The Sunday Salon: Back to School

Sunday Salon

How has your weekend been? It’s been really hot here. Well over 110 degrees which is WAY too hot for this gal. I get crabby. I can’t believe The Boy can run in this weather but the cross country team does not stop for anything. I’d pass out for sure!

Speaking of passing out, wish me luck because I return to my workouts tomorrow. I took a break because of the hand injury and the devil drugs the doc gave me but I stopped taking them and feel more like myself. The hand is still not right but without the drugs, I feel like I’m human again.

My kids start school this Thursday. I am so not ready for the whole homework routine. It’s their homework, but you get looped into it. Helping or nagging them to do it. One way or the other, you end up losing you mind and becoming a crazy person. I am crossing my fingers that The Girl gets the teacher she wants because the drama that will follow if she doesn’t, will not be pretty. The Boy is starting high school and his schedule looks good. Hopefully, his teachers will be good too.

Today I had to run a few errands but I am back at home and about to finish a book for a book tour. I have to tell you, I went into this book hoping for the best and it was pretty darn good. I love it when a book surprises you in a good way. I will take some time later tonight to figure out my next read. I have some books on my Kindle that need some attention.

Later, I am going to whip up a batch of queso dip and munch on tortilla chips while I prepare tacos. I have a fierce taco craving that must be satisfied. Crispy shells, seasoned meat, cheese and fresh vegetables! Oh, and the closing ceremonies are tonight too so we’ll be gathering around the TV for that.

Have a fantastic rest of the day!

30 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Back to School”

  1. I didn’t mind homework when it was meaningful, but so much of it was not. Once Vance reached high school, I quit the nagging. I figured I wouldn’t be there when he was in college, so he needed to learn to handle it.

    1. You are right. I hope he stays on top of it.

      What I dread are the reading logs in K-12. My daughter was a natural reader and now she hates it because of those one paragraph reading logs.

  2. The homework nagging ended a couple of years ago with my daughter, but my son? Disaster. OMG. We have bad heat here too, and will continue until we are about to jump off the roof (October-ish). Emma’s CC runs at 5:30 in the morning (wonder who has to bring her, hmmm?) so it isn’t so bad then. Good luck on the working out…it is hard to get back into the swing of things but ultimately you will feel better!

    1. Over the summer, they alternate between 7am and 7pm runs and the 7pm runs are horrible. Even at that hour it’s been 105 or so. The gym today was okay. I don’t feel particularly good for going, but I went.

    1. That’s it. The activities and the play rehearsals will start soon too. It’s great having a kid in a student leadership role, but there is always something going on that we have to dropped him off for or pick him up from. It’s hard to juggle healthy meals and even showers! Seriously!

  3. It’s always good when you feel good!
    And what could be better than taco night!
    I hope the book you jst finished is So L. A….

  4. We have a little less than a month before the first day of school…I’m getting geared up for Marc’s Senior year…I can’t believe my baby is almost done with high school!! I hope that the hand is at least feeling better????

    Enjoy the tacos…I’m watching them get ready to extinguish the Olympic Flame right now!!

    1. Senior year should be fun for you! Lots of stuff but fun stuff. Enjoy it! Was it me, or was that closing ceremony a bit nightmarish? I enjoyed the individual performances but the staging and the theatrical element were like being on a bad acid trip.

  5. Oh lord am I glad to be done with school! Well, I suppose I’ll still be watching over Miss H once her classes start in September but the boys are on their own for studies. I hated, hated, hated having to make sure every one had lunch money, everyone was out the door on time, everyone did their homework. Good luck with all of that!

    1. All the prep work drives me crazy. I can spend an entire evening laying out clothes and packing stuff for the next day. The Girl buys lunch and so does the boy once school starts so I can skip the lunch duty beginning this Thursday.

    1. The one thing that bugs me the most is the Toastmaster’s speech!! I hate it! She did it last year and will do it all through 4th and 5th too. They write it in class but come on, last year she brought home TEN pages of speech and was told to cut off 5 minutes. This took forever and then of course, she had already memorized part of the full speech so when we cut it down, it really threw her off. She ended up having to use her cards which made her lose several points.

