Update from Wonderland

Statues #1

Production week is almost over for Alice in Wonderland. My kids are holding up okay for the most part but there have been some mild meltdowns for The Girl and some “feedback” (my name for it) from The Boy.

For one, I had no idea how attached The Girl was to me. I am working backstage during the show, but she spent much of the dress rehearsal looking for me. Many of the stage moms said that she welled-up in tears more than once when she couldn’t see me. I’m working props so I spend my time running around, making sure that the performers have what they need. It’s fun to swoop in and save the day, but The Girl was not having any of it last night.

Then, there’s The Boy. He is playing a Roman Statue…the one that helps Alice choose the door to adventure. He’s the one on the right in the above photo. He’s a super-fun kid but when he is hungry or tired, man…he can be difficult. Yesterday, I left work early to make sure that the kids were dressed and fed and ready to go by showtime, but on the car ride over, The Boy said he didn’t eat anything. What? He makes his own stuff because he is so picky but I told him to eat… saw him grab something even, but did he eat? No! At that point it was too late to get him anything so he had nothing to eat from noon to well, nearly midnight. Not a good thing.

Because of the long night, he spent the entire morning texting me, telling me how tired he was… how hungry he was, etc. Finally, The Hub had to go get him from school. He is sleeping now. His poor Sis, only eight, seemed to handle it better. I will be leaving to get her soon so she can take a quick nap as tonight is the first show and I don’t want any meltdowns.

Next week, my life will be more normal and will include (wait for it) READING. Yes, that thing I love so much. Hope you are all well and that your lives are more relaxed than mine.


14 thoughts on “Update from Wonderland”

  1. Good luck with the play. My 6th grader is rehearsing for Willy Wonka so I get it even though my guy has a ttiny part. can’t wait to hear more about your show.

  2. Hope the show goes well! And, if it’s any consolation my once very picky eaters now in their twenties eat a wide variety of foods and can no longer be said to be picky!

  3. I hope the play was a success. The kid’s faces look so cool. Anyhow it sounds like a stressful time for sure and I hope this week you’ll have some time to unwind.

  4. great photo! hope everyone survived the week and that it went well. our school is currently working on a performance for later this month and it’s been mayhem, so i can totally empathize with you. cranky kids, long hours, lots o’ stress! hope next week is better. 🙂

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