Doctor Sleep Read Along (Chapters 7-13)

Doctor Sleep Read Along

Spoiler Alert: No huge spoilers, but if you haven’t been reading along with us, save this post for another time.

In Part One we get to know Abra mostly through her parents or other adults. In Part Two, we got to know her much better. What do you think of this extraordinary girl?

I still feel as if Abra’s character is too young for her age. Wither her special talent, I expect her to be more mature and worldly. She is too juvenile to me and it’s bugging me. She borders on the annoying and I hate feeling that way about her.

Do you have any speculations on what the True Knot are? We know how they sustain themselves, and we’ve seen the way they die. They are not, as Abra calls them, “ghostie people,” but they aren’t really human either. 

I often feel as if certain people suck the life out of me and that is what the True Knot does. They are vampire-like, especially with Rose’s snaggly tooth but what they suck is not blood but your life essence. They differ from the Ghostie people because those folks were killed and never found their way to the other side. These guys prey on the life force of others. No different than corporate America (in my opinion).

Considering that Chapter Thirteen is one of the most intense in the book so far, did anyone actually stop reading here? Or could you not wait to race on ahead?

I am reading this on my Kindle and to be honest, I do not recall an especially intense chapter and with all that I have going on, I don’t have the energy to go back and see what it was about! Overall, the book is not intense. It’s quite mild by King’s standards so Chapter Thirteen did not jump out at me.

How is Doctor Sleep treating you so far? Is it keeping you awake at night? Are you excited to finish it and chat about the ending?

I finished the book, but I will save my final, final thoughts for the last read along post and my review (if I ever get it written). It has been a difficult book for me to finish. It lost steam (pun intended) towards the end and I had some trouble believing Rose and her power. I am very anxious to wrap this up though and move on to another book.

11 thoughts on “Doctor Sleep Read Along (Chapters 7-13)”

  1. I did not have that reaction to Abra, I liked her, and I liked her relationship with Danny. I think the biggest issue I had (and I talked about it before) was with The True Knot. The snaggle tooth, the big hat…I couldn’t take them seriously, even though they were pretty despicable. The entities that lived in the Overlook were much much scarier I thought.

    1. And as a true KNOT, I expected their power as a whole to be bigger and more menacing. They seemed so fragile from the get-go. Only being able to function on the steam, etc. Sort of like a bunch of hippies on acid.

      I did like Abra, but the age thing didn’t feel authentic to me. I would have almost preferred it if she were older, say in her 20’s. A little more jaded… not so innocent and wide-eyed. There was a little bit of that when she talked to Rose but it was a stretch for me.


  2. I am so bummed to hear that this book lost steam for you (very clever pun, by the way). I’m wondering … do you think that your reaction to the book could be related to what you have going on in your life right now? I have found that books that I tend to read during difficult times in my life, tend to be ones that I don’t enjoy. (Harry Potter is an exception since I tend to revert to those as a comfort read during particularly difficult times.)

    Either way, I can relate to people sucking the life out of me. GREAT analogy there! I didn’t even connect that one, but I think you hit that one spot on!

    1. I’ve had my feelings interfere with my reading before but I don’t think that was the case here. I think I just really wanted more of Dan and less Abra. I felt it should have been his story and it was sort of split between the two of them, and the blood tie seemed too convenient to me.

  3. I thought Abra was meant to be totally pure and innocent until the moment when she saw that evil exists (through the photos of the missing children in the paper). She needed to be 100% good at heart to be able to fight Rose. Otherwise, Rose would be able to worm her way inside her using guilt and shame the way she did with Dan. Sorry to hear you didn’t like the book that much!

    1. Interesting take on Abra’s innocence. I didn’t see Rose as much of a threat so I didn’t even explore that avenue in regards to Abra’s innocence.

      I know it seems like I didn’t like it at all but I did. I just wish the ending had a bit.more oomph.

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