  6. I also hope that the girl gets the teacher that she wants, otherwise, it might be hard on you. And 110? That’s just insane! I wouldn’t want to be out there in that kind of weather! Your son must be a particularly tough young man. Glad to hear that the hand is getting better, and that you are off the awful meds. I will be thinking of you this week!

    1. Our school let all of their 4th grade teachers go at the end of the school year. They happened to be the newest ones and they had to let four go so it ended up being them. So we really don’t know who will be teaching 4th this year. I heard that one teacher planned to teach a 4/5 split and I LOVED her when she taught my son, so I am hoping for her but my daughter is not split material. She is easily distracted and not really able to work independently for long. I am crossing my fingers for someone good.

  7. Though I dont have kids, I hear you about the homework dread; sounds like not a fun, constant chore, ugh! Glad I missed the heat wave there. I got to take a few swims in the Ocean which cooled me off. Good luck with the start of the kids’ school; hope it’s fun instead of drama

  8. I hate to see summer end…I am with you dreading the back to school nagging to do homework. My son is in his last year of middle school so I am hoping that he will transition to more independence. Some kids need more structure and help with organization but it can drive us parents batty 🙂 Hope that your daughter gets the teacher she wants but that stinks that they got rid of a whole grade of teachers….makes no sense to me. They must have had to do some kind of shuffle with the teachers that were in other grades. Good luck to your son in high school! I really hope that you get some answers about your hand and you can get another opinion. If it’s nerve damage you don’t want to wait too long.

    1. Exactly. They let them go for budget reasons so that means the other teachers will have to carry the weight of their absence. Good luck to your son! My son did better in his last year of middle school but was a mess the first year. I think it finally clicked so I am hoping it will with yours too.

  9. The Boy has to run in 100+? I hope it’s not humid out there…

    How is your hand? As I type this, my right hand feels about ten degrees colder than my left (it’s a strange feeling). I did just post a funny moment to fb… I thought it was funny… 🙂

    I LOVE mexican food. Wish I lived close enough to join you!

    Hope your workout was worth it – have a wonderful week.

    1. I think I might make an acupuncture appt. I can bring my fingers together now but they are still numb. Maybe some Asian medicine might move it along.

  10. I’ve been thinking about you and your hand and hoping it was better. I hoping it continues to improve! I understand the problems with the drugs your doc gave you. Drugs sound like such a good idea and often initially help but the side effects often are worse than the help they provide. Just please be careful working out. I wish you could keep your hnf immobilized over your head while you woprked out so it was completely out of “danger”. {I laughed at the picture I got of you working out that way…sorry :o) }

    I feel for you with that awful heat your experiencing. I get crabby when it’s in the high 90s and doubly crabby if it’s also humid. I’d be a growly bear in 110 degrees. Your son is my hero…how do kids run around when it’s so hot? I watch them outside playing in the humidity and heat and think they’re nuts!

    I’m surprised your kids start school this week…that’s early, uh? Short summer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that things work out for both your kids so everyone is happy and you don’t lose your mind too soon! I wonder if teachers realize that homework is almost as much assigned to the parents as to the students?

    How are you liking Shine Shine Shine? I started reading it online but forgot I only had access to it for a short time so I think I’m going to buy a copy soon.
    What did you decide to read?!

    I hope you have a great wek, Ti!

    1. My biggest challenge at the gym is getting in! They use hand scanners for identification and so far, I’ve not been able to pass clearance with my crab claw of a hand. Once they let me in, I wear a brace to remind myself not to use it. It’s numb so re-injury is quite possible if I am not careful. Shine Shine Shine… I put it down to finish a book so it’s taken me a while to get back into it, but I am 75% done with it now and I have to say, I’ve not read anything like it. Very quirky characters but a sweet story. I have to finish it and see what my final thoughts are.

  11. I can’t believe it’s already time for school again. It seems like summer just started and it’s already coming to an end. Here our flowers and such are already dying off.

    Hope the workouts go ok and your hand holds up. I’m hoping The Girl gets the teacher she wants too. Lol. I know the week is half over cause I’m late as usual but I hope you’re having a good one!

    1. Thanks! The class lists posts this afternoon and they will tell her at the child care so by the time I get there, she might be a teary mess or happy as a clam. It’s a crap shoot this year because all of those teachers were let go. We’ve no idea who is teaching that grade now.

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