The Sunday Salon: Photos!

Sunday Salon

As you know, my kids were in a recent production of The Music Man. Some of you have asked for pics and although I am not allowed to snap pics backstage, I did manage to sneak a few in. Shhhh.

The Girl from River City

"Marcellus" & the River City Girl

Bakstage Pep Talk

Me and the Fam After the Show
Extended Family and Friends After the Show

We are a rag-tag group, are we not? No one in the Fam lets me take pictures so they are always rushed and everyone is always confused. Do I stand here? Am I supposed to be in this one? What are we doing right now? That last family pic has the following people in it, in case you are curious: (left to right) my one FIL, my nephew and his lovely wife, The Hub, The Girl, my MIL, The Boy, my other FIL, my SIL, my BIL, and two dear friends of the family.

Yep. Utter confusion. That is why we always look like an ant hill that just got stepped on. I REALLY wanted to get a photo of my daughter in her majorette costume but I was so sick at the time, it didn’t occur to me to try. The Boy also had so many different costumes that I never got to snap. Oh well!

Now for the Winter Formal pic. The ONLY pic I have because The Boy had a fever and he was not feeling well. You guessed it, he wouldn’t let me take any. All I have is this one professional pic taken at the dance.

Winter Formal 2013
They look great though, don’t they?

As for today, it’s gorgeous out and we are going to spend the day watching movies. I have Flight from Netflix and then we have been on a James Bond kick so we may watch one of those movies too. For dinner, possibly steaks on the grill. Maybe Carne Asada tacos. Haven’t decided but whatever it is, it will be grilled outdoors in this beautiful weather. Oh! I just remembered that The Girl has a birthday party right around dinner time. Hmmm. Will have to figure that one out.

Reading? I am reading Is This Tomorrow by Caroline Leavitt and I started The Adults by Alison Espach. What are you doing today?

33 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Photos!”

  1. I wish it were warm and nice outside here, but we’re in the midst of another cold snap. I love the photos you did get and all the family members that attend the shows…that shows how close-knit you are.

  2. Love all the photos…you and your husband are so blessed to have such two beautiful children.

    I’ll be interested to hear what you think of Flight. My wife wants to see it, but I really don’t know much about it. Also which James Bond?

    1. We watched Octopussy last night so today it will be Man With a Golden Gun. This discount store by us was selling them for $3 new! We got six including Craig’s Quantum.

  3. Good for your kids! And looking at the photos, I also know that your son was SO sick and he is still in there keeping a smile on his face. I have Flight on the Q a few movies down, so we will be getting that one before long. We have been on a Tarantino kick lately. It is freezing here today, so I am tempted to just stay inside and cook things.

  4. I am so jealous of your grilling talk. We got a bit of snow overnight and while its not as cold as it was it sure isn’t grilling weather. I love all the pictures. I can’t believe how the kids have grown over the past years Ti – they are both beautiful kids.

    1. I know. The one pic where he is standing next to me and the hub, really shows you how tall he is. My hub is 6’2″ and the Boy is 5’11”. I am 5’4″. Used to be taller. I shrunk!

  5. The pictures are fantastic! Your kids are growing up so fast! I can’t believe how tall your son is! Enjoy your lovely weather today. Here in Florida, it has turned cold again so I am holed up with my blanket and hot tea. Have a great week ahead Tina!

  6. Your daughter is beautiful and so cute, too and your son is both good-looking and tall! I was thrilled to see a phot of your extended family and find out who’s who, thanks! It’s awesome that they all come to support your son and daughter. Your FIL with the white hair looks like a funny (as in humorous not odd) man…is he?

    The pic of your son at his formal is great, he and the girl make a really attractive couple.

    Oooo, yummy dinner…..Enjoy!

    1. He can be funny, but mostly he is a character. Very likable. Friendly. Saw many shows thinking some other kids were mine so this time, I made sure he knew who to look at. Was easier because the Boy was on stage alot.

  7. Steaks on the grill? Beautiful weather? I think I might have to come over. It’s about 24 here, and windy. Next week, we might hit the 30s. Yippee skippy.

    The boy and his date look great together – they match!

  8. Love the photos! I enjoy getting to see bits of life but understand your family may not want a personality online. πŸ™‚ I hardly ever post pics of AWP or WT (even on fb). Thank you for sharing!

    I watched the first Bourne movie Saturday night. enjoyed it

    Hope you are feeling better this week.

    1. Mari, I am feeling a bit better everyday. There is still something going on with my lungs but it’s much better now. I figure in a week I should be good. 

  9. Love seeing the photos of your kids in costume and winter formal attire! We just had a weekend of dance competition and I forgot to get a photo of my daughter in her new solo costume! Duh

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