The Sunday Salon: Warm and Sunny

The Sunday Salon
With the weather so warm and inviting, I’ve been all over the map with my reading. For one, it feels like spring and I’ve done just about all of the spring cleaning I can handle so when I sit down to read, I want to be pulled in right away. Two books that are working for me right now:

The Odds by Stewart O’Nan (my first O’Nan!)
The Stranger’s Child
by Alan Hollinghurst

Other things on my mind:

  1. The Big Bang Theory is one of the best shows, ever.
  2. That working a 5-day work week is draining on many levels.
  3. That the friends I am closest to, live too far away. Between this blog and Facebook, I’ve come across some amazing people.
  4. That cooking healthy meals is easy, but expensive. It shouldn’t be that way.
  5. That I can  never overdose from too much Doris Day. Add Rock Hudson and I’m in heaven.
  6. That the production of “Alice” that my kids are in, is just around the corner and things are about to get very hectic.

Today, I need to run a few errands but then it’s me on the couch for the rest of the day. I made a huge pot of white bean soup for supper. It’s not a “soup” kind of day but it will be good anyway. What do you have planned?

45 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Warm and Sunny”

  1. Love your list! Sounds like a good day to me. We will be popping over to Old Navy so I can use a Bday gift card from the in-laws and then grabbing lunch and some goddies for the week at Costco. Later I’ll be figuring out my book of the week. It just might be AFTER DARK!

    1. You’re hitting Costco, and I’m hitting Sam’s Club. LOL. After Dark is a quick read, so if you read it, pick-up something else too to get you through the week.

  2. Love this post…did you change your profile picture?
    Wow…I am easily distracted…
    Love Stewart O’Nan…love…love…love…

    It’s your turn…

    I hope you will love the soup…we are having the leftovers today…But I am making homemade bread to go with it and it’s really good with a sploosh of olive oil and crumbled crispy bacon on top…

    And…I think you are superwoman…and amazing…

    1. I did change my profile pic. I felt the need to prove that that horrible party pic was not representative of me.

      I was thinking of adding a bit of cream and shaved parmesan to the soup. It reminds me of the soup they have at Olive Garden. Plus, I added thinly sliced potatoes and it’s yummy.

  3. I am finding that eating healthy is expensive too. I was looking at pasta yesterday wanting the whole wheat but trying to decide if I should just go for the regular which is half the price of the wheat. I also noticed that when they leave the fat, salt, or sugar out of something they charge us more…that is just wrong! Your day sounds amazing. It has been feeling like spring here too. I’m really enjoying it!

    1. I have buy the gluten-free stuff too which is much more expensive than even the whole wheat. I don’t know if you have Sprouts markets where you are, but they are very affordable and buy produce locally, which means the organic stuff is not that much more expensive than the other versions.

  4. O’Nan is an author I have been wanting to read for a long time so I will be waiting to see what you think.

    I am hoping to get time to read The Nobodies Album today, a walk too, cause it’s 50 in Januaray in NY! We are having spag and meatballs, a favorite of my daughter who even though she is sick with strep is still eating and wants to have it.

    1. I love your plans for today. I should begin my walking but my foot is almost better (hurt it 3 months ago). Maybe in a couple of weeks.

      So sorry that your daughter is ill. Strep is the worst! Hope she enjoys the spaghetti. Sounds really good.

      I am loving this O’Nan book.

  5. I just discovered The Big Bang Theory myself…I’d known about it, but didn’t ever make time to sit and watch. I’m not much of a TV person….if it is a choice between TV or reading, I pick reading every time. I’m trying to let myself enjoy a show or two every now and then.

  6. We’ve got the warm weather, but it’s raining here. I know how you feel – I’ve met tons of amazing people through blogging. Pillow Talk is one of my all time favorite movies!

  7. Mr. Jenners and I just started watching The Big Bang Theory!! We watched one or two when it first came out and didn’t appreciate it at the time … now we are hooked!

  8. I loved The Odds and it was my first O’Nan as well. I crash coursed The Big Bang theory in November, watching every single episode within a two week period and fell in love. I even find myself singing Soft Kitty when I don’t feel so hot! Have a great Sunday.

  9. Love love love Big Bang Theory! Finishing Elegy for April and getting ready to start Faithful Place for my book club. chili is the Su day dinner here tonight. just saw the Big Bang last nite when Howard has the robot arm. laughed so hard I cried.

  10. Very nice profile pic…nice to know that you’re not that other person. 🙂

    I’m with you on the 5-day work week, even though I work part-time. It still can be draining, being in the same place day after day. Sometimes you just need a break (luckily over the holidays, I had plenty of those).

