The Sunday Salon: The End is Near

Sunday Salon

Good morning to you! It’s still morning here in So Cal so I can say that. I’ve had two cups of coffee, loads of bacon and the sun is shining. The only damper is that The Boy is sick. Not good, as he’s got lots of stuff going on within the next few weeks. May, is his last month in middle school. That means TONS of activities which include:

  • Santa Barbara with his academic team
  • Six Flags with his yearbook team
  • 8th grade trip to Disneyland
  • 8th grade DC trip. I am going to need Valium as I am not going with him.
  • 8th grade BBQ
  • 8th grade awards

We do not have graduation where we are. It’s a combination of budget issues and the fact that kids thought that graduation meant they were done. For good. I think it’s sort of silly but I guess it’s one less thing to do.

The Boy
It blows my mind that he will be in high school soon. Seems like just yesterday I was in high school (ahem). I’m excited for him. I just wish I could get a handle on my calendar. Between what I listed above, the show, and all of the basketball camps and track stuff I need to think about, there’s little room or anything else.

Back to today.

It’s gorgeous out. We are still prepping the floor for the concrete stain but we hope to get out a little bit later. I am reading lots of stuff as usual but right now, nothing is sticking. I just finished Emily Alone, which was great but about 30 pages into The Adults, I fell asleep for four hours! Was it the book? Or was I just tired? Not sure.

Anyway, I must throw myself into the shower and make myself look like a productive member of society. Happy Sunday to you!

30 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: The End is Near”

  1. Sounds like a great milestone. DC! in my neck of the woods, and I’m sure you will be incredibly busy with all of those fun school activities. If you do find free time, do not hesitate to let me know. After all this advice, it would seem we should meet in person so you really can call “Wiggles” “my girl.” 🙂

  2. I want to be in your son’s 8th grade class with all those great activities -he has one busy May which, I guess, means you do too. Great photo of your son, he looks like he could be graduating high school…and if the girls aren’t ringing your phone off the hook, just wait. I saw it happen with my cousins when they were your son’s age. Some teen girls are scary!

    I hope you’ll post pics of your floor when it’s done. I’m sure it’s going to look great!

    Well, I fall asleep reading most nights and it’s not the book (most of the time!). Based on what your schedule probably is, I’d venture to say it’s probably not the book!

    I hope you get to enjoy the sun today and relax a bit!

  3. I think it’s good to be busy…and he probably loves every moment of everything he is doing…you might need a few days off when school is out?

  4. Sounds like lots of good things coming for The Boy! He looks like a great kid, and he will be just fine on the DC trip, don’t worry so much!
    Save your worrying for when he starts driving!!

  5. Mine were sick all week. Which meant fewer activities but more catching up on things later. You know that I am commiserating with you on the 8th grade activities. It is freaking overwhelming. I do love the routine of having them in school, because the summer causes me to lose all control. But this schedule is going to push me right over the edge.

  6. You’re better off not going with him! I actually think it’s better not to have all the little graduations – it makes the big ones mean more. You better watch for the girls when your son gets into high school!

  7. Your son’s schedule sounds amazing. When my son graduated eighth grade they had commencement in the gym and a party from 6-10. I don’t remember theme parks and such but he would have enjoyed this… I remember theme parks from when I was his age!

    Beautiful photo – or should I say handsome? 🙂

    Love that you had the opportunity to take a long nap. I might have to do this today (it’s kind of a holiday for me since Latin America is off until Weds for Cinco de Mayo)

  8. Such a lot of activities for your son! My kids turned 16 and 18 over the weekend ( 2 years and 2 days apart) and we had the monster of all birthday weekends, so I need to get cracking with my reading again. I don’t think I picked up a book since Thursday!

  9. That is a lot of activities! I hope he feels better soon!

    I got the middle school orientation packet in the mail this weekend and had one of those “no – it’s too soon” moments. My son is going to turn 11 this summer and within the past two months he’s gone from sweet happy kid to “kid who has an attitude, especially with mom.” It makes me so sad.

    1. The attitude thing comes and goes. Today, I told the boy to take Advil for his headache before he left for school and his dad gave him Sudafed. Hello!!! I told you to take the Advil,. not Sudafed and what does he do? Texts me from school telling me that I didn’t help him this morning when he wasn’t feeling well and now he has a headache. Of course he typed this all in caps with a lot of exclamation points!!!

  10. I’ll have a few years more before I get a high school kid at home. Mine is 6 and 4 still but I’m not sure how I’m going to cope when they both become teenagers. They are boys!

  11. Wow … that is a lot of stuff!! He might as well just tour the world while he is at it!!! I can see skipping graduation for 8th grade. I think high school and college graduations are enough.

  12. What a cutie! All that stuff for 8th grade. Kids are so far ahead these days. My oldest grandson is graduating from high school next month. I can’t believe it.

  13. What a handsome lad he is… and from his activities, must be a hard-working scholar. My best wishes to your son to get well soon. With all those activities, I’m sure nobody would want to miss any of them. They grow up so fast, seems like just yesterday that my son was in jr. or sr. high, and now he’s graduated college and in professional school. And, he looks more or less like your son here when he was that age. 😉

  14. They may not have graduation, but those kids sure have a lot of other things going on! You may not be able to believe that The Boy is done with eighth grade already but every time I look at pictures of him, I’m surprised to think that he isn’t already there. He just carries himself like a young man several years older!

    1. The kid is an old soul. Always has been. He listens to Sinatra, has known what he wants to be since the age of 3 (Disney Imagineer), and he just got word that he made high school ASB (associated student body). And why? Because it will look good on his resume. His teachers say he is a natural leader, so we try to give him stuff to keep him on his toes.

      God, I love the kid!

  15. What a handsome young guy you’ve got there! And that’s definitely an action-packed schedule. D.C. will be a great adventure for him — and that’s my city! So much to see and do.

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