possibility of it since their crap is highly toxic. 


  8. Weekend has been blah to be honest, probably compounded by the fact that my wife is away and it’s raining. Wanted to read, but only read a little: Cross Bones, part of the Bones series, by Kathy Reichs, only about the 20th time I’ve tried to read it…not that it’s bad. It’s just every time I read it, something else interrupts me or distracts me. “Oooh, I could be watching CSI: NY and Numb3rs.” …I’ve mentioned on Facebook, but really I’m jealous of y’all going to see Guardians of the Galaxy. Hope we can go next weekend.

    1. Guardians was really good. Enjoyed the soundtrack as well. Just downloaded it on Spotify. 

      I didn’t get to watch any TV or read anything this weekend. I tried to last night but the book I am  reading too a turn (California) that I didn’t care for so just opted to go to bed early instead. 


  9. No movie going here…just getting some house cleaning done, only for it to rain and create more mud…so the nice clean floors I have will soon be mucky once again! UGH.

    1. It has been so humid here and then yesterday it rained, but not nearly enough where we are.  I am feeling overwhelmed with financial stuff right now. The back to school stuff on top of the AC, garbage disposal  and now we have a problem with raccoons using our yard as a latrine. Who has time for this?? 


  10. I feel for you with no working AC. How miserable!

    I want to see Guardians of the Galaxy after hearing you and a couple other bloggers talk about it. Maybe this coming weekend, if I can squeeze it in.

    We had a busy weekend and I’m wishing now I could have taken today off to recover. I didn’t get any reading done, and I’m feeling it today. Lunch cannot come soon enough!

    Have a great week!

    1.  I didn’t get a lick of reading done either. I feel so out of it when that happens. 


  11. My husband came off the road Sunday. I was very glad to see him, I watched The Best Man Holiday on my computer and played the scene where the guys in the film did air band to the music of New Edition ‘s Can You Stand the Rain and their very sexy dance routine over and over again. I love that song because when I was pregnant 25 yrs ago that was my favorite song. I haven’t been reading lately and I think I have hit a plateau. I hope I get in the groove soon. I haven’t read a book since January.

  12. I started California on audio today (at work – not busy LOL) and I’m not sure what to make of it yet. The narrator is fine though. I have the eBook as well so we’ll see how it progresses — enjoy

    1. Re: California. Seems like everyone is reading it right now. I am at the 60% mark and it’s taken a turn that I did not expect. I want to finish today if I can.


  13. I know A/C units are running more when it’s hot so I suppose it’s more logical that they would die then but seriously? Makes it very hard to even feel like cooking anything!

  14. Finally getting a chance to catch up on blog reading, so bear with me if I comment on a lot of backlisted posts!!

    I’m really wanting to see Guardians of the Galaxy. I told my husband that I want to go to it for our upcoming anniversary!

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