The Sunday Salon: Stuff and oh… The Oscars

Sunday Salon

It’s Sunday. I adore Sundays because they are usually slower paced and more relaxed and this Sunday is no exception. First off, it’s absolutely gorgeous outside!

My Yard

This is my back yard, looking out. The Otter Pup was in my hands so excuse the patio bit you see in the upper right corner. You also can’t tell from this picture how chilly it is or how windy. Those trees on the left were swaying but I guess I got them mid-sway. When I read outside, this is my view. Sigh. The Otter Pup wants to run around unsupervised but hawks have been seen flying off with rabbits when they are out so no…the Otter Pup has to stay with me. I think she is okay with this.

Right now I am inside, drinking coffee thinking about the day. Later, I plan to don yoga pants and sit in front of the tube with a big carton of Chinese food to watch the Oscars. It’s ALL I want to do today and I have been looking forward to it for a couple of weeks. Except, the Chinese place burned down! Yes! How can that happen? Didn’t they realize these plans were made weeks ago? We’ll be trying a different place tonight. Cross your fingers it’s good.

I will be reading too. I just gave up on Ashenden. I got through 25% of it on my Kindle and decided it’s just not working for me. Now I am reading a collection of stories titled This Cake is For the Party by Sarah Selecky. I am only on the first story but so it’s great and just what I need and want.

Did I mention that there will be cake baking later? I am going to bake a gluten-free cake to go along with the meal. I’ve used this Betty Crocker mix before and it’s really good, but bakes up a rather small cake, which is okay by me. I haven’t had cake since September. Yep, I am counting.

What are you doing today? Will you watch the Oscars? What about books? Are you reading any books that I need to know about? I think most everyone who follows Stephen King knew about Doctor Sleep coming out this September, but I don’t think a lot of people knew about this one, which comes out in June! With a title like Joyland and this tagline, “Who dares to enter the funhouse of fear?” it’s going to be a winner. On sale, June 4th! Summer read-along?

23 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Stuff and oh… The Oscars”

  1. Love your view! Too bad about Ashenden — I wanted to read it but haven’t had a free spot on my review queue yet. No Oscars for us tonight — I’ll probably be in bed early to read — finishing up The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow and starting something new, hopefully…

  2. I hope the new place is as good or maybe even better than the old place.

    Today, I’m doing laundry, hanging it on the dryer rack because the dryer broke and has been broken for a few weeks. Waiting on my husband to come home from work again today, but trying to finish up House Girl today while the little one is down for a nap.

    Had an awesome book club yesterday and my attempt at chocolate marshmallow brownies from the Six sisters’ stuff cookbook went better than I expected and everyone seemed to like them! šŸ™‚ That made my weekend.

  3. I’m readathoned out to be honest. šŸ™‚ Thanks (or no thanks) to people like you :P. Okay, now what other emoticon can I use in this comment. Hmmm. šŸ˜ I’ll have to think about that…as for the Oscars, yep, watching them, also Daytona 500, go, Danica, go. No reading today, maybe tomorrow, but don’t know yet.

  4. What a pretty spot to sit outside with a cuppa jo and a good book! The hawks are a little scary though. Fingers crossed on the new Chinese place – now I’m in the mood for Chinese too! Watching the oscars and Daytona too – Go Danica!!!

  5. It looks like it’s sunny and warm in your backyard. It is downright hot in my yard. I have the air on. I am looking forward to the Oscars tonight. Lots of great choices this year. Would be hard to pick.

  6. I love your Sundays! We are having mid afternoon baked tacos…and later on during the Oscars…ice cream…I am having butter pecan and salted caramel… We have to go up to our room because of the no TV situation! I am reading Scarlett and loving it! My day is peaceful if you tune out the hissing and the fact that my houses is a disaster. This week I am making meatloaf, black ean soup, chicken soup and cauliflower crusted pizza…I can’t wait to try that one!

  7. I am going to watch the Oscars too. My husband finally had the weekend off in a long time. I found this recipe for lemon sponge pie in one of my cookbooks. So I am going to make that today. I have made it before. So when I make something good and do it only once, my husband says it has gone to recipe heaven lol. I like to cook. I am reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman. It is really weird, but an interesting read. It is my first time reading a book by him.

  8. We are cold but gorgeous here too. Not a cloud in the sky and surprisingly very litle wind. I’m actually looking forward to the Oscars too, just because it feels like the first year where the winners are not a foregone conclusion and so many of the nominated movies are based on books. I didn’t make cake but I did make brownies for tonight. Enjoy your Chinese food! I hope it is as delicious as your original selection.

    1. We found out that the back-up Chinese place is actually owned by the same owner as the other place so it was great. Good to know there is a second location. 

  9. What a gorgeous view from your backyard! I love to read outside and with a view like that, I think it would be hard not too. Thta’s really scary about the hawks. I’m glad you’re keeping Otter Pup close and safe. Those are the kind of things I always wish I could get my animals to understand, you know what I mean?

    Your plans for tonight sound like a lot of fun. That really stinks about your Chinese place, I hope you find a good replacement. Enjoy the Oscars…any predictions?

    I’m going to look up the short story collection you’re reading. I’ve been enjoying short stories a lot lately. I DNF’d 2 books recently, something I almost never do…wonder if ther’s any significance to our DNFs?

    Is the cake recipe on the box or is it just a specific kind of BC mix?

    I like the title of Stephen King’s book, Joyland. A summer readalong of a Stephen Kink sounds fantastic. I’m definitely in (I do best if I plan well ahead of time!)
    Enjoy your night!

    1. The cake mix is a boxed mix made by Betty Crocker. They make GF products too now which are actually, really good. I just followed the recipe on the box and added some frosting. It was very good. 

  10. Sorry I’m late this week. Lack of motivation. I love your view. What a great thing to wake up to every day. Right now I’m about to start a new book having just finished listening to The Comfort of Lies which I enjoyed.

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