The Sunday Salon: Long Weekend Loveliness

Getty Sunset

I love long weekends. Since I inevitably end up spending an entire day running errands, it’s nice to have a third day to actually make it feel like a normal weekend.  So yesterday, instead of errands, we hit the Getty. The Getty has some amazing views, which happened to be the ONLY thing my family showed an interest in.

As I wandered the exhibits, I vowed to never let The Hub wear his Packer sweatshirt out in public again. I can’t tell you how many conversations about football took place inside of those quiet galleries. That’s just wrong. It’s an ongoing joke in my family because wherever we go, he is always sporting some piece of clothing that someone feels the need to comment on. Even the museum staff struck up conversations. Please!

A the end of the day, we caught this spectacular sunset and never wanted to leave. Except, that everyone was starving so we made the tram ride down and hit a local spot for take-out.

The Sunday Salon
Today, it’s football for us. I hope to get some reading in while all the football craziness goes on around me. I am reading The Stranger’s Child, which is really, really good and very interesting to read right after The Marriage Plot, which I have yet to review.

Other things I am thinking about right now:

  • The university where I work opened this gigantic recreation center and I am considering membership. I get to work at 6am so it would be nice to workout first thing and get it over and down with. It’s a student rec center but I think I’ll miss the crowds at that hour. Still thinking about it.  It’s quite expensive for faculty and staff though which is why I hesitate.
  • Production week for Alice in Wonderland is at the end of this month. With two kids in the show and two different schedules to work with, plus my own backstage schedule (I work backstage for the show), I’m not sure how I will get the kids there, fed, taken home, etc. This is The Boy’s 9th show so he has the routine down and I don’t worry about him so much, but The Girl will be completely overwhelmed. She is the one that needs to be told 10x to do something so her being in the dressing room, and me being on stage is going to be interesting. I’m dreading it.

Anyway, that’s about it for me. Have a wonderful week!


24 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Long Weekend Loveliness”

  1. Oh, that’s such a shame that the rec center costs so much for faculty and staff – one of the best things about universities is the cheap exercise centers! I actually used to go to the gym at school a lot, but now I’ve bought some weights, a yoga mat and a Jillian Michaels DVD and just work out at home – I’m much more comfortable with that and may make it a permanent move. It’s much cheaper than a gym and I think I’m more effective because I don’t really know what to do at the gym, anyway, and Jillian just tells me what to do 😉 Do you think that’s an option for you?

  2. I also think it’s stinky that it costs so much more for faculty to join the gym. I do most of my exercise at home or at the yoga studio, but if I had access to the rec center, I would certainly go there.

    I hope that you have a great long weekend, and get lots read. I know that I am using my extra time to get a few things under my belt too!

    1. This new center was paid for in student fees so students are free! I am enrolled as a student too but I am on fee waiver so my fees are not paid and my status doesn’t count.

  3. I think it’s great how you and your family often do at least one interesting or fun outing on the weekend. I have read and seen pictures of the Getty and it looks beautiful. Stunning sunset photo you took.
    I understand how you feel about the football conversations. I can relate. I like that your husband is a Packer fan, though, since I root for them if the Jets aren’t playing (my dad grew up in Wisconsin!)

    The rec center sounds like a great idea, except for the high cost. I guess I’m a bit clueless since I thought faculty and staff would get a break on the cost.

    Good luck with the show. It’s cool that the three of you are involved but the scheduling sounds a bit chaotic.

    Have a great weekend, Ti!

  4. I would have thought that you would get a break on the rec center, too…as a perk…who knew…but I am not big on gym excercise…I would rather hop on my treadmill or hop next door to the botanical gardens and walk…aimlessly and get lost and rack up my ten thosand steps a day trying to find my way out…

    I worry about you trying to fit one more thing into your day…

    The play sounds like fun for everyone…she may surprise you and be ok?

    1. Thanks for worrying about me! Truthfully, I’d rather take a dance class. I loved my dance classes when I took them but right now, I am not feeling fit enough to even attempt them.

  5. My house will also be football crazy! Go Ravens! While the rest of my family watches football, i also plan to do a little reading. I am about to start The Marriage Plot and look forward to reading your review!

  6. You know, good for you guys for taking a day off from drudgery to enjoy the outdoors! (I am always amazed at how we can be ANYWHERE, even Europe, and someone will comment on my husband’s Purdue gear.) I’ve got a new workout routine going on right now, and the additional expense is hard to swallow, but I figure if it works? Worth every penny. If it is drudgery and you don’t use it, that is frustrating, especially if you’ve already paid your fees.

    1. What you said about the drudgery is so true. I have the most energy in the AM so I am thinking this might work for me. I could try it for a semester and see if I like it before signing up for the next one and all the breaks in between (Summer, Winter).

  7. You and your lovely photos of California: you just have to rub it in for those of us on the East Coast, in particular from the northern part of the East Coast where most of us are seeing lots of white. Thanks a lot, lady :P.

    So this J. Paul Getty guy, he was a big deal, huh? 😉

    But seriously (folks), glad you had a good time and sounds like you’re going to be having fun with the play too. Keep on rocking. 🙂

    1. I wouldn’t mind a little bit of coolness. It’s hard when you don’t really have seasons. Everything just blurs together. Normally we get hit with a blistering summer to make-up for all the mildness but the past two years we were ok. I fear that this summer will be the opposite though since we have had so little rain so far.

  8. I’m at my in-laws and we’re watching football, too – waiting for the Green Bay game to come on. My son works for a university and he can use the fitness center for free – I’m surprised your school charges you.

  9. Oh, I’m sad to hear that you’re dreading being backstage with The Girl! I’ve been in the same kind of situation, though, and while I always feel like I’m right to be there, it can be stressful. Enjoy your extra day off!

  10. So wonderful you got to go to the Getty! It’s been a few years for me and I need to go again. One of my favorites is the Huntington Library/Museum. Enjoy your long weekend tomorrow 🙂

  11. I think the Getty is my favorite place in all of California. You’re so lucky to be able to pop in whenever the mood strikes. Jealous!

  12. The Getty is beautiful. I visited there many years ago, and still remember its architecture. Would love to go back. About books, I’ve got The Marriage Plot from the library, but have so many books on my hand that I may not start it. As for The Stranger’s Child, have you written a review on it?

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