The Sunday Salon: Warm Weather Reading

Sunday Salon

I know many of you got another taste of winter this past weekend but here, it’s a glorious 85 degrees. The flowers are blooming so with every breeze I am greeted with the wonderful smells of spring. With that, comes sneezing so I dosed up on allergy meds and took it easy today. The Girl and I hit the library. She came home with a full bag of books whereas all I found was a copy of The Old Man and the Sea.

I love to read with The Girl because with her, it’s all about cozy. She opened up her windows and we flopped onto her bed and dove right in. She chose a mystery, and I chose to continue with Heft by Liz Moore. At first, it seemed a little slow but now…about 100 pages in, I am unable to put it down. Along with that, I am also reading some other books, one of which is A Visit From the Goon Squad. I don’t know why but when the weather gets warm, all I want to do is kick back with a book. Outside, or inside by a window. Warm weather equals reading to me.

I have a lot of reviews to write as I have been a reading machine, but with work being so crazy and me, unable to shut my brain down after work, writing the reviews has been a challenge. No worries though, they will all get written. I am just trying to figure out the best use of my time these days. Balance has always been a concern with me and lately, it’s been more difficult to juggle it all. Between play rehearsals (yep, another show) and basketball playoffs and school stuff, I am just wiped out. I know many of you go through the same thing and knowing that there are others like me, trying to keep it all together and remain sane, makes it a lot easier to deal with.

On another note, the gym is going well. I am really enjoying the early morning workouts, but I have gained 5 lbs! I seem to recall this happening before when I worked out, but it’s not supposed to work that way. After a month of hitting the gym, I expected to see something. Anything, but not 5 lbs. I am just going to keep plugging along and hope it all evens out soon.

This evening, we are picking up take-out and plan to watch The Help. I’ve seen it, but The Hub hasn’t so that’s the plan. Hope you are all well and that you are out enjoying your Sunday.

36 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Warm Weather Reading”

  1. Sounds like you are doing some great reading…and with the girl too…that’s great. I haven’t read much since the cold my husband brought right into the house has hit me hard this weekend. I really need to finish the two books I’m reading, but I’m not sure I’m getting there…I hope I can do it.

    1. Hope you are feeling better today. I woke-up on Saturday with the beginnings of something but took some Vitamin C and some Benadryl and it seems like it passed me by. Could have been allergies since the winds have been ridiculous here. I could not do any reading on Saturday because my head hurt too much to look at the page!

  2. 85 degrees is quite enviable! Glad you got to spend some time with your daughter doing what you both enjoy — reading. Glad to see u r enjoying HEFT; I liked it a lot.

    We played with 2011-taxes today…ugh…what a way to waste an afternoon. We did get a walk in though.

    Have a great week Ti.

    1. The Girl’s bedroom is the most comfortable room in the house. It’s always the perfect temp and there is always such a lovely breeze that wafts through it. I love that she reads with me too. I wish The Boy did!

    1. I read his other book… Jacob De Zoet (sp?) and that one put me to sleep. No desire to read Cloud Atlas even though you all make it look so tempting with your read-alongs.

    1. I guess it topped out at about 90 degrees but I spent much of it inside so I didn’t notice. Tomorrow it’s supposed to drop to 58 and rain!

  3. It’s great you’re enjoying the gym. I think muscle weighs more than fat so maybe that accounts for the 5 lbs? Don’t worry, once you’re body adjusts, you’ll see the numbers on the scale dropping.

    Enjoy that beautiful weather. I love celebrating a gorgeous day by sitting outside and reading or by a window and reading. It’s so sweet that you and your daughter are sitting on her bed by the open window reading, such a great ‘picture’.

    It thrills me when I am in a reading zone and just seem to be reading book after book even when the reviews don’t come easily!

    Sorry to read that life is quite hectic again (or still) I hope summer brings slow times for you!

    1. My life is always a bit hectic since there is always something going on. Much of it is fun stuff though. I don’t complain about any of that but when work is busy, I tend to not be able to leave it at work and go about my day. It’s something that I don’t usually battle but with all of the organizational changes, I am off my game.

