The Sunday Salon: Heat Wave in Progress

Mama's Got a New Pair of Shoes

Here in SoCal, we’ve been lucky this summer. For weeks, the weather was so gorgeous, hovering right around 75 and breezy. Perfect, perfect weather for us here. But as soon as the kids went back to school, it hit 104 and today, before noon, it’s already past 90. Ugh. What that translates to is sluggishness. Who wants to go outside when it’s so blazing hot?

Other than that and mild disappointment over something at work, the week was okay. The kids are back to school, routines are in place and everyone is happy.

I’m happy too because I got my shoes! I’ve always wanted a pair of Converse or Vans. I haven’t worn them since high school and yesterday, with all the back to school shopping going on, I pushed my way through the crowds and found myself a pair. I love ’em.

And with school, comes busy stuff too so when The Boy went to the first dance of the school year and The Girl got invited to the Jonas Brother’s concert, The Hub and I had a nice dinner out. Cheered me up a little after the disappointment I experienced at work.

Sunday Salon

As for today?

What am I reading?

Truthfully, nothing has been read yet this weekend. But I have After Her by Joyce Maynard and I do plan to start it later today, after hitting the market (double ugh). Gosh, I hate going to the market. Maybe I should read Instructions for a Heat Wave instead, since we are having our own little heat wave right now.

What am I cooking?

I have no idea what to have tonight. Burgers on the grill? Blue cheese wedge salads? Corn? It does sound good, huh?

What am I watching?

There is a Charlie’s Angels marathon on right now. I loved that show and I am hoping The Girl likes it too. She is still weeding through the Three’s Company episodes that I recorded for her and we are having fun watching them but maybe she’ll watch Charlie’s Angels with me later. I think we may watch some 80’s movies tonight as I heard The Girl and Hub talking about it. It’s not the weekend if an 80’s movie is not playing somewhere in this house. I am such an 80’s girl.

What are you doing today?

25 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Heat Wave in Progress”

  1. That’s a good week end…I love the shoes…I want some, too but I want high tops…checking them out now…we are either cooking baked fried chicken with a tomato salad or…going out but I really don’t want to go out…plus we are having s’mores dip for dessert…gotta love those small pleasures! I am a distracted reader this week because of the house painting.

  2. Love the shoes! I am back in the routine, but my kids, sadly, are not. They have one more week of break so we are trying to work on going to bed earlier since their bed time is about killing me right now.
    I am headed to the store myself, even though I wish I didn’t have to. Such a way to waste time.
    Hope you have a great week!

  3. Our summer has been crazy – tons of rain and cooler temperatures. Someone said we’ve only had 5 days in the 90s. It’s been in the 60s since Friday. That is unheard of here this time of year.

    1. Last night, we had a weather alert for severe thunderstorms and the girl and I looked at each other because there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, but then bam…over the hills you could see it coming down. Very strange for our parts!


  4. Summer has been by turns very hot and humid here and then cool 70s and breezy and rain. Today is the cooler and rainy off and on. I am listening to the book club pick for this month, His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik, which is far outside my comfort zone.

    1. The quality of light here in SoCal feels like fall, but the warm temps tell me we have a few more weeks of summer to deal with.


  5. I lived in Converse shoes when I was in middle school just like yours, block low top but back then we had to buy them in the men’s department. Now I have a pair of pink and black high tops but I’d love to get some like yours if only just to relive my youth! Hope it cools off there soon!

    1. I like them just for kicking around in. I was on the fence because I like the classic Vans lace-ups too.


  6. You’ve inspired me to find an 80s movie for us to watch…after The Wife has woken up a little (she works midnight to 8 so is just getting up now). I keep forgetting that for her, it’s morning and she doesn’t like to be talked to right away. I hit the ground running normally. Ah, the quirks of married life. Anyhooo…love the shoes too. “Mama always said there’s an awful lot you can tell about a person by their shoes…”

    1. I wonder what the shoe choice says about me! LOL.

      When you mentioned The Breakfast Club, the Girl and I started spouting off classic lines from the movie. It’s funny because one of the kid shows on Nick did an episode based on BC and the girl knew what they were doing, only because she has seen the movie at least a dozen times already.


  7. The heat in Mississippi has been almost unbearable this summer…for us, the humidity makes it worse than the actual heat. You can’t even breathe very well outside much less try to do anything. The state is pushing back the start of the school year next year though because it is impossible to safely transport students on school buses in this heat. We also seem to experience more and more heat related illnesses and even deaths among students who practice/perform activities outside in the fall.

  8. Lately it has been 100% humidity here, and very hot. It’s hard to even breathe, let alone freaking EXERCISE. After a small run and yard work yesterday, I was destroyed. And I love your shoes! To me, you can’t miss with Converse. Old school, ya know. And our obsession, as you can see on my post today, is Breaking Bad. Best show I’ve ever seen, bar none. It is bad when I’m wishing for a hurricane (in which we keep our Internet and have no damage) so we can all stay home and binge-watch it.

  9. It’s been feeling like early fall here after a hot and humid June and July do it is to be enjoyed. Glad you are getting back to some routines with the kids in school and sorry about work:(

    Hope you have a nice week.

  10. Glad you and The Hub were able to find time for dinner together. We’ve been trying really hard to do that every week. Doesn’t always work out but when it does, it’s the best.

  11. We had beautiful weather here for our vacation week. Back to work today and the heat and humidity is back, too. School’s still out around here, so I’m going to try to fit in all the summer stuff I haven’t done yet. Last night we had homemade margaritas from scratch, so that’s done, at least! 😉

    1. Ohhh, I love a good margarita!

      I’ve admitted to myself that summer is over and now I feel better. It was more difficult trying to fight it in when no time existed to do anything fun. Now, I just have to make sure that fall is not a repeat 😉 I should start making my checklist now.


  12. Nice high-tops! Hope your heat wave breaks. I’m in Vancouver, BC on a trip and it feels pleasant here. Not hot or cold. Flee North!

    1. I was outvoted. They ended up watching Back to School with Rodney Dangerfield. It’s funny, but not one of my faves. I need to own Weird Science. That is what I was in the mood for.


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