The #winditup2013 Read-Along Begins Today!

Wind-Up Bird Read Along Button 2013

After weeks of waiting, April has finally arrived! That means that today is the first day of the #winditup2013 read-along! For those that signed up officially (over 70 readers) or for those that want to read quietly on your own, pull out your copy of The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and dig in.

Here is the schedule broken down, but please do not stress over it. Read it when it you can, and post comments here, or on Twitter and include the hashtag #winditup2013. That way, we can search for that hashtag and see all the Tweets pertaining to the book. Comments/Tweets are not required.

Here we go:

The Simple No-Fuss Reading Schedule:

April 1 – April 14: Book One (Approximately 172 pages)

April 15 – April 28: Book Two (Approximately 165 pages)

April 29 – May 12: Book Three (Approximately 266 pages)

It’s not too late to join us either! If you’d like more info, check out the full details HERE.

21 thoughts on “The #winditup2013 Read-Along Begins Today!”

  1. Yay!!! I’m so excited for this and have a bit of a head start. Figure I’ll browse blogs for 30 minutes at lunch and then read for the other 30. I might have calculated out that I only need to read 12 pages a day to keep up. (though hopefully I can manage AT LEAST that). 😛

    1. You are doing great!! I read some right before bed but I keep having to stop myself so I don’t get too far ahead. We are heading to Palm Springs soon but I’ll be on Twitter checking out the comments.

  2. Wow, I’ve just started reading the book and I’m more than a little surprised at how sexually explicit it is. I’ve never read Murakami before.

  3. I’ll be starting this week, probably Wednesday when I have a bit more time, but I’ll be reading a book a week because my ebook is due back April 20. I’ll try to save notes, though, for later discussions.

  4. I’ve got the book from the library and I’m starting it this morning! I’m going with print but I’ll be interested to hear opinions about the audio edition because I loved Kafka on the Shore on audio.

  5. Well I just remembered this readalong and don’t even have a copy of the book. I think I may just have to let it go by the wayside and read it some other time. The entire contents of our house is supposed to be arriving soon and I’m pretty sure the unpacking is going to keep me occupied for quite a while.

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