The Sunday Salon: Recovery

Sunday Salon

Today is a day of recovery for me. I am recovering from two things:

  • My neighbor’s ridiculous party
  • American Psycho

The party started very early Saturday afternoon and went on until about midnight. It consisted of very, VERY loud music. So loud that my windows felt close to shattering at one point. Plus, the music was just horrible. The playlist caused me considerable pain. If you are going to go to the trouble of hiring a DJ, play some decent music. I seriously don’t know how the older members of the family ate their dinner next to those speakers. They probably had to turn off their hearing aids or something.

I really needed a nice, quiet Saturday too because I had just been to a birthday party AND I was trying to wipe the images from American Psycho out of my brain. That book is seriously twisted! So twisted, that when I stuffed garlic cloves into my roast for this evening’s dinner, I imagined stuffing them into a body instead. How disturbing is THAT?

Well, I didn’t get a relaxing Saturday and I spent most of today running errands but I am home now. I’m not sure I can read. I mean, what does a person read after such a disturbing book? Everything seems trivial to me. I am thinking I may try to take a nap instead.

On a happier note, I received a letter from Care and it put a huge smile on my face! She’s on a mission to write seven letters a week and this week, I was one of the lucky recipients. I love to chat with bloggers online but whenever I get mail from one of them, it’s like visiting with an old friend. Thank you Care!

My kids have Fall break this week, but the Hub and I do not so it’s really not like a break at all. Plus, it is 105 right now and is expected to be hot all week long. It just doesn’t feel like Fall to me when it’s so darn hot. I don’t know how much more of this we can take. The hillsides are brown and crisp. Truly, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Okay, I am about to go off and do something (anything) to scrub my brain of American Psycho. That is going to be an interesting review. Maybe I should write it quickly so I can put it out of my head for good? Yes, I think so.

35 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Recovery”

  1. For some reason that movie has been running on HBO all week…it is weird and freaky no matter what form it is in!

    I think you should nap…rest…regroup…maybe watch a Dsney movie…have a glass of milk…have some gluten free cookies…take a nice long bath?

    1. I could not read at all this weekend but I picked up a book this morning and slowly, slowly I am ridding myself of American Psycho. However, I just started to write-up the review so it’s all coming back to me.

  2. my neighbors consistently have loud parties with tons of people that go on forever….and we have to get up at 5:30 on weekends for work! i get its their house, yard whatever but its just obnoxious…just like your windows about to shatter!! i feel your pain
    looking forward toyour review…don’t know why…im sure it will be gruesome!

    1. These neighbors have never had a party before and usually whenever someone on the block does, all of our neighbors go door to door to let everyone know when it will end, etc. This guy is fairly new and I don’t think he knew enough to do it. He did turn it down a little around 10pm but it went on until midnight, or…I passed out from Nyquil by then. Noise is just unpleasant when you’ve had a crappy week at work and just want to veg out.

  3. I watched the movie so I can only imagine the images that are playing through your head right now. Those neighbors don’t sound so great! That would truly annoy me so much to have to listen to their music and (bad choices at that) try to enjoy my day outside!!! Hope that you’re able to get that nap in and rejuvenate for the week!!

  4. I’ve seen the movie “American Psycho” and it was certainly disturbing but I thought I could handle it. After reading Care and your tweets, I don’t think I could. Glad I was too busy to read it. Nightmares I don’t need!

    1. You got through the movie of American Psycho okay? I heard they took 18 seconds off to change it from NC-17 to R. I can deal with violence but twisted violence is not something I can stomach easily.

    1. We started school mid-August so we’ve been in for a little while but yes, we have Fall break. I normally take it off but this year I am taking the 1st week of January instead.

  5. I am still trying to wash my brain from AP and I’m only 1/3 the way through. I find it especially creepy when he says: I’m gonna do x,y, and z to the person when they obviously can’t hear him.

    Also, as far as the writing goes? Fantastic work with dialogue (which is often a hit or miss with writers, dontcha think?) I mean…those scenes when Bateman is with his boys and they’re all talking over each other. I truly feel like I’m there observing it.

  6. Such a great book, Ti! I absolutely loved it. Yes, it is incredibly disturbing, but I found the writing to be so good. And the film version of it was fantastic! Christian Bale was Patrick Bateman! Anyhow, I’d be creeped out, too, if I was imagining a body being stuffed instead of a roast. As for that party – ugh! They should have been cited for noise pollution if they can’t play the right tunes to jam out to – what a pity. Wow, Fall break already – your kids are lucky! Seems so soon, though. Too bad we didn’t all get a Fall break 🙂 And that is so cool about the letter you received! I used to have a pen pal for close to a decade and loved it. Enjoy your week – hopefully that hot weather will start to fade away!

    1. Had it not been for the twisted sex scenes and sexually explicit killings, I think I would have thought the book brilliant. I’m still not sure how I really feel about it. I just know that I am in a funk right now.

  7. I’ve never read AP but from the garlic-in-body description of your post, I think it’s better suited for Anthony. Sorry about the ‘fab’ music at the party–kids these days don’t know what good music is. (Gee, do I sound like a crotchety old lady, or what???)

  8. This is why Pat should be the winner! He’s beyond awful!

    Sounds like your neighbors need to be neighbors of our neighbors…who party on the roof at 7am and then hide from the cops. So classy.

  9. Laughing so hard right now with the garlic stuffing!

    That is how AP was for me, it got under my skin in some wacky ways. Hannibal Lecter is scary, but he is a one-off, there is no one else quite like him. Bateman is at heart OCD (among other things) so between the character and the way Ellis crafted the writing, it freakier because chances are, we all know someone with OCD and that is unsettling to say the least.

    1. I love how you compared the two. Bateman is chilling and disturbing because he can be utterly violent and twisted one second, and a second later he is back to his OCD self, talking about music or something really mundane like ties. His brain seems to misfire at an alarming rate. Predictable, because you know he is going to lose it, but HOW he loses it is not all thatpredictable.

  10. Now I’m kind of regretting accepting Fizzy Jill’s offer of American Psycho. Seems like a book that sticks with you .. and not in a good way.

    I HATE loud parties that feature bad music. nothing worse!

  11. 105 this week? For me, the temp. is 1C as I type. Anyway, we do live in different worlds, all the more precious to be connected in the blogosphere. Just curious what you could have done about your neighbors loud party. Calling the cops too anti-social I suppose.

    1. There are regs regarding noise pollution. After 10pm, the cops can ticket you but if they show any consideration at all, like sharing fyi flyers beforehand or turning it down after hours, most people will let it slide. These guys turned it down at 10 a tiny bit, but it irked me since they were so loud for so long.

  12. After hearing y’all chatting American Psycho up on twitter I’m honestly not sure I’m up for the task. Might stick to wimpy Hannibal this time around. I do have an extra credit but yikes!

    Hope you get some cool weather relief! We are finally out of the 90s in Dallas but just checked the weather and this weekend we’re forecasted to be in the 50s and 60s (though this week and next week will be in the 80s). Not sure why we can’t have the good weather on the weekends when I’m NOT at work!

  13. I think I’d be too freaked to read American Psycho! My mom tells me it’s 109 in Redlands (yikes)! Sorry for your umpteenth heat wave. We were having 70s here but today woke up to snowflakes! I kid you not. That party you attended sounded way too loud & long. painful.

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