Grab Your Book: What Are You Reading?

Grab Your Book

My reading has been going pretty well this summer. I haven’t hit a slump yet, which is good because last year I felt it coming on and man, it hit me full force. I am hoping to avoid that this year by not allowing ANY time to pass between books. So far, it’s working.

I just finished The Three. The Home Place and A Wild Sheep Chase. All, very different reads. All, a little difficult to write about.


I started California by Edan Lepucki and although I am only 5% in, I am hooked and will probably blow through it this weekend. It’s gotten a lot of attention lately, with the whole Colbert thing but it took me awhile to get a library copy so I am just getting to it now. In the opening pages, a popular shopping venue (one that I visit often) is mentioned. Have I told you before how much I enjoy reading about places I visit? Even if in the book,  the world has gone to hell, it’s fun to read about familiar places.

What will you be reading this weekend? Trying to fit anything in before school starts? I am also trying to get Desperation read for my Summer of King. It weighs in at 600+ pages but I am going to try to get it read before my kids start school on 8/13 because if I read it after, then it’s not really my Summer of King, is it?

22 thoughts on “Grab Your Book: What Are You Reading?”

  1. I’m about to finish “Vengeance is Mine”, which is part of a series that I read by Reavis Wortham. I met this author at a mystery writer’s conference that was here in Orlando, and I ADORE his books. Set in Texas in the 60’s, they are part murder mystery and part coming of age. This is the fourth one he’s written. Anyway. Then for the beach, I’m taking “Big Little Lies” by Liane Moriarty, and I am so so excited. On audio I’m over halfway through “The Silkworm” and I cannot emphasize how much I love these books. Good Karma going on right now with the reading.

    1. Nothing on my iPod is exciting right now so I haven’t listened to an audio book for weeks and you know what? I am reading much more in print.  I’m not sure but maybe the audio habit is putting a crimp in my reading since I seem to spend so much time with the audio book only listening to it on the commute in and back. 

      You are going to the beach? Sweet. I am at work! Joy!


  2. I totally flew through California, too! I was actually reading it for the Tumblr book club and was supposed to break it down in sections, but there was no way that happened. I’m really curious what you’ll think about the end… can’t wait to hear.

    1. I’ll buzz you when I finish because everyone, and I mean everyone mentions the ending when they talk about the book.  Someone on FB yesterday slipped and said it was a non-ending or something like that. I can’t wait to find out. I am 30% in. It’s a little depressing in tone. It reminds me of Heller’s The Dog Stars (which I liked very much).


    1. I had to look up Hundred Foot Journey because I had not heard of it before your comment but it’s going to be a movie? It sounds good but it takes a special writer to bring all the foodie stuff to life. I remember drooling over School of Essential Ingredients because she had such a firm grasp of what a reader should be feeling when reading a book centering about food. 


  3. I’ve had a productive reading summer as well! I haven’t really read much that I can say I’ve loved, but still…. Right now I am working on The Train by Georges Simenon (love him!) and have to start Little Women for a book group I am hoping to get to. I’ve heard a few differing opinions on California so I’m interested to hear your thoughts.

    1. I read Little Women for book club and I got halfway through and put it down and never picked it up again. I have no idea why because I really liked what I had read. I really need to read it from the beginning so I can check it off my list.


  4. Reading has been going well, other than a debacle with a review copy and an unresponsive publisher person. I finished The Regulators as you know, and a couple other books, and I’m nearly done with another. I hope to start Desperation tonight or tomorrow. I cannot wait to see what this chunkster has in store in that parallel universe

    1. I did read Desperation once before but I cannot for the life of me remember one thing about it. I don’t remember hating it though so I think we are good. It’s hard to hate a King book even though some are certainly better than others. 


  5. I’m currently reading The Night Circus which will likely take me up until I start back to work for the fall semester. So far it’s a refreshing read. I needed. Good fantasy read I think. I’ve just pulled myself out of a really bad reading slump. I will also be starting David Bell’s The Forgotton Girl. It’s a thriller which is something new for me, but it looks like a good book.

    I just finished Three Bargains by Tania Malik. That was a really well-done book.

    I wish I would have done a Murakami summer in anticipation for Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki’s release, but that escaped me until now. I’m head over heels in anticipation for that book.

    1. A Murakami summer would have been wonderful! I did manage to take a really long time to read A Wild Sheep Chase so it sort of seems like it’s been with me all summer. What a strange book. One of the more quiet ones, I think. I cannot wait for the new one.  In my head, I am planning out an entire reading day for it but that would mean no work that day. We’ll see how that pans out. 

      The Night Circus was super fun. The story wasn’t all that wonderful but the world that she built. Wow. Plus, there was a gal on Pinterest who created a Night Circus board of images. I tried to find it the other day but could not remember her name but if you put in Night Circus you will see all these wonderful images that fans added to complement their reading experience. That is one book that would be stunning on film. 


  6. I just got California from NetGalley and can’t wait to read it!

    I am reading Dear Daughter and City Of Stairs!

  7. I can’t believe that we’re already talking about school starting! Did you get to relax at all this summer? 😉 Glad you’re able to squeeze in some reading, though. I just finished East of Eden and loved it and am thinking about reading a couple of shorter books over the next couple of weeks. Come September I’ll be working three days a week and there goes my naptime reading. LOL!

    1. I really did not get to relax at all this summer. Sigh. I am very tired because of it. However, I am about to put in my holiday vacation requests so hopefully I will have some down time to look forward to. Hope so or I will be a messed up heap of uselessness come November. 

      Yes! School starts on 8/13 for my one kid and 8/14 for the other. Too soon. 


  8. Just finished Mr, Mercedes (no review yet, but enjoyed it) and started The Girls from Corona del Mar. I have California as well and hope to try it this month as well….enjoy

  9. I’m actually reading Stephen King’s On Writing and loving every bit of it. It has also convinced me that I need to finally start reading his fiction books. His “genre” is still not my cup of tea, but hey, if he can write a story very well (if On Writing is any indication), then I’m game for any genre. It’s a good thing too that his books grace pretty much all genre shelves.

    1. No doubt, horror is what he is known for but so many of his books don’t fall into just that one category.  As you said, telling a good story is what draws me to him every flippin’ time! 


  10. Yes it’s sure fun reading a book with places you know being mentioned. It’s more cool watching a movie with your home town or places you frequent being used as a setting, isn’t it? As for reading, I’ve been listening to a few audiobooks, and reading (hard copy) Far From the Madding Crowd to prepare for the new movie adaptation. It’s not coming out any time soon, but then I’m not going to finish this book any time soon either. 🙂

    1. Even more exciting when you have no idea the book is set locally. Happened to me with a book a couple of months ago. 


  11. I first heard of California in Amazon but it only got 3 stars but then now not only you but Thomas at my Porch has raved about it so I’m curious! Will check it out. I’d love to hear what you think about Desperation. Stephen King is sometimes a miss or a hit for me and I’m wondering what to read next from him.

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