Plans? Who needs ’em?

I had planned to take the day off to dive into this book:

The Twelve

Things don’t always work out the way you want them to. Work has been very, very busy. I am working on a huge project and although this project has been delayed and pushed back numerous times. it’s hit full-force and now I just can’t wait to be done with it. It’s the reason why my commenting has slowed to a crawl. It’s the reason for the additional gray hairs I’ve seen in the mirror, and let’s face it…it’s the reason for the 7 lbs I seem to have gained from shoving lunch into my face while sitting at my desk.

However, I’ve got the book on my Kindle and although I can’t take the day off to enjoy it the way others will be enjoying it today, it will be a welcome break to sit down to it at lunch. Yes, outside and not at my desk. Promise.

I’ve also got lots of reviews to write, a birthday party for The Girl this weekend, an out-of-town cross-country meet for The Boy this weekend and recently he told me he joined the Men’s Chamber Choir. So glad that he is joining in but it’s a lot. I hope he can handle it with the show and ASB and all the other stuff he’s got going. I hope I can stay sane.

On that note, I’ve been in the mood for horror movies lately. A nice distraction from the horrors here at work, maybe? You’d think I’d want something warm and fuzzy after reading American Psycho but no… I seem to want the horror to continue so this past weekend, Facebook friends recommended movies and I watched Session 9. It was creepy! It has Josh Lucas in it. Need I say more?

Are you reading The Twelve right now? Have you seen any good horror movies lately?

42 thoughts on “Plans? Who needs ’em?”

    1. I was going to reread the Passage first but there is no time for that. I trust that Cronin will give us enough from the first novel to bring it all back for us.

  1. I just got myself deep into The Passage in preparation for this one, and it’s soooo good! I can’t wait to see what you think about it! And take it easy, maybe go get some tea and take a little walk. You need to take care of you too, you know? Be well over there!

    1. Thanks Heather. I just feel so blah. Since I quit that class, I lost my gym membership and although someone gave us a NordicTrack, it’s boring to me. Walking goes by the way side when I am busy so the 7 lbs on top of my already puffy body is making me negative and grouchy. I am drinking green smoothies for at least once meal all this week just to get my body back on track. Gluten free is good, but you can gain weight easily since you feel so deprived, so often.

    1. Work has been somewhat unpleasant in more ways than one, but I try not to bring it home with me. I am pretty good about that. I just need to get away from my desk more.

  2. OMG…I have a hard time with horror movies…I have never even herd of Session 9…

    I can’t wait for your life to slow down!

  3. THE LIBRARY DOESN’T EVEN HAVE THE AUDIO YET!!!! But I keep checking. And yes, I will check again when I’m done here. So. No scary movies lately, although Paranormal Activity 4 is out this weekend! YES! Emma and I are going to have to see it. And I just finished the book “The House Next Door” and it scared me silly. So that counts. I feel like you and I are living parallel lives. Reviews not written, birthdays to plan, cross country (and football) to support. I am so ready for Thanksgiving break.

    1. The project is year-long, but the worst of it should be over by Dec. 14th. It’s an implementation project involving the conversion of all the campus web pages and the testing and training that goes along with a new application.

  4. Can’t wait to hear your thought on The Twelve — enjoy

    BTW, when I’m stressed at least on weekends “I clean”, but my house is messy so my stree is fine:)

    Hope things go well for you.

  5. I hear you on the crazy busy…fall semester always slays me. I am very much not a fan of horror myself, but have you ever read Stephen King’s article “Why We Crave Horror Movies”? It’s interesting…I just discussed it with one of my classes yesterday, actually.

    1. I just Googled and printed out the article. I agree with the first line. I will read the rest later but it does sound very interesting. I like horror movies once in a while because I like to see how people cave or survive under pressure. Many horror movies do not play that out well but some do. Thanks for letting me know about the article.

