The Sunday Salon: A Beautiful, Lazy Day

Sunday Salon

Today, is just gorgeous. Nothing planned. No running around.  I started the day off with a cup of cinnamon coffee and took the Otter Pup for a walk. It’s already warm out, but it’s cool and comfortable inside and that’s where I plan to spend the day. I am reading With My Body, IT and The Dog Stars. All three books are very different but perfect for reading all at once.

IT Along

I’ve read IT before, but the desperate (yet highly creative pleading) of the read-along hosts eventually wore me down. The book never scared me. I know a lot of you won’t read it because the thought of a killer clown beckoning to you from a sewer gutter is almost too much to comprehend, but it’s really good writing and I thought the movie was much scarier. That’s me, though.

Well, I am off to start my lazy day. Hope you all have good Sundays!

27 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: A Beautiful, Lazy Day”

  1. I am not having a relaxing Sunday, so blah! I’m amazed I’ve been given this time to see how many blogs I can read before the hubby and son get back home and I’m off again. I really want to float in my pool. Maybe later. I read IT when I was in college I think, and it scared me but even more it just gripped me and intrigued me. Dude can really write a great story. The movie was scary for awhile, but the ending was really lame. I just don’t know if there was any way for them to effectively do that end.

  2. So how come you get an unplanned day that seems to stay that way and my unplanned day consists of taking 2 11-year olds to the beach art show, Michael’s craft store, lunch, and tye-dying shirts. And, it’s only 1:00pm! Hmmm. Maybe that’s why I am not getting much reading done these days 🙂

  3. I joined the #ITalong as well and can’t wait! I started to read it when I was a teenager twenty years ago and never finished it, but not because I didn’t like it. So I’m excited that this is finally my opportunity to read it! Cannot wait and while I think Stephen King’s writing is phenomenal, I do hope that it does scare me a wee bit. I love it! 🙂

  4. I still haven’t finished The Stand…as much as I love ReadAlongs, I always, always, always get behind 😦 I want to read It with ya’ll as long as I don’t have to look at too many crazy clown pics, but I guess I’ll probably bow out if I haven’t finished The Stand by Sept. 1 :p
    Enjoy your day…I think we all need a day or two now and again to just chill. 🙂

    1. The ITAlong hosts were posting clown pics but I think that was to entice us in some way to join. I think they are done for now. I can see why you wouldn’t want to read IT while reading The Stand but they are totally different books. You could probably put The Stand down and pick it right up again if you had to.

  5. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on The Dog Stars, I’m reading it too and – it’s getting rave reviews but I’m feeling no love at all so far. I’ve been ‘reading’ it for a while now, I keep putting it down, there are so many other books I’d rather be reading.

    1. You are the fourth person to have said this! I am just a few pages in so it’s too early for me to tell but I hope it’s not totally out there. I didn’t care for Shine Shine Shine which I review tomorrow. It was a bit weird for me. I would hate to read another strange one after that one.

  6. Are you enjoying with my body? I started reading this in June and put it down… only because I didn’t want to travel with real books. I need to pick it up again. I have two more netgalleys… then I may be done with that for a while. I have so many real books to read.

    I had the best Sunday… relaxing, running errands. spending most of the day on the deck. I hope you had a great lazy day!

    1. I saw that you managed to spend some time with friends. Looked like fun! I am liking With My Body, although it’s certainly not an upbeat read.

    1. I just started Dog Stars so I am unsure what I think right now, but I hope it’s not like Shine Shine Shine (which I review tomorrow) because that was a really strange read. Two strange reads in a row won’t work for me.

  7. The thought of a clown doing anything scares me, but I did join the readalong, which typically, I wouldn’t as I am really bad at getting through them. I am glad your day started off well over there! I hope it continues to go well!

  8. That is probably one of the best readalong buttons EVER but I’m still not joining in. I’ve not recovered from my first reading. Stephen King ROCKS!

  9. “It” is one Stephen King book I never read, even when I was devouring King’s books. It’s not that I’m afraid of a killer clown but for some reason, even given that I was totally sucked in by the idea of a rabid dog terrorizing a woman in her car for days in Cujo, I could never get over the silliness of the clown in the sewer.

    1. I don’t really focus too much on the clown. I just think of childhood fears in general and how they have the ability to level you if you let them. I think I like IT so much because it’s the whole “coming of age” thing that’s appealing. Seeing how these kids were affected and then seeing them as adults when they return to fight it again.

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