The Sunday Salon: Winding Down (not really!)

Sunday Salon

In one sense, it has begun to slow down a bit in our house.

The Girl's Award

The Girl’s award ceremony is over. She received THREE awards and one of them was for writing! That made me very happy. She has one more week of school and then she is out for the summer.

Festival of the Arts 2013

The Girl’s honors chorus performance  (Festival of the Arts 2013) is over and done! She did great! They sang three songs and only had five days of practice. Whew!

Cal Science Center - Endeavour

We went to the California Science Center and finally saw Endeavour in all its glory. It’s a little smaller than I imagined and the temporary hangar is not very deep so really good photos were difficult to get with just my point and shoot.


I was especially awed by this view. This part of it seemed massive to me.

Bike Boy

The Boy also got to ride this bike. This is an alarming three stories high and he insisted on tipping it back and forth.

This week was nuts but it’s over and done with. Next week, I have to attend a meeting for summer school and it’s the week before production week so there will be a lot of prepping for that. The week I dread is production week itself. It’s very, very hard to keep it all straight as the schedules are different nearly every day, but I really do look forward to seeing the kids in the show. I do. I also look forward to working back stage again. It’s just a long, long week.

What am I reading?

I am reading Big Brother by Lionel Shriver, Life Itself by Roger Ebert, and I feel the need to pick-up something else. Not sure what.

What am I cooking?

I will be making Chicken Curry tonight with rice. Simple and yummy. Good leftovers too.

What am I watching?

We watched a lot of movies yesterday, The Lorax (VERY colorful and a little sad), You’ve Got Mail (The Girl loved it), and The Andromeda Strain. We are planning to watch Overboard later (silly Goldie Hawn movie but fun). I REALLY want to watch Jaws but we don’t own it.

That’s my weekend! What are you up to?

31 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Winding Down (not really!)”

  1. I love Overboard – totally reminds me of my childhood when I seemed to catch portions of it on cable constantly. I had my girls watch it a few years ago, too, and they liked it, although they complain now – “not another movie from the 80s!”

    1. I miss the summer vacations of my childhood. I can’t say I did much since my family never had any money, but as soon as school let out, my friends and I hit the community pool and spent hours at the library. That was my favorite time of the year. Now, it’s different but still good. Just different.

    1. Big Brother is proving to be a difficult read to put down, but because it’s like a train wreck. I cannot look away. Dysfunction all over the place.

  2. Busy busy bee! But it sounds like a good busy 😀

    Chicken curry sounds amazing, hope it was yummy!

  3. Read two books this weekend, though really one, but finished another. I hope to start a couple new ones this week. Watching Warm Bodies with hubby after watching Mama, which was freaky! Other than that, we had some time to grill out today and get the little one some outdoor time.

    1. I can’t believe that I forgot to mention the King book (Joyland). I am reading it too but so far, it’s a snoozer. Very tame.

    1. My kids have been in dozens of shows now but ever since the plague that hit us during Music Man last year, I am terrified of anyone getting sick that week. I am already on vitamin c as the hub, who was sick as a dog, took a sip of my drink and didn’t say anything until I had finished my drink. Is he nuts?? Did he not remember what happened to me last time? These autoimmune drugs make me susceptible to everything. I could have killed him.

  4. I don’t know if you have ever had the chance to visit the Kennedy Space Center down here in FL, but if you liked seeing the Endeavor, your minds would be blown. Hey! You need to come visit! I totally understand the busy-ness. My life has slowed down a tad because my son’s school is done, but now he is with ME 24/7 which adds a whole new element to my life. And of course the daughter is doing CC and summer school so there you go.

  5. Whew – what a week!! Hope things get a little quieter over the summer, but when my girls were that age it was just as busy… only with different activities.

    They had one of those bikes at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, too. The kids scared me to death with their ‘bravery’!

    1. I wanna say that the bike is foolproof and that you cannot tip it over but I wouldn’t want to test that! More alarming was the fact that we remembered to take his eyeglasses off but forgot the phone in the pocket, etc. I imagined it plummeting to its death three stories down.

  6. Lots of fun and great accomplishments going on in your household! Kudos and congrats to all. We still have two weeks left… I’m dragging. I just realized I have only 4 more school lunches to pack for my oldest. EVER. Yeah.. I’m a sucker. I pack my kids’ lunches instead of making them do it.. I think of it as quality control. 😉

    I love chicken curry.. make it quite often, switching up between 2-3 diff recipes. Yum. x

    1. My daughter buys lunch. They have a salad bar which she likes but you just reminded me that I have to pack lunches when she starts camp next week! I do not like to pack lunches!

  7. Overboard was one of my favorite movies as a kid! I am currently of mixed minds about Big Brother, but that is often the case while reading Shriver, and I usually end up loving the end product, if not always the journey.

    1. I am not that far into the Shriver book but I like it better than some of her others. Overboard. I can quote lines. That’s how many times I’ve seen it!! And my van’s nickname is Annie Goolahee. Don’t ask.

    1. It IS a fun movie!! If I do a read-along for A Separate Peace, I’ll let you know. It’s so short. Might not be long enough.

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