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Coffee and a Book

It’s Friday!! Thank goodness. The week felt so long to me. Mostly because The Girl came down with a cold. She was sneezy and grumpy and totally out of it and that tends to throw me off my game. But, she’s better now and back to her perky self.

Do any of you read before work? I get to work super early to avoid traffic snarls so I have the luxury of getting a little reading in before I start my day. Typically, I’m walking during this time and the book in question is an audio book but my walking has been non-existent since the break so right now, it’s me sitting in my windowless office with a book and a cup of coffee. It’s kinda like a little reading cave. You’ve got to use your imagination when you never see the light of day.

At some point today, I need to think of some books to pitch for the big book selection meeting on Saturday. The book club that I’m in picks books for the year which tends to work out really well for most of us. But, it’s a big deal. We each get to pitch a book and then vote on it. I really have no idea what to pitch. I came across Never Fall Down by Patricia McCormick which looks like it would be a good discussion book, but I’m not sure. Has anyone read it?

Never Fall Down
The rest of the weekend will be spent looking up recipes for the Super Bowl. For the past. I don’t know, five years, we have not been able to go to a Super Bowl party because the kids were always in a production that weekend. This year, production week begins the following week so we actually get to enjoy the Super Bowl like normal people! I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. So, I plan to make something really killer to take to the party. Did I just say KILLER?

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a good weekend.

22 thoughts on “Friday Stuff”

  1. My Friday is already shot to heck. I had grand plans (that subconsciously and maybe a little consciously) knew I wouldn’t keep. Here it is 11 am and I’m not even off the treadmill, showered, etc. But. I have a good excuse, right? because I’m making pie boxes to give away my pies in and they are SO COOL. so proud of myself. Prolly see it on Instagram later… Book club is today – the one and only appt I know I will keep.

    1. Ohhh, pie boxes. Okay. I will keep my eye out for an Instagram pic later. I feel productive while at work, but when I am home I have to do a lot to feel as if I have done anything useful. Visit my blog: Book Chatter


  2. You did say killer…and that’s ok…I just saw these teeny baby tacos…that had guacamole, salsa and a fab ” killer” grilled shrimp inside…one gorgeous grilled shrimp! I want to make those!

    1. You love your small bites, don’t you? I like the idea of small bites but when you eat 6 of them then you just one one taco. LOL. Visit my blog: Book Chatter


    1. ANY plans for the Superbowl has me excited right now. I think we are going to my MILs house. A bunch of people will be there. It will be fun.


  3. I sometimes read before leaving for work. It all depends on how late I already am. Since the break, I haven’t had a chance to read before work though. I haven’t heard about Never Fall Down, but Patricia McCormick’s books come very highly recommended.

  4. I love reading before work, but I enjoy it at home. As a not morning person, I do like to get up a little earlier to have a little ‘me’ time, which makes me hate mornings less. I love savoring my coffee with a good book (or The New Yorker) on the couch. Can’t wait to see what your book club picks for this year!

  5. My work day is 8-4 with an hour for lunch and I live about 7 miles from work.I can get there in 15 min but I’m always 5-10 minutes late it seems:( So I only read at lunch, but on occasion can listen to an audiobook when doing mindless work at my desk.

    Have a great weekend and you just reminded me I need to plan some Super Bowl eats:)

    1. My lunch reading depends on whether I can find a nice quiet reading spot or not. I usually try to use a training lab but sometimes it’s booked. Outside is too noisy with all the students around. Once, I read in the stairwell at my work! I felt like a fugitive. The library is too noisy with the talking zones. It’s a constant struggle. I miss having my own office.


  6. My daily routine does usually consist of reading in the morning- usually while I am exercising (airdyne bike, elliptical, or treadmill), but sometimes I get to work with good intentions of reading before I actually start my day. It seems that someone always needs my help on those days, though, so I can never plan on it.

    1. Sometimes I find that I am just not in the mood to read before work. Depends on how my morning is going, too. I just finished two books last night so today, I am starting a new one which is hard to do from work. It’s easier to read at work when you are already filly immersed in the story.


  7. I sometimes will listen to an audio book on my way to work in the mornings. It really depends on how I feel. If it’s completely dead at work, I occasionally can get in some reading time as well, but it’s rare. Most of my reading at work time comes during my lunch hour. I don’t have my own office, and so I have one I go to an empty office (occupied by someone who only works Friday through Sunday–my off days). It’s so nice to be able to shut myself away for the hour. Most people know where I am if they do need me, but fortunately, they respect my private time. They didn’t always, which is why I started going to the empty office in the first place. (It’s kind of funny how people still think I’m pumping, and if someone accidentally walks in without knocking, he or she is so embarrassed. LOL I have to reassure the person and point out I’m fully clothed. I haven’t pumped since Mouse turned one–so it’s been a couple years now.)

    No Superbowl for us. I have an irrational loathing for all things football, and my husband’s not really into it, so it will just be a regular weekend for us.

    1. I find the most obscure places to read. There is this stairwell by my office that no one ever uses. I sometimes go in there. I just want a quiet spot. The students around here are loud and they smoke too much. I have a char so that I sometimes will put under a tree when it’s nice, but then the squirrels attack me.


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