Review: The Here and Now

The Here and Now
The Here and Now
By Ann Brashares
(Delacorte Press, Hardcover, 9780385736800, April 8, 2014, 256pp.)

The Short of It:

Every now and then, I reach for something just because I know it will be a quick, fun read. The Here and Now, was that book.

The Rest of It:

Prenna James, born into a world riddled by plague, leaves the 2080’s with her mother and a group of time travelers in order to escape what the world has become. They travel to the present day, where she must mingle with other teens, assimilate, or risk losing everything.

This was a super quick read and if you like time travel, reading this will be a nice way to spend the afternoon. It felt very YA, and I believe it is categorized as such but I still enjoyed it. Some of the story was a little predictable and convenient, but overall it was what it promised to be. I would have liked more of the 2080’s, to get a real feel for what she was escaping from but that is the fatalist in me talking. I love a world riddled by catastrophe so of course I wanted to spend a little more time there.

I could see my daughter reading this and she is only ten so that should give you an idea of the reading level. Overall, simple, quick, fun.

Source: Sent to me by the publisher.
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14 thoughts on “Review: The Here and Now”

  1. I read one Brashares book (My Name is Memory) a few years ago and really struggled with it. That was also about time travel. But I agree – for a quick mindless read, this seems welcome.

    1. I just found out yesterday that The Here And Now will be a movie. I am growing tired of these YA book to movie projects. 


    1. I thought the ending was ridiculous but what I expected, if that makes any sense. Maybe the movie will have a better ending. 


  2. Ha! Your quick read is my two week slog these days. So we are headed out for vacation today, and if I EVER FINISH THE EXPATS, I grabbed a Karen White book and The Strain. Those two caught my eye for some reason…that is my easy reading. I’m not sure this one would work for me, but with my attention span maybe I should try.

    1. Is The Strain that Del Toro book? I think I spelled his name wrong. I could not get through it if it’s the same one I am thinking of. 

      Have a fabulous vacation. 


  3. I have that one on my kindle, but haven’t started it yet. Sounds like it will be a fun read. I’ve actually been on a YA kick lately – I think I just want fast, fun, easy reads and they seem to fit the bill.

    1. It’s a fun, quick read. I think I read it in one sitting. It’s not deep at all, though. You know how I like deep.  It was lacking in that area. 


  4. There are only a couple of authors I have sworn never to read again, and she is one of them. My Name is Memory had one of the most infuriating endings I’ve ever come across. It just stops right in the middle of the plot – no explanations, no afterword about a sequel, nothing. And I haven’t seen anything anywhere saying if she is ever going to continue the story (other than that originally it was supposed to be a series). I’d even be happy if the author would just address the topic, say, “Hey, the story was a wash and I’m never going to finish it.” But as far as I can tell there are no explanations as to why she ended it the way she did. I have to wonder what the publishers were thinking, publishing a book that stopped in the middle like that. Sorry… evidently I still have issues with that other book. Needless to say, I won’t be reading this one.

    1. Well, her Traveling Pants books did well, as did the movie and now The Here And Now is being made into a movie. Maybe she creates a shell of a book and then hopes to option it out for film?? I feel as if a lot of authors do that these days, knowing that Hollywood will change stuff up anyway. I can’t imagine stopping a book mid-plot and just leaving the reader hanging. 


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