  4. There’s not a lot better than plopping on the bed, reading with your child! We’ve had really warm weather, but did get that blast of cold air – our heat ran last night for the first time in ages.

  5. You went from one show practically straight into another? Are both the kids going to be involved again as well as you? I don’t know how you find time to read let alone do the reviews!

    1. You read that right. We had maybe 2 weeks off and then launched right into another production. This time, it’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. My son did this show with this same group before but he was younger then. Now he is in the teen group and can try out for the better parts (Benjamin’s Calypso and Cannan Days, if you know the show). The Girl, in the eleventh hour, decided she wanted to be in it too! So she is trying out for a dancing star and a solo in Go Go Joseph. The show is in June.

    1. I read The Cat’s Table which was interesting but not riveting. I am reading The Elephant Vanishes (Murakami) which is a collection of short stories. It’s very good. I would recommend that one over the other. I also just finished The Quickening Maze… again… interesting but sort of unremarkable.

  6. I’m glad to hear that Heft is unputdownable since it’s on my soon to be read list. I feel like a lot of people think winter is the ideal time for reading, but for me it’s definitely when the weather gets warmer and I can sit out on the porch enjoying the sunshine and a good book.

    Happy reading! 🙂

    1. I guess the warmer weather just puts me in an easy state of mind. My kids are all through with swim lessons and it’s been a few years since they finished with them, but I LOVED them for the reading time. Reading, and hearing the splashes in the background was always so calming to me.

    1. I think my body weight has shifted around a bit, but no big surprises or payoffs yet except that it’s still deeply satisfying to take my aggression out on those machines.

    1. We are so lucky to have such nice weather. Of course, I sure hope this doesn’t mean that our summer will be icky. You’ll be okay by the water, but I am far enough inland where it could be wicked hot.

  7. REmember you might be gaining muscle, and water. 🙂 Keep going.

    Goon squad… are you enjoying it? It’s not my kind of book, I didn’t like it at all but I think you might like it (I’m not a ‘risky/adventurous’ reader).

    85 sounds lovely, it’s 40 here.

    1. Re: Goon Squad I wouldn’t say that I am enjoying it. It keeps my interest though and I am trying to figure out why. I am almost done and not sure what to think.

  8. Warmth and sun. How I am looking forward to that! I am glad you are enjoying Heft, and I really need to put A Visit from the Goon Squad on my library list. Congrats on the gym, I believe muscle does weigh more than fat!

    1. Goon is so different than her other book… The Keep. It’s held my interest but I am nearly done and not sure what to make of it.

  9. Oh, but it does work that way – as you build more muscle, the muscle weighs more so you do gain some weight but it’s healthy so keep up the good work.

  10. Good for you for sticking to the gym! I seem to have a problem staying on that bandwagon. I do good for a week and then after that it’s downhill. Jeeez……

    1. Something is different this time with me. I usually end up getting bored of the gym too but this time, maybe it’s because I get it over with at 6am, but this time… it’s working for me. I am half asleep when I show up and so therefore…not fully aware of the misery of it all. LOL.

  11. I love this warm weather. It makes me find a comfy spot and read too. 🙂 I hope you are able to get some relief at work soon. At least enough to give your brain a rest when it’s not at work. My brain has been in high gear lately too and it’s affecting my sleep. I hate it when that happens.

    Have a great week, Ti!

  12. Oh … I dream of kicking back and reading with my son like that! Still, it is just a dream right now. But SOMEDAY!

    And you’re getting muscle … 5 pounds of muscle. Yeah … that’s the ticket.

  13. Ugggh, reading about your beautiful weather makes me so envious. We got some more snow the last two days so it’s pretty white out and most definitely you will not see any flowers poking out of the 3 feet of snow. lol. On the plus side it’s supposed to warm up and melt — I hope.

    I’ve heard that Heft is good. I think I may have picked it up a while ago after reading Diane’s review but I can’t remember. How bad is that when you have so many books that you can’t remember buying another. lol.

  14. I can’t begrudge you the wonderful weather! tomorrow it should be 60 degrees here!! I love reading no matter the temp!! This year though I said I would do more yard work than reading …we’ll see how it goes!

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