Whew! It’s over!

Alice in Wonderland is now a thing of the past. It was a fun show and everyone did really well.

Oyster Girl
You saw The Boy as a statue the other day. I was unable to take photos of The Girl before because she was in rare, dramatic form and had many meltdowns but during the last show, she was in good spirits.

I’m not sure what happened those other days but I think it may have had to do with the slight fever she was running. There was nothing wrong with her, that I could tell and she is fine today but those couple of degrees made her CRANKY and caused her to miss an entire number. Oh well, it’s over now and looking at the little Oyster (she sort of looks like a painter to me), you’d never know that anything was amiss.

Girly Bug

In this shot, she is a Girly Bug. It’s a bit out of focus because I had like, two seconds to grab the shot before she had to change again.

The Queen and The Girl
And last but certainly not least… the end of the show where she got to hug the Queen who was played by a very talented young lady and she was ever so gracious to take photos with the little ones.

The show is over and things are beginning to return to normal. Registration for the next show (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat) begins this week and rehearsals begin at the end of this month. No rest for the weary! At this point, I think only The Boy will be doing that one. Not sure yet, and in the middle of all of this we have to schedule oral surgery for The Boy. It will be interesting trying to schedule that around auditions. You can’t sing with your gums all sewn up.

Anyway, give me a week to catch-up with all of my reading and I will be back to business as usual. The business being reading which I had no time at all to do.


24 thoughts on “Whew! It’s over!”

    1. She may have just been overheated with all the costume stuff but I swear, she almost didn’t make it when we had tickets to SEE her in it. I would have been so sad to not have seen her perform, but she pulled it together. Actually, I think it was easier that I wasn’t working backstage. Every time she saw me she had a meltdown.

  1. She is just as cute as a button. Look at those dimples! Funny how the kids activities have a way of totally zapping everything out of the parents. I swear I collapse in a heap after football season is over.

    1. Plus, I had to work backstage although this show was super easy compared to the others.There were a couple of times where a sedative would have been good, but then I’d be a useless, lethargic heap. A funny one, but useless nonetheless.

    1. Thank you!! I am so tired and so far behind with my reading. I have a book tour next week for a book I am totally excited about yet have had NO time to read it. It’s almost 500 pages and I have yet to even crack it open today. Have to catch up with work stuff too since I left early nearly every day last week. Tonight. Tonight. Maybe.

  2. I am so glad the kids had fun doing the show! It really is so much time, effort and energy and when it’s all over I sometimes think they felt let down.

    How nice that they have another show to look forward to already!

    1. I expected the boy to be blue today, and he is but I didn’t expect the girl to be sad. She had such a rough time with the whole green room experience. She needs her down time and the noise levels can be unheard of with all those excited kids but even she was a little sad this morning.

  3. Thanks for sharing all the pics Ti! I remember my daughter had her wisdom teeth pulled during rehearsal time of one of her plays. I think she actually appreciated the little rest she was required to take!

  4. I am so glad that the performance went well, and those pictures are wonderful! She looks adorable in her costumes! I can imagine that you are feeling a lot of relief that the show and all the preparations are over, but it sounds like it was totally worth it. If your son does get a chance to be part of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, I would love to see pictures and hear about it! It’s a production that my husband worked on extensively in college and is a family favorite.

    1. My son did a production of Joseph with this same company when he was 10. He sang one of the songs with a group of kids and was in the ensemble. This time, he wants to try out forPharaohor be one of the brothers. Last time, they used an adult for Pharaoh so he may not get to audition for that role. It’s a great show, isn’t it? So many good songs.

    1. Seussical will be fun! After Joseph, they are doing a teen show for Little Shop of Horrors and then Big River which is not a show I amfamiliarwith (Huck Finn of course, but not the music).

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