The Sunday Salon: Chugging Along

Sunday Salon

I am SO not a fan of Spring Forward. Losing a precious hour isn’t something I take kindly to but after a few days, I’ll be over it. Today though, I feel out of it! Two cups of coffee and I am still in a haze.

Lots of excitement this week. Next weekend is The Girl’s first track meet so this week she’ll be deciding which events to run. Her first meet is an away meet and expected to last ALL DAY LONG. I am excited but at the same time, what the heck are we going to do at some strange school for 9+ hours? Her events do not run back to back, as far as I know. That is a long time to be sitting around.

The Teen is rehearsing for his Jazz Pop concert (Choir), his Master Chorale performance and his part for The Drowsy Chaperone. As always, so much going on in this house!

Tomorrow, I have to register The Girl for summer camp. That came up fast. These days it just seems like the months fly by, so why do the weeks drag so?

On a completely different note, I am heartbroken over the missing Malaysia Airlines flight. How can a jet just disappear like that? I can’t even imagine what those families are going through and the info on the stolen passports is very disturbing. I have been watching the news and reading all of the news sites but there hasn’t been too many developments as of yet. I am praying for all those involved.

Switching gears…

What am I reading?

I started Me Before You. I am about sixty pages in and enjoying the writing so far. I also started Life After Life (Atkinson) and I am finding it to be a little on the slow side. Too slow for my mood right now but it’s a book club read so I am going to push on so I can put it behind me. Will it get better?

What am I cooking?

Not a thing. Just not in the mood. Funny how that happens when the weather gets warm. We may head out for salads later. A grilled chicken salad sounds perfect to me.

What am I watching?

We finally saw Gravity last night. It was just okay. I thought the story needed a little bit of work but the visuals were pretty stunning, even though I was watching it on the small screen.

As for TV, The Bates Motel started up again so my Monday nights are spent watching that. The Walking Dead is on tonight and I cannot wait to plop down in front of the TV for it. At work, while at lunch, I have been watching Lost which I am enjoying quite a bit.

What do you have planned this week? Reading anything good?

20 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Chugging Along”

  1. My wife and I saw this Gravity. Like you, my boss at work wasn’t that impressed with the story, but was blown away by the visuals. I don’t know. I found the story pretty good myself, but the visuals were outstanding. I also watched the extras on a second disc that explained all of the work that went into the movie. It, and all the people who worked on it, absolutely deserved all the Oscars it, and they, got, we think after watching that.

    Reading-wise, I’m probably going to be reading the backs of my eyelids this afternoon as the time change didn’t cooperate with me either. Other than that, I have some poetry lined up and The Universe Versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence.

    1. I am okay this morning, even though I did not sleep at all last night. I suspect I will crash later this afternoon. 


  2. I know what you mean…exactly….I hate springing forward…we are both tired…we hit Whole Foods first thing this morning and it was full of people…too full…

    I am making a new pasta dish tonight and we are in for the day…

    Can you read during your nine hours?

    1. I might be able to read in between events this time, but usually I am supposed to volunteer. I just didn’t want to volunteer for our first meet. I want to see how it’s all handled first. 


  3. Take a book with you to the track meet!

    Do you remember when that plane disappeared from South America several years ago? They found it several months later. I have a feeling that’s what’s going to happen with this plane. I heard today that they may have found the plane’s door.

    1. I heard today that they confirmed that what they found was not part of the plane and that the oil slick they saw was also not jet fuel.  I just don’t see how a plane that large could leave no trace. Even if it took a straight dive, it would have broken apart at some part. 


  4. I got up, and moved ALL the clocks BACK an hour. Then Jim got up and informed me I went the wrong way (as usual) and then I had to move them all forward TWO hours! Typical time change day….

  5. I hope you like Me Before You. I steered clear of Life After Life, ha, despite all the beef on it. I’m thinking the Walking Dead will have a lot of action / attacks tonite — hang on to your hat!

    1. Yeah, I am more than half way thru with Life After Life and it’s a “meh” book so far. However, Me Before You is very readable. I am enjoying it. It was shot down by my club during the selection process but I decided to read it anyway. 


  6. I am currently reading blogs during the commercials of The Walking Dead!

    I already mentioned on FB that I am disturbed by the disappearance of that flight. The details are just way too weird. I hope they find something very soon.

    1. They still haven’t found a darn thing!! That door, they confirmed it was not part of the plane and now they said the oil slick was not  jet fuel as they originally though. They think the plane turned around and that they’ve been looking in the wrong spot all this time.  It’s heartbreaking!! Just the thought of all those people just missing… breaks my heart. 


  7. HATE the time change. Lots of ass-dragging this morning. And it doesn’t make me feel better knowing I’ll get the hour back in the fall! I really enjoyed Life After Life, but I read it in one sitting (on the way to Poland). I thought the storytelling was awesome and yes as it goes on, you will get more and more invested. My only issue was I didn’t quite get the POINT of it all at the end. We’ll see what you think.

    Yes I’ve done the 9 hour track meets. Ugh. You can bring a book and a chair and lots of food, but there is so much distraction it is hard to really get anything done.

    I’m devastated over that missing airplane. My heart aches for the families. I just hope they figure it all out soon so they can have some peace.

    1. It saddens me too, that many of the news agencies aren’t even talking about the plane anymore. Doesn’t take long to be forgotten when it comes to the news. 


    1. As for the visuals, they are what I expected them to be. I did feel as if I was out there in space with her. Many of the scenes are claustrophobic in nature.  I can only imagine what went into the film, to get the shots that they did but the story… meh. The entire thing was so short. Exactly 90 minutes. Felt  truncated to me but I supposed being out in space for any longer than that would have made people uncomfortable. 


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