Doctor Sleep Read Along (The Wrap-Up!)

Doctor Sleep Read Along

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t been reading along with us, save this post for another day. There will be spoilers!

Before we started reading, we asked if you had any expectations for Doctor Sleep. Did you get what you were hoping for out of the book?

Unfortunately, no. I really wanted a continuation of Danny’s story and it was that, loosely but this story took on a life of its own and sort of went an entirely different way. It didn’t feel like a sequel and it lacked action. Seemed almost too safe at times which is not what I expect to feel when reading a King book. It was a bit of a snoozer towards the end and it seriously pains me to say that.

On a positive note, I do feel as if King had a firm grasp of Dan’s character but I can’t say the same for the other characters. Rose was just a shell of what she should have been and Abra ended up bugging the shit out of me at the end. Rose was comical in a way, and I don’t think that is how King intended her to come across. The hat and her little tirades were a bit much and I never felt her power or that she was a real threat to anyone.

Abra’s youthfulness got old after a while. She was a teenager by the end of the book and she was still acting like a small child. Didn’t feel believable. It’s harsh but I really didn’t care what happened to her.

I wanted more of Dan. His story was much more interesting to me.

Having finished the book, do you think having read The Shining is important for enjoying this one?

Doctor Sleep was technically the sequel to The Shining, but I don’t think you have to read The Shining to understand what is going on. Sure, it adds to the story but King does a good job of bringing a reader up-to-speed.

In one word, one phrase, one sentence, describe Doctor Sleep. 

Plodding. As with most unpleasant things in life, facing your fears and your wrongdoings can be a tedious task and it felt that way while reading. I felt as if I was along for the ride and at times, it seemed like too much. Not too much like it was way too intense, because it wasn’t, but too much like… get it over with already. I saw the ending long before I read it, so the last few chapters took forever for me to get through.

Anything else you feel like discussing about the end of the book? Or, about the book as a whole?

Oh man, I thought the ending was on the weak side. The blood-tie that was revealed was not a surprise at all. I saw it coming and hoped with all hope that it would go a different route but nope, it didn’t.

I felt that Rose’s demise was really, really played down. So much so that I missed it! I had to flip back to see how it happened. I mean, how could I have missed it the first time? I am not sure but I did and then when I did find it, I was like… meh. No wonder I missed it.

I thought it was nifty how Dan was able to use the contents of his lock boxes. I was wondering about them and it seemed fitting for him to use the boxes the way he did. Plus, it was a nice way to give him the closure that he needed.

Was anyone else sad to see Crow Daddy go so soon? I was really liking him. He seemed a lot more complex than Rose and more in line with what I’ve come to expect from King.

That’s all I have to say for now. My review is going to be interesting, to say the least. I hope to get it written soon.

10 thoughts on “Doctor Sleep Read Along (The Wrap-Up!)”

    1. It didn’t work out the way that I wanted it to, but as I have said before, a so-so book by King is still 100% better than some other books I’ve read. I’m still a huge fan and love the man to pieces! I’d read anything of his, even a menu written on the back of a napkin. So all was not lost.


  1. I know you weren’t in a good place while reading this book, so it is not completely surprising that these aspects annoyed you (I was in a good place and even then Rose got on my nerves). I thought 11/22/63 was perfection, but some of his books feel like he only has a general idea of where he is going with plot when he starts. Then he just lets his fingers and imagination go, and sometimes it feels haphazard and random. Like it felt like he said “Have to get back to the Overlook, have to create a threat to people that shine, have to create another protagonist besides Dan” and that was it. The True Knot was lame.

    1. I think he could have explored some aspects of the story more. I wanted to know more about the baseball kid and how the True Knot even came to be. I mean, if King was going to take us down that path, then I want something for it, you know? I think he could have dropped the whole True Knot story line and just had a field day with those lock boxes. But it’s King for pete’s sake! He feeds us the medicine and we slurp it up because we love him. I am okay with that.


  2. I think this book was more of a stand alone read than a sequel. You are much more familiar with King’s books and style of writing than I am. I didn’t see the connection between Dan and Abra early on although now that I think about it, it was foreshadowed. I read this book purely for enjoyment and excitement and didn’t analyze a lot. But I agree with you about Rose and the way her death and even the deaths of the other True Knot members went down. I expected more of a fight because the True Knot seemed stronger and smarter than the way they behaved. I was also surprised all of the “good” charcters were still alive by the end.

    I’m looking forward to your review!

    1. That’s true. I expected someone on the “good” side to die but the threat level never seemed high enough. I would have liked it if somehow that little baseball kid came back… in the shape of a ghostie or something. Abra was so fixated on him, I think it would have been interesting to see him come to her aid in the final chapter.


  3. Right on! Plodding. Safe. Rose’s end? Missed it, also. I was extremely disappointed in this. I was also extremely annoyed by Abra’s parents. They were so annoying and seemed overly naive to Abra’s abilities, especially when they had seen exactly how much she was capable of.

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