The Sunday Salon: Happy Easter!

The Girl w/Easter Eggs

Happy Easter! We attended Easter service last night, so today I am cooking up some ham, scalloped potatoes and fresh asparagus. Yum! I am trying a new recipe for the potatoes. You can check it out here.

Sunday Salon

The kids are off from school and things are beginning to relax a little from last week. Gosh, what a stressful week! So glad it’s behind us now.

A lot of you have sent me messages on Facebook letting me know that you’ve started The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle for #winditup2013.  Yay! Keep up the reading! We officially start on Monday so you are ahead of the game.

Okay, off I go to finish up a short story collection and then maybe watch a little TV. What are you up to today?

26 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Happy Easter!”

  1. I am so glad that some of the stress is gone and you have a lighter heart. Enjoy your day and your week! So trying those potatoes…I love anything with Gruyere cheese!

    1. The potatoes are in the oven now. They sure look good.

      How are you doing today? I know sometimes it’s a sad day for you. I hope not. I hope you are eating something yummy and enjoying a really good cocktail.

  2. I just took a nap after a yummy Easter brunch (lunch), we have squeezed a million limes and are headed for our friend’s house. Where we shall partake. Happy Easter to you all!

    1. Why so many limes?

      Brunch. I love brunch.

      We are just lounging around now. I will be stuffed later I’m sure.

      Happy Easter!

  3. Such a beautiful picture of the girl with those bright eggs! We just got back from Easter celebration #1 and tonight will be heading out for celebration #2 (what happens when both parents live within 20 minutes). Looking forward to Wind-up. I think I should have started it already but I’ve been doing more sewing than reading the past few days.

    Happy Easter Ti! The potato recipe sounds delicious!!

    1. Happy Easter! I’m sure your little girl is having a blast. It started to rain here so we are watching another Bond flick right now and just waiting for the food to come together.

  4. Happy Easter Ti! Great picture of the beautiful girl with the pretty eggs! We had spring break last week and have tomorrow off. We only have 9 more weeks until the school year ends so that is making us very happy!

    1. We have spring break this week and it’s raining today! It’s gloomy so we are watching movies and waiting for the food to be ready. Happy Easter!

  5. Happy Easter!

    My family and I did our celebrating yesterday, so today’s just a relaxing day to kick back and get ready for the coming work week. I think I actually enjoyed it more this way – got to enjoy my Easter festivities without having to worry about heading back to work the next day!

  6. I usually just pick up a ham from HoneyBaked Ham but ran out of time yesterday. Tried a new recipe today and it was not as good 😦 Asparagus with parmesan cheese, corn on the cob, sweet potato casserole and yeast rolls were delicious though 🙂 It’s raining today so we’ve been inside most of the afternoon…my nest is full though so all is well 🙂

    1. I tried a crock pot ham recipe today and it was fabulous and so much better than Honeybaked. Just mixed up some brown sugar, pure maple syrup and Dijon and poured it over the top. Cooked on low for 5 hours and then finished the sauce off with a little corn starch to thicken it up. The Boy ate 3 plates full. The Girl had 6 rolls so she had less 😉

  7. Happy Easter! We are having an entirely different meal for us this year (it’s the first time in over a decade that we are not entertaining). Menu: salad (for me), BBQ ribs (him), fresh asparagus and mushrooms on the grill. Glass of wine. Perfect!

    Hope you have a better week this week.

  8. We had a great Easter dinner with Anna and her family…so much great food…and wine. It was a good time, and the little girl was having such a blast with her Easter eggs and basket this morning and at their house…

  9. Sorry I’m late but I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I’m so glad that this week will be less stressful for you. That’s always a good thing!

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