    I’m also with you on the Facebook thing…both my wife and I really don’t have many friends here where we live. They all live out in the virtual universe, many we’ve met through blogging too.

    1. Sometimes it saddens me that I don’t have more in real life friends, but with my busy schedule, it never works out or it ends up being set by convenience (like being friends with other parents whose kids are doing the same thing as mine). Not long term, typically. I spend so much time online between work and the blog that this type of friendship just works better for me.

  11. I’m glad you’re having such great weather and enjoying it. I adore Doris Day movies and can watch them again and again…add in Rock Hudson whooooop deee dooo!
    I recently looked up Alan Holinghurst’s books and they all sound very good – I’m adding him to the list of authors I want to read this year, O’Nan is on that list.
    I feel the same way about eating healthy…I think the expense is partly why many low-income & no-income families have a lot of illness. It drives me nuts to see a loaf of healthy bread costs $4.00 at the local supermarket while a medium size bag of BBQ chips is almost always on sale for .99 cents. I won’t get started on the cost of protein and veggies!

    I’m going to give Big Bang Theory a try. I’ve never watched it. My favorite sitcom currently is Modern Family

    Enjoy your Sunday! Good luck to your kids – tell them to “break a leg”
    Are you willing to share your recipe for White Bean Soup?

    1. No recipe really. Another blogger said she threw her leftover ham into the crock pot so I did the same. I added a sauteed onion with some garlic, some chicken stock, a pound of dry white beans, carrots and some Cajun seasoning along with some thinly sliced potatoes and let it simmer away on low for about 6 hours. I then blended half and threw it back in.

      Add some shaved Parmesan before serving. Yum!

  12. I finished my first Stewart O’Nan book not too long ago and am eager to read more. I look forward to what you think of The Odds. Up next for me is Wish You Were Here.

    I also the The Big Bang Theory. I missed the first couple of seasons but it’s all over cable channels that it’s been easy to catch up. Have a happy Sunday enjoying your self.

    1. I am going to have to work my way through all of the O’Nan books if they are anything like what I am reading now. So good. Big Bang has been on three different channels lately, getting ready for the new season. My DVR is in overdrive.

  13. #4 sends me into spasms…especially when you start thinking about what you’re buying based on ingredients lists…buyers of processed foods are being tricked into poisoning themselves…I know that’s dramatic but hey, it’s true.

    1. You are absolutely right. Now that I am gluten-free, I read labels constantly and I see the effects of preservatives first-hand. Especially with my youngest. She has such a sensitive stomach and whenever she eats processed anything…she has problems. I’ve been giving her raw, green smoothies to combat the effects of everything she takes in during the day when I am not around and she’s learning which foods cause problems for her.

  14. I can’t believe you all have nice weather. We have a cold front that came in today, and almost always our weather comes from you all! And I join others in saying yes yes yes to number four!

    1. Well, we had wind which wasn’t so nice but in between the gusts, it was warm and sunny. Today, it’s supposed to be 76. It was cool when I walked from the parking lot to my office, but not cool enough to make me wanna stay in the car. We need some rain though. We are all dried out here with that wind.

  15. I was worried I would lose my four day work week this year with a change in staffing. So far so good though.

    I need to get to the Stewart O’Nan book on my shelf. Along with a lot of other books!

    I hope you were able to spend the afternoon reading like you planned! Have a great week!

    1. So glad you got to keep that four day work week. I am at work now and not in the best of moods. I am hoping the coffee does its thing today.

    1. It has taken me forever to grow my hair out. I thought it would be more work in the morning but it’s less. When it was shorter, I needed to do more stuff to it to make it anything but a flat mess. Now, it seems wavier or something.

  16. Just think how much skinnier we would all be if you could eat healthy for the same money! A healthy dollar menu at a drive-thru? How great would that be?

    It’s been gorgeous here (almost 70 the day I came home from the hospital). I’ve got all of these beautiful flowers inside and with the outside so warm, the Christmas tree I still haven’t gotten down really looks ridiculous! Must get it down today!

    1. You just got back from the hospital so don’t do too much. The tree may look ridiculous but leaving up for a few more days won’t hurt anything. Just rest and read.

  17. We are not big TV watchers in our house…more stuff on Netflix. But in true Nawrot fashion, we have just discovered on Netflix streaming the joys of The Office. We have been working our way through all the seasons. We are always way behind the trends! I am really jacked about the two books you are reading!!

  18. I haven’t read either of those books but I’ve been hearing a lot about Stewart O’Nan. I’m reading a few books right now that are good but I can’t seem to get in the reading groove right now.

    I agree on the price of healthy food. It’s pretty sad when it’s cheaper to eat processed stuff than buy produce.

    Hope you have a good week Ti!

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