The Sunday Salon: Where Was I?

Sunday Salon

It is almost 4:30pm on a Sunday and I am just now sitting down. I can’t really say the weekend has been filled with activities, because that’s not really it at all. It’s just that I am still feeling a bit off and when you are feeling off, you just can’t do stuff the way you normally do. I spent half of Saturday in urgent care because the leg, after the fall I took a few weeks ago, still wasn’t right. But everything is okay in that department. I just need a little more time to recover.

My entire weekend has been filled with half-finished thoughts. I get up to do something and then decide that I just don’t have the energy to accomplish the task. With the exception of the cleaning frenzy on Friday night, I haven’t done much of anything. Well, I did drag myself to church but no one else wanted to go with me.

This afternoon I am trying to get some reading done but every time I do, I end up falling asleep or like right now, find myself with a headache. I curse my body sometimes.

What am I reading?

I am reading Cutting Teeth for a book tour and I really need to start Landline since there is a list of people waiting to read it after me. I promise to get it read within the next few days.

What am I cooking?

Plain, old chicken and rice. I am not feeling food lately although iced coffee sure sounds good.

What am I watching?

I watched Arthur (Dudley Moore) last night but haven’t watched anything since. The Girl picked it. It’s a great movie and I try to watched it a couple of times a year.

I REALLY wanted to see Godzilla this weekend but it didn’t work out. I don’t think you’d know it from this blog but I love monster movies. Give me a bag of popcorn and bring on the destruction. Yah!

What are you up to this weekend?

16 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Where Was I?”

  1. Godzilla is a movie I’d love to see. I notice you’re reading Anne Bronte for book club…how are you enjoying it? I haven’t read any of her books, so I’m curious.

  2. i’m so sorry to hear you are under the weather. I hope you will be up to your old self soon.

    I’m reading a review copy of THE SUMMER WIND by Mary Alice Monroe. It’s the second in a trilogy. Perfect for summer.

    I am also behind on reading and reviewing. We just returned from a week visiting my daughter and her family in Asheville, North Carolina. It’s nice to get away, but it’s wonderful to be back home in Florida.

    Back to work at the store tomorrow.

    1. I feel a little better today. I am starting a new book at lunch Rowell’s Landline so I am looking forward to finding a little reading spot and losing myself in the story. 


  3. Praying that you will feel better! I am reading The Goldfinch and really liking it so far. I can’t remember if you have already reviewed this!

  4. We are really just chilling…I can’t wait to see what you think of Godzilla! Hurry up and feel better and get to that movie!

    1. I hope to see Godzilla this weekend but I am sure the rest of the universe has the same idea. Holiday weekend and all. 


  5. I so want to see Godzilla. If I’d have been on MY game this weekend, we would have seen it but every time I tried to entertain the thought of going out today I fell asleep. I don’t have too many regrets over these behaviors though. if my body refuses to move, there is usually a reason. We’ve got the whole summer to see movies.

    1. True. I hope to see the movie this weekend. All that sleep I had and I still feel tired but the fever is gone and the leg feels better too.  Let’s hope all those cuties from urgent care stayed in urgent care. 


  6. I have had one of those weekends when I cannot even move a limb. It’s like being a zombie. The husband does a lot of the chores on those days, but yeah, days like that feel like mega-UGH! Hope you feel better this week!

    1. As a rule, I don’t feel like I am in my mid-forties but lately, I’ve noticed that my body does not spring back all that well anymore. It has freaked me out a little  which affects the mental outlook. I DO feel better today though. Not so sorry for myself and my leg pain has settled down. Of course it did. It takes a trip to the doc for it to settle down. Had I not gone, it would still be hurting. LOL. 


  7. Don’t feel bad about recovering. It will give you more time to read and relax, hopefully…and if not, maybe sleep. Sleep does a body good too. Unfortunately, with allergy headaches, I’ve been there, though, where you are. I just try not to feel guilty about not doing anything and just let my body heal. It’s not easy, though.

    1. Usually I do feel guilty but this time, I really worried myself about my health and took that trip to the doc to put my mind at ease. I feel better today both mentally and physically. I finished the book I had to read, wrote the review and am halfway done with another so I am finally seeing the light at the end of my tunnel. Thanks for the pep talk, 


  8. Take your time to recover. Don’t try to rush. Three of my dogs escaped from the backyard around 4:00AM Saturday because my husband left the gate opened and forgot to close it. Two of the dogs came back after 3 hours. We went looking for them most of the morning. The last of the three we thought was gone and we thought we were never going to see again, reappeared 12 hrs later. He scratch on the door to be let in and my son let him. We don’t know where he went for 12 hours. but he had some kind of adventure. This caused our whole day to be screwed up a lot. So that is how my weekend went.

    1. I am so glad that all of your pups are back with you. That is the type of stress that no one needs!  It’s exhausting thinking of all the “what ifs”. I had a cat once that disappeared for close to a year and then returned. He wasn’t quite the same after his adventure but I don’t think I ever wanted an animal to be able to talk as much as him. Can you imagine? 


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