The Sunday Salon: Book Club and a Concert

Concerts at the Park

It’s been a great weekend so far. Yesterday, my book club met to discuss The Goldfinch. I finished it in the nick of time. Seriously. I had a hard time reading that one steadily but I really, really enjoyed it and that last 5% on my Kindle was, well, amazing. It’s one of those books where you definitely feel as if you’ve been on a journey. I miss it a little bit.

Last night, we hit the first concert at the park. It was the largest crowd I’ve ever seen. You can see some of the crowd above. The band was a Journey tribute band and I must say, the lead singer sounded almost identical to Steve Perry. The music was awesome and the forty-somethings, holding each other and singing to Don’t Stop Believing was funny and cool at the same time. BOTH kids came with, which  made it extra nice. Yes, I am talking about The Teen!

Anyway, we snacked and lounged and hung out. It was the perfect way to end the day.

Today? No one feels like going to church except The Teen so he’ll go and I suspect we will end up at the bookstore or the market or both. You know how I hate the market. I really want the food to just appear but no matter how hard I wish, it never happens.

In other news, I entered this design contest to win a signed copy of Murakami’s new book. I’ve posted everywhere about it and will continue to do so until it ends on 8/8. I apologize in advance if you tire of seeing the posts but seriously, it’s two clicks and you don’t need to like a thing in order to vote. Voting can take place daily. I’ve seen  many of you vote already and I can’t tell you how grateful I am . To vote, click here.

Sunday Salon

What am I reading?

Now that I am done with The Goldfinch I am back to my Summer of King with The Regulators. I also realized that I never finished The Three. Probably not a good sign. I mean, I really thought I HAD finished it but looking at my Kindle I left it at 69%. Oops.

What am I cooking?

It has been pretty hot here. The only thing that sounds good right now, is maybe a foo-foo salad with candied pecans and feta or something like that.

What am I watching?

I got Better Off Dead in the mail yesterday from Netflix. I am anxious to share that one with The Girl and Teen.

What are you up to today? Are you reading a must-read book? If so, do tell.

24 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Book Club and a Concert”

  1. Not reading a must-read book but hopefully later in the week, World of Trouble by Ben H. Winters, the last in The Last Policeman trilogy by him.

    Rainy here for the next couple of days and I happen to have off, but hey, I always can read. 🙂 So I’m not complaining…yet.

    1. It was about 100 degrees yesterday but cooled down nicely for the concert. Today it is supposed to be about 105. Not good but I don’t plan to be out in it long. I have The Policeman book but didn’t know it was part of a trilogy. 


  2. My book club read The Goldfinch too and we all loved it. It’s long and meandering but, when you’re done, you realize all that meandering is necessary.

    I didn’t know I could vote for you daily so I just voted again. Keep reminding us!

    1. Thank you for voting. Yeah, it’s daily but WHEN the button appears is kind of dicey. I think they could have done this contest a different way. 


  3. I feel as though I have been cooking all day long today! Eggs for breakfast, fresh pasta with oven roasted tomatoes for lunch…reading a yummy book and watching tv will take up the rest of my day! You weekend sounded perfect! We are expecting cool weather this week!

  4. Just finished The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. Remembered that you liked it when you reviewed it, so just went back to read your post. I felt like you did. What a gem of a book! So sorry that my journey with Harold is over..

  5. Foo-foo salad. Ha! The only way I’ll eat salad is if there are more goodies than lettuce. We’ve actually been grilling lately, despite the heat, but it has been so tasty!!

    And fun! I LOVE Journey and I know that Scott would get a kick out of the concert, too. Sounds like a really great time and so nice that the whole family could go. The Teen will come around–that’s a tough age. My 18 year old brother is too embarrassed by his loud big sisters to hang out with us. Lame. 😉

    Voted again. Will try from phone, too.

  6. I thought of you Friday night as I drove by Simi on my way home (VERY late at night). I managed to miss our first concert in the park and it was my favorite band that does them, too.

    1. Last year we hit nearly every concert they had, but this year, even though it’s supposed to be the best of the best, I am not all that excited about some of the acts. The one that we always have to go to is Boogie Nights. CANNOT miss the afro wigs and  dancing middle aged somethings. Too funny to watch but that one is after school starts this year and of course, it’s hot as heck at the end of August. 


  7. I continue to vote for you! And I need to be reminded to vote and FB is great for that! I share as well. Sounds like a nice weekend. I spent a lot of time in the pool with my daughter who has once again become a fish. 🙂 I finished up 2 books, but really have to knuckle down on the book club selection we’re discussing on Saturday.

    1. Thanks so much for your support with this voting stuff. I hate to be THAT person with the voting craziness but a signed copy??? I would lose my mind if I won one. 

      I wish we had a pool. My daughter swims every day for a couple of hours at camp. She is getting so tan but I would love to float in a pool when I get home from work. Especially today when it’s expected to be 105 or so. 


  8. The concert sure sounds like a great time.. glad both kids went along with you! The Goldfinch is so long, I’m almost afraid to get started and am thinking it might be a good read/listen combo.

    1. DO read Goldfinch but pick a time when you can linger over it. It’s long and I had to rush through it since I was way behind and it was a book club book but it’s really very beautifully done but you have to take your time with it. I want to go back and re read the last 5% or so because I finished it right before the meeting and I swear, that  was the best part!


    1. I couldn’t just read The Goldfinch on its own. It has a very slow pace to it. You would not be able to read it all day long or even for a couple of hours straight without getting antsy. But, it’s wonderful. The last little bit brought it all together, I thought. 


    1. We did have some watermelon too! We purchased a tent thingy for track this year and we used it  at the concert the other day. Makes it so much nicer as if was 103 degrees when we got there. 


  9. I’m glad that you finished Goldfinch! Now you can tell me what it was about. I don’t think I’ll ever get back to it, unless I have to.

    1. How far into Goldfinch were you when you put it down? Because, I am feeling as if you need to finish it 😉 I haven’t written up my review yet but I think it might be one of my faves for the year, even though there were times where I never thought I’d get through it. 


      1. Nooooo, don’t tell me that… Booo!

        I wasn’t really that far along – maybe 30-40 pages? I doubt the book was to blame for me not finishing it. It was never calling my name when I wanted to read it, it was just dull to read as well. I kept reading other books or doing other things.

        Oh well, you may be able to convince me to pick it up sooner than later.

  10. Congrats on finishing The Goldfinch. I need to knock that one off someday. I’m a little intimidated by its length! The Journey band in the park sounded like a good antidote, lol.

    1. I don’t mind a chunkster so I was actually looking forward to Goldfinch but I didn’t give myself until  time to really absorb it and that is what did me in towards the middle. It was not easy breezy material  to blow through. You need to take some time with it but it was wonderful. If I ever figure out how to  say that in a review, I will post one. LOL. 


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