The Sunday Salon: Disco Lives

What a weekend. The Boy had his stuff going on, that summer class from hell and the Quinceanera that he committed himself to. So, the rest of us took off for a concert at the park. This week’s band was a called Boogie Knights. Probably the most popular act of the summer series. Disco revival groups can never go wrong. Disco lives! There were thousands of people in attendance.

Concerts at the Park - Boogie Knights

The Girl had her watermelon. The only requirement for the night.

The Girl and her Watermelon

The Hub. He likes Disco.

The Hub and I

The Girl, dancing.

The Girl Dancing

The Band, as seen from the mosh pit. The sun was going down, which only allowed me to capture a silhouette, but can you check out the hair?

Boogie Knights

Here’s a short video clip! Pardon the shaky hand. I was dancing! That’s me yelling in the background and check out the end of the clip for some butt action. Not from me!

Sunday Salon

What am I reading?

I am not making too much progress with any of my reading this week. I am still reading The Curiosity. It started off strong but it’s petering out for me. I hope it picks up.

I have to start Bait, which came to me a little late for the tour I am on. Knowing how I have been with my reading lately, I am going to have to get to it this week if I want to get it read and reviewed before my tour date. But school starts this week for my kids so who knows what will happen?

What am I cooking?

Not sure yet. I have to hit the market as once again I have no food in the house! Maybe tacos?

What am I watching?

I want to see a silly movie. Maybe Funny Farm with Chevy Chase? I love that movie.

What do you have planned for today?

29 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Disco Lives”

  1. You’re looking at my plans…well, most of them. 🙂 Reading, and commenting on, Sunday Salon posts. Cool photos, especially the silhouettes. Mowing lawn and napping too, of course.

    I like the idea of tacos. Do it. 🙂 OMG, another photo of The Hub. This is a momentous occasion. Hello there, Mr. Reed. 🙂

    1. Bryan, I actually had TWO photos of the Hub but took one out thinking it would be overkill. LOL.  I did get taco fixings, I scrubbed the floor and did laundry. I may be able to nap today too!


  2. Gotta love Disco baby! And that wiggly singer, OMG. So freaking 70’s, even the hair. And I’m on the tour for Bait too, and I have not yet received the book. They are taking their chances if they think I can read and review a book very quickly. I am like molasses. And yes I vote for Funny Farm. I love that movie…have to watch it at least once a year. I always used to compared my office where I used to work to that movie. Like when we tried to hire someone, and they came in for an interview, everyone smiled and laughed and joked and ate donuts and pretended like we were totally normal. I would roll my eyes and say to my friends “it’s Funny Farm time”.

    1. Sandy, I told Lisa last week that Bait never came. They sent it again and that is how I got it this time. You might want to let her know.

    1. I hope the book picks up too. 

      As for the book you won, the tour coordinator told me to give it a few more days for your book to come in. If I don’t get an email from you saying that you got it by Tuesday, then I am going to ask them to send it again.


    1. No kidding! I’ve never seen so many happy people all in one place. Everyone, and I mean everyone was dancing. That group comes every year. They know how to work the crowd..

  3. I disdained disco during its first incarnation, but now that I’m old, I can definitely see the appeal, and we even took a hustle dance class. My husband and I are on vacation next week, so today we went to the Sunday-afternoon ballroom dancing that we can’t usually fit into our schedule. It was mostly seniors there, and the band didn’t play any hustle tunes. Am now thinking of sitting out in the yard with Summerland by Elin Hilderbrand. Trying to fit my summer reading in before the end of August!

  4. My reading has slowed down now that I’m back at school. UGH. And to make it worse, I left the book I had started, Blue Plate Special, at school for the weekend. So, I have started a few others that are fine, but having so many started makes it look like I’m not making progress on any of them.
    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Funny Farm, but I love Chevy Chase.

  5. I love that you have the outdoor concerts to attend, looks like so much fun. Thank you for sharing photos! People tend to share or not share, I love seeing peoples lives.

    I took at two hour naps mid afternoon… can you imagine? It was lovely but I bet I’m up all night now. HA

  6. Thanks Ti for giving me faith that disco lives. Can’t forget the ’70s, fun stuff! I just finished The Curiosity — it picks up towards the end. It could’ve been edited shorter/tighter and there were parts one had to suspend disbelief (and not just the premise) but other parts made it a decent summer yarn. cheers.
    ps. BTW since when is Loma Linda Hospital in San Diego (see page 53) no no…. I’m an inland empire brat

  7. Whooo hooo disco! Tell me that they played some awesome Abba songs? They’re the bestest 😀 I’m such a dork, ha ha. Love the pics! You and your hubby are the cutest!

    1. OMG!! They played Dancing Queen and it was just too darn funny to see all the forty-somethings (including myself!) dancing in the mosh pit. 


  8. I am really bummed that I didn’t get to any of our concerts in the park this summer! All of yours have sounded like so much fun, especially this one. I actually saw it advertised and thought about going.

    We’re off to Santa Monica for a few days to celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary

  9. Oh man — I love “Funny Farm”! It’s been forever since I’ve seen that! Might have to swing by my folks’ house and borrow it tonight.
    I am meeting our oldest daughter’s kindergarten teacher today and I feel like I did when I first started kindergarten: nervous!
    As for dinner, I discovered a scrumptious taco salad with homemade dressing on mel’s kitchen café, and I’m obsessed. So good! Making it again tonight 🙂
    Also giving away free pre-read copies of my first book this week and I couldn’t be more nervous! It’s a crazy day for sure!

    1. Oh, the first day of kindie is so special. I remember how nervous I was with my son. I worried that the onsite daycare
      would not come get him from class so when school let out, I parked my van, hid behind a tree and watched him make
      his way (escorted) across the playground. It was so funny because there were at least 5 other parents doing the
      same thing.

      My daughter? Some girls walks up to her, said HI and literally took her away from me! I was so sad. She never
      even turned to say goodbye. LOL.

      Good luck. Hope she has a great first day. Have fun sitting in those tiny chairs 😉

  10. I’m so jealous of your concerts in the park. Ours are nothing like it and leave a lot to be desired.

    I’m back in the blogging world (though I will admit I’ve trolled around and kept up with your blog and your world on facebook)

    1. So glad to hear from you! 

      Our concerts in the park are so much fun. There are food vendors too but we usually pack a picnic or pick up food on our way in. We always seen tons of people we know too, which makes it more fun. 


  11. We didn’t get to attend any of the local concert series in our area this summer. I always imagine how much fun it would be though . . . I hope they would be fun anyway. 🙂

    I hope Curiosity gets better for you. I just read a couple of novellas to tide me over until I can decide what to read next. Still not sure . . .

    I had a house full of company this past weekend and then was hit hard by the flu this week. I’m still not feeling great. Ugh. I’m hoping this passes soon. At least I didn’t catch Mouse’s pink eye . . .

    1. The kids started school this week so I have been totally distracted with both my reading and the blog. I just can’t get my act together these days. Usually I feel like that a couple of times a year but it’s happening more frequently. 

      I hope you feel better and YES, so glad you did not get pink eye! 


  12. Looks like you were having a great time….and I’m sad that The Curiosity is petering out — I was hoping that was going to be a good one given what you said in a previous post about it.

    1. I just finished writing my review of it. I think it posts tomorrow. The Curiosity really did not work for me which is too bad given its strong start/ 


  13. I know I’m so so late commenting on this post but I couldn’t resist telling you what a beautiful family you have. That girl of yours is just adorable!

    1. Thank you! The Boy opted not to go to that concert. He sure missed a fun one. As you can tell, the girl had a blast. 


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