The Sunday Salon: Togetherness is Highly Overrated

Sunday Salon

Here it is, nearly 7pm my time and I am just now getting to my Sunday Salon post. If time moved any faster, I’d miss it.

Today started off good. I made bacon and eggs and we settled in to a great Sunday morning, finished off nicely by two cups of cinnamon coffee. BUT…The Girl’s Toastmaster’s speech is due this Friday which means that memorization needs to happen between now and then and let me tell you, it just was not happening. She got irritated with me (unbelievable, I know) and I got majorly irritated with her attitude.  The next thing I knew, there was screaming and yelling.

BUT, we had plans to hit the zoo so we put the speech aside and figured that some fresh air and sun, is what we all needed. The Boy had his oral surgery last week and was still out of it, so the fresh air would do him good too. What we didn’t expect were crowds of people. It has NEVER been that crowded before. The parking lots were full and I was already on edge but we tried to make the best of it.

After The Girl flipped out over two chimpanzees fighting over an apple, I just about lost it. I went off and stared at the giraffes for awhile and tried to lose myself in their eating routine. I know their fighting scared her, but it was so interesting to watch and there was no way we could since she screamed her special, high-pitched scream, the one that only an eight-year-old girl can do. I mean really, if there had been any glass nearby we would have been in trouble.

So, we left. Drove home. Picked up stuff to BBQ and then got all bickery (my word) when the meat was overcooked. It’s me, I know it’s me. I am on edge. I don’t particularly care for hordes of people and everyone at the zoo just rubbed me the wrong way. You don’t knock on an enclosure to wake a big cat up and you certainly don’t use a spray bottle to try to wake them up either. Everywhere I turned, I saw dumb people.

The overcooked meat has been put away. The speech has been shortened by at least a minute and I am about to dive back into Wish You Were Here, which ironically is about people being together in a small confined space (cottage by the lake).

I won’t be able to catch-up  with everyone’s blog posts tonight but I will catch-up with everyone tomorrow morning. Oh, and if you had a day like mine, I am sending you calming vibes to get you through the evening.


35 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Togetherness is Highly Overrated”

  1. Oh goodness! I know how you feel. Crowds mess with my head too, and on top of that, if things aren’t going as I wished they would go, especially on a Sunday, I am not the best person to be around with either. Hope you have a better tomorrow!

    1. That’s funny. I think the same way you do. Had all this happened on a Saturday, I would have had an extra day to make up for it. Today is okay. Everyone called in sick so it is nice and quiet.

  2. Sorry you had such a rotten day. Hugs! Saw Hugo today, it was very good though not as good as the book. If you haven’t seen it, it will most certainly make you feel better! And, if you haven’t read it I strongly suggest it too. It is a beautifully drawn graphic novel, and I have heard round the blogsphere that his second book Wonderstruck is supposed to be as good if not better.

    Here’s to a better tomorrow!

    1. Thank you. I haven’t seen the movie or read the book, but my son has a copy of it. I am going to check it out. I put it off because I can’t get into graphic novels but I know that one (Hugo) is supposed to be really good.

  3. Oh, poor you. I know exactly how you feel. There are times when the public at large annoy the cr*p out of me. Yikes, and there’s nothing like our children for finding a special to set us on edge is there? Hopefully, your night gets better and your week perks us. Are your kids off this week? Mine has “Presidents” week off. Good luck and happy reading.

  4. Deep breaths!

    My mom and I were at the Bowers Museum this morning to see the Terracotta Warriors…there were tons of stupid people there, too…I lost track of the number of times one of the alarms went of because someone was leaning in too close.

  5. I’m wishing you a better start to the week..and my god I hate those people that bang on enclosers etc. I yell at them…its like I work at the zoo sometimes…I just can’t stand it…or the parents who let their kids do these things

  6. Ti, I’m like you – crowds are not my cup of tea. Sorry Sunday was such a wash – sometimes we just have cruddy days. Here’s to hoping Monday treats you better 😉 Have a great week!

  7. I hope your week is better than your Sunday. I can relate to the crowds at the zoo. My sister and I have found a great day to go to the zoo is after a good snow here. No one there then! That won’t help you though! I hope you found time to just enjoy some peace and quiet!

    1. I suppose it’s good that people are out spending money, but they aren’t supposed to do it when I am out. LOL. I am slightly better today except that I think I may have cracked a filling eating that overcooked meat. Seriously. That’s all I need.

  8. I totally understand your dislike of crowds. I feel the same way. Here in S.W. Fl. this is our high season. On my days off I try very hard to NOT have to leave the house. Being in the midst of such mayhem does not bode well with me. I have had to really learn to go inside myself to find that “quiet” spot. This year is worse than usual. We get those snow birds that have an air of entitlement about them that irks. I hope today will be better for you.

    1. It was President’s Day weekend and all but I have never seen so many people out at once. It was like, the place was free or something (it wasn’t).

  9. The Girl is in Toastmasters?

    I had a quiet weekend but we did go out for dinner Saturday evening – drank a little too much (which means three glasses of wine over six hours), enjoyed good company. But I was off yesterday morning.

    Sounds like you had a reason to be upset at the zoo. Some people….

    Hope your Monday goes smoother. 🙂

  10. It does sound like everyone was trampling on your last nerve yesterday, and I can seriously relate. When I am feeling like this, there is nothing I like better than being alone. Seriously. Just me and some music or a book, and I can just tune out the world and let it all float away.

    1. That’s what I wanted to do. That’s what I needed to do, but did I get to do it? No. And now, I think I have a cracked filling from eating that overcooked meat. Ack!

  11. I hope work is an improvement over yesterday. Boy did I feel for you when you wrote how crowded the zoo was. When I was young crowds didn’t bother me but as I have gotten older I have a lot of trouble with crowds and I have trouble with stupid people. I cannot always keep my mouth shut when I saw them doing ridiculous things, too.

    The little one’s toastmaster speech issues and her attitude would have set my day on a bad track, too. I feel for you, Ti. It’s hard to recover from feeling irritated and annoyed especially heading to a crowded spot.
    It sounds like your daughter wasn’t having a great day, either.
    Maybe the next weekend day that starts off roughly you can scuttle any plans to spend the day together at an event or place and go off to your own corners!
    Hang in there, read, read, read!

  12. Thanks for the calming vibes, hope today is better than yesterday.

    I completely agree, crowds drive me nuts. There is an art exhibit in town that a friend and I want to visit but we are trying to figure out when the best, least crowed time to go would be. Probably never:)

  13. Wow, what a hectic day! I hope that today was better for you!

    I did miss my Sunday post entirely. We were visiting with relatives, a few of whom remind me of those people you were talking about at the zoo. I would go into more detail, but heaven forbid they should somehow read about themselves on here by some fluke. 🙂

    1. It would be bad if they caught you ranting about them. I worry about that sometimes but no one reads my blog, except my son. He has been known to share posts on Facebook though. Hmmm.

  14. We went to the aquarium and, like your zoo, it was completely crowded and miserable and dumb people (many with strollers) were everywhere. I think we are living in parallel universes. Hope this week gets better.

  15. I know I’m incredibly late but since I was reading it I thought I’d comment. I hate crowds as well and they never fail to put me in a mood. That aside I hate those days when everything rubs me the wrong way no matter what it is. I sure hope your week was better Ti!

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