The Sunday Salon: Images of Fall

Sunday Salon

Southern California doesn’t get to see Fall too often. It took forever for cooler weather to kick in and then even then, one day would be cold and the following day would be eighty-five degrees. Yesterday, we had rain.

This was the view from my back patio yesterday:

This is a tree in the side yard. It’s just starting to change color:

This is a tree in the front yard. It’s on fire! It has never been this color before:

So as you can see, what little Fall we get, we get pretty excited about.

As for today, I am feeling blue. Went to the dentist yesterday and found out that I have to get a crown. There is also something wrong with my left eye. I have the week off but I decided to make today a “woe is me” day just so I can get it out of my system. I know there are others out there with much bigger problems but the eye thing is not allowing me to read so I’m sure you understand why it affects me. I have all this time to read, but can’t because of my stupid eye. It’s probably nothing. I take this one medication that sometimes causes my eyes to dry out if I don’t drink enough water so that’s probably what it is, but it bugs me nonetheless.

Anyway, I am off to tidy up the house and then maybe take a nap. Later, we’ll get a bite to eat and maybe, just maybe we’ll settle in to watch Prometheus. Did you see it? You think The Girl (9) can handle it?

31 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Images of Fall”

  1. The yard,the trees, especially the one in the front are lovely! What a color…so sad that you are blue…it happens…we go through it and hopefully feel better…tomorrow…double Ick to a crown…oh my!

    1. I am listening to Buddha in the Attic but it’s bugging me on audio. I am think I may have a migraine coming on because everything I look at hurts. I will flip through my iPod and see what else I have. I know I have tons of stuff to listen to.

  2. Sorry to hear your eyeball is giving you trouble. That’s the worst when you’ve got the time to read, but are physically unable. When you’re too sick to read, that’s a sad state indeed!

    Hope it clears up soon so you can enjoy your week off. Think of me while I am busy not having off all week. They give me the actual holiday, but other than that, this week is normal – but busier! =/

  3. Sorry to hear your feeling blue, sending you an ehug! I have a couple of crowns, the process is not that bad just expensive, so hopefully you have good insurance. Don’t forget to drink lots of water so hopefully your eye will get better and then you can read!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving too!

    1. I have a couple of crowns too. I just hate spending money on teeth. My insurance pays a good chunk of it but it’s still costly. The eye is better! I think I had a little sinus thing going on because my teeth were hurting too but after a day of rest, I feel almost 100% and was able to finish a book yesterday. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I hope your eye will recover soon so that you can get back to your reading. In the mean time, listening to audiobooks may be a viable alternative.

    By the time you read this, you may have finished watching Prometheus. I was just going to tell you that the violence is quite graphic… and, there’s a scene that may be too real (or maybe incomprehensible, so you’ll never know) for a 9 yr. old. But the best thing about watching movie at home is, you can always FF or skip that scene if you feel it’s too much for the kids.

  5. Ack, that sucks about your eye. I’ve had my eye issues over the years and it is just downright depressing. You are allowed to mope. And I’m getting to you late so it probably won’t matter what I say about Prometheus. But it does have some gross scenes that made me even cringe, like an emergency abortion of an alien baby, performed by a computer. Ugh.

  6. Your tree is gorgeous. Looks as if it’s on fire.
    Nothing worse than having trouble with eyes. I suffer from dry eye and floaters; drives me nuts. Get well soon.

    1. I deal with floaters too. The eye is better today. I think it was all due to a little sinus trouble. I am decongested (real word?) and vitamin c’d up and feeling human again.

  7. Love the one tree color change for fall! ha, embrace it 🙂

    So sorry to hear about your eye, I hope it’s better today.

    I am finally getting back into reading (finished three books last week!), for this I’m thankful.

    Are you cooking for Thanksgiving? I made bread yesterday and had a piece (just had to)… I don’t react like you do but oh my…. makes one realize why it’s important to just stay away! No worries, the bread is for AWP (who can’t come home for Thanksgiving) and I will be fine tomorrow. Good lesson as the holiday treats will be begging us to nibble right?

    1. My eye is better. I think I had a little sinus thing going on because right after I typed about it, my teeth and both eyes started to bug me. I took Sudafed and slept quite a bit yesterday and feel better today. Manage to finish a book and read a good chunk of The Twelve. BREAD. I am making rolls this year with that gluten free flour I bought (Cup 4 Cup). I am hoping to sink my teeth into a REAL roll this year. Have a good Thanksgiving!

  8. You’ve got a great view from your patio. I wish I had your weather for a while. We’ve got way too much snow already. I’m trying to get motivated enough to post some pictures this week.

    Sorry to hear about the eye. Anything that infringes on our reading isn’t good. Maybe some audio books for a bit would be a good idea until it feels better. And you know we all need a woe is me day once in a while – it helps to get it all out there sometimes. Hope your eye feels better quickly.

  9. Living in Florida, I hardly ever experience Fall either. So lemme tell you how jealous I am of that tree. Gorgeous orange and red flames. Today we dropped to 66 degrees and it looks like WINTER outside. Tomorrow, we go back up to the mid 70’s.

  10. Isn’t that the way that it always works out? Have time to read but can’t because of some annoying reason (like your eye hurting)? I hope that it feels better soon and I do think that everyone deserves a little tiny bit of “woe is me” in their week. I am working this week but am thrilled about the holiday traffic–wish it was this light every day.

    Every year we get more and more of a fall and more and more color in the trees. But still–we get pretty excited about it too. Your red tree is gorgeous!

    Hope you’re feeling better today. Wait–is it really Tuesday?!

    1. I feel better today! I actually finished a book and read some of The Twelve. I might do a little shopping. Not sure. I am cooking and preparing for our Thanksgiving in PJs and cannot wait for the day. Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  11. Fall is my favorite time of year and most especially when the leaves turn! You need to come to Michigan and head up north because the colors are glorious!! Hope your crown is painless and you find out what’s up with your eye!!

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