Movie Chat: Flight


I watch a lot of movies but I don’t watch current movies too often. To me, Flight is a current movie (if that tells you anything). I got it from Netflix and watched it last week. I’ve wanted to see it since it first came out. I love Denzel Washington. He is such a powerful actor and his Oscar nod this year certainly says something.

The opening of the movie is very gritty and dark but the crash scene was well done. Not quite as vivid as the crash scene in say Bohjalian’s The Night Strangers, but dramatic. Very dramatic.

Halfway through the movie, I realized just how dark it was. Yes, I knew that Denzel’s character had a drinking problem but I wasn’t aware that drugs played a role as well. I think I moved the laundry from the washing machine to the dryer at that point or I would have known this fact earlier. I don’t know about you but once drugs enter the picture, everything becomes desperate and I immediately hated Denzel’s character. The whole plot of the movie revolves around the fact that although Whip (Denzel) saved a lot of lives that day by landing a doomed plane, he did it while totally under the influence of drugs and alcohol. As you can imagine, the situation is not ideal.

Towards the end of the movie, Whip makes a terrible decision and his union friend and lawyer are forced to go along with it and that made me so mad! I almost turned it off at that point. The tone of the movie reminded me of another depressing movie, Leaving Las Vegas. But, in the end, I ending up liking it quite a bit. Denzel’s performance was impressive. John Goodman, as Whip’s drug dealing friend, has a small part but he plays it like a boss. Whip’s love interest is played by an actress I’ve never seen before (Kelly Reilly) but she was quite good and very beautiful in a non-traditional way. I actually looked her up to see what she’s done but didn’t recognize her previous films.

Kelly Reilly from Flight

Isn’t she striking?

If you managed to stay with me this long then you should know that I recommend the movie but make sure you don’t have your kids around.It’s not a movie for the whole family to see. There is some nudity, lots of profanity and of course, the drug aspect to consider.

Have you seen it?

19 thoughts on “Movie Chat: Flight”

  1. Since I have to fly I can not see this movie…reading about that crash in The Night Strangers about did me in!

    You are brave…very brave!

  2. Denzel is an amazing actor and I bet he knocked this one out of the park. I have yet to see it. Looks like I need to rent it soon. And that woman is striking – haven’t seen her before.

  3. I watched that a few weeks ago too. I thought it was very powerful. I got so angry at the part where you said you almost turned it off that I really need to watch it again now that I know what’s coming. It was one of the best movies I had watched in awhile.

  4. Good review. I liked it because of Washington ‘s amazing performance, and how it didn’t really present me with a story that was all that clear-cut in the first-place. You actually had to think about a lot here on what you consider right, and what you consider wrong.

    1. That part where Goodman comes to the rescue… it was so wrong but I wanted it to happen. I felt about “this” big for thinking it but who wouldn’t want a good ending for that situation. And then I thought, what’s good? I was constantly questioning my morals.

  5. I haven’t seen this one, but knew that it had to be darker than the movie trailers made it seem. Denzel has been taking on darker roles of late…and I’m sure he did a great job! I might watch this when the little one is in bed

  6. I have this in the Q, several movies down. I like Denzel, but not in everything. But I figure he was nominated, so…why not? Will definitely keep it on the list, and will shoo away the kids when we watch it.

  7. I had no idea what this movie was about, and now that I do, I am curious to see what I will feel about Whip when I do see this one, which is something I am planning on. It certainly does bring up some moral conundrums. Very balanced movie review today, Ti.

  8. Really enjoyed Denzel’s performance, if not the movie overall, but it still was good. It wasn’t my first choice to watch, but my wife wanted to see it, so I got it out from the library where I work. I’m glad I did.

    Oh and thank God, it wasn’t Leaving Las Vegas. That movie was as depressing as…all get out. Ugh.

  9. Yes, I think it’s recent enough. I don’t have Netflix, so I go to the theatres for current releases, and Flight is still on, albeit in its 17th week. I think the movie ends in a triumphal note. So in that sense, it’s not that depressing.

  10. I saw it! It was darker and slower than I expected but still good. Although I don’t think he’ll win the Oscar for it. I agree John Goodman did great in his role, lol!

  11. Yes, I recently saw it on pay per view. Denzel is good as usual. His character pissed me off too, what a skank! But I like the ending where he decides finally to fess up. Sometimes people must hit rock bottom before turning things around …

    1. Did you happen to notice that that is the clip they showed at the Oscars for his nominated category? They showed the freakin’ ending of the movie! SPOILER!!!

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