      1. The way he describes our common insanity, to me, seems like degrees of irrationality…and then, I suppose, at some point the irrationality gets to a socially problematic level that we call insane. Probably/maybe a psychologist would say something different though, who knows…I do like his idea about the anti-civilization emotions, although I’m not sure if those need to be let out or maybe re-directed/changed somehow. I think we can see entertainment focusing on anti-civilization emotions in other ways too, like some of the talk shows and reality shows and Mardis Gras (sort of a social energy safety valve…let people get all the things out that they can’t normally do while remaining acceptable members of society). As for horror, though, of all people, I’m pretty sure Stephen King knows his stuff! =)

  6. We just discussed the Why We Crave Horror Movies article by Stephen King as well…it led us into a discussion of all the horror series that began when I was growing up (Halloween, Friday the 13th etc. and led into the stuff today’s kids watch (Saw, Paranormal Activity). A very cool discussion and I even discussed my wimping out on It :p
    Just today I may the comment at work that I don’t see how we have time to teach…and that maybe we should just suspend classes until all the other projects and activities are done 😦 I’m trying to have a more positive attitude about it but it gets more and more difficult by the day.

    1. I can’t even imagine having to keep it together for a class on a regular basis. I used to teach professional development and it was hard to keep up for just those 3-4 classes a month! I can’t imagine doing it every day. I haven’t finished the King article yet. I didn’t have time to read it at lunch because I plunked myself down with The Twelve. BUT, I just love horror movies but only certain ones. I love all the ones from the 80s just because I grew up with them. They are stupid as all get out but it’s the memory aspect. Going with your friends and then shrieking every time someone jumped out. Fun times. I wish they’d convert Prom Night for instant view (the Jamie Lee Curtis version).

  7. Cut yourself some slack; sounds like a lot on the platter there now. Enjoy the horror! I’ve never heard of Session 9, but I’ve seen District 9, pretty decent sci fi. I won’t go near Twelve for a while b/c I need to read Passage first. Quite behind too.

    1. Session 9 was actually pretty good but they made it look supernatural and it’s not. Good, creepy mental hospital scenes though.

      District 9 was hard to watch with the aliens exploding out here and there. Love me a good alien movie though.

  8. I am so looking forward to The Twelve! I started a reread in audio of the Passage so I could dive right into The Twelve, but I’m facing a ton of deadlines right now too, so I don’t know if I’ll finish my reread any time soon and I’m just so tempted to dive right into The Twelve. Remember to take care of yourself throughout this busy work period!

    1. The beginning of Twelve is all summary of book one. Nice refresher. I feel all caught up. I read book one so long ago but I think I am ok.

  9. I saw Session 9 on Netflix and will have to watch it now with your recommendation. I’ve tried a few on there and they’ve completely bombed. Also, I DVRd American Psycho. A little nervous about watching that one after reading the book…

  10. Looking forward to hearing what you think of this one. We had a review copy in the break room at the store, it is still there. This copy came unsolicited to our store. Hm

  11. I have not broken down and bought this one yet. I LOVE scary movies!!! I haven’t heard of Session 9 so I am going to check it out on Netflix right away. Also excited for American Horror Story to start tonight.

  12. I still have my bookmark sitting in the middle of The Passage. I don’t know why I didn’t finish it yet – probably because it was huge. I hope The Twelve lives up to the hype, I will be hoping to go back and finish The Passage some time.

  13. I am about 125 pages in and love it! I’m so glad Cronin is explaining the part that occurred directly after the aftermath. The Passage, while such a good book, was a jarring jump when it leaped to 80 some years later. I wanted to know what happened right after! Can’t put it down.

  14. My husband was upset The Twelve came out on the second day of our vacation, instead of the first, when we had many, many airport and airplane hours to read! I’m holding off on the series until right before the third one comes out. I love the decadence of a reading vacation on publication day, but I haven’t managed one in quite some time. Hope you find time to enjoy the book as you can:-)

  15. I remember those days of reading while taking a lunch break. I haven’t been able to take one of those in about three weeks, since we lost a member of our team to another department. I’m her back-up until we fill the position, which probably won’t be for another three weeks or so. I hear you on the weight gain and lack of reading because of it too. It sucks. I hope your project ends soon so you can go back and enjoy lunchtime reading!!

    1. Thank you! I had some time at lunch yesterday but couldn’t shut my brain off from work. Next week should be a little better, but this is a one-year implementation so after the holidays the worst of it should be over.

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