A New Year’s “Hello” and The Mystery Gift

Happy New Year to you all!! My computer situation has not improved, but I am now back at work so having a computer won’t be a problem. I’ll have to figure it out of course, as I can’t get by without my own, but right now I just can’t spend the money. Maybe soon, but not right now.

Some Updates:

We had a lovely Christmas. We spent much of our free time at home, and the other half, I spent shuttling kids back and forth between rehearsal and basketball practice. You’d think these things would take a break during the holidays but no… not really. Because of it, my two weeks of bliss wasn’t quite bliss and went by super fast, but that’s okay. I still enjoyed the time off. We hit Disneyland right before Christmas and although everything broke down numerous times (horribly windy, electrical problems) and the fireworks show was canceled as was THE SNOW on Main Street, we still managed to have a really good time.

You may recall me talking about the “mystery gift” that The Hub purchased from a traveling salesperson. Well, it was a punch card for some beauty services. One of which was BOTOX. Now, I am not highly sensitive and there were some other treatments on there to choose from, but nothing I would choose for myself and not from the salon that I normally go to. So, it was returned! We are still waiting for a refund (traveling salesperson and all). So he is going to take me to breakfast and a movie and call it a day. I could have been a bit prickly about it. Especially after those horrible photos that someone took at that party I went to, but I analyzed my face in the mirror for a good 20 minutes and chalked it all up to cluelessness.

New Year’s Day, we hit Santa Barbara. It was so gorgeous out! We had a nice lunch, did some window shopping and made the drive home. Simple, easy day, but fun,

I could go on and on because two weeks is two weeks but I’ve been reading everyone’s posts from my phone. Glad that most of you had a wonderful holiday. So sorry for those of you who were sick! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog to say “Hi” or “Happy New Year.” I wish you all the best of 2012. Cheers!

P.S. It is supposed to be 82 degrees in So Cal today. This past week has felt like summer!! Makes me want to kick off my shoes and read outside. In fact, I think I will. Well, later. Once I get home from work.

34 thoughts on “A New Year’s “Hello” and The Mystery Gift”

  1. Ah, well he was thinking about you at least…and that you do go to a salon…just didn’t think that perhaps a gc to your salon would be the best option. Glad to hear that you had a great holiday season and looking forward to more book suggestions in 2012 from you.

  2. Ah jeez, these guys. I guess I could see if you had mentioned something about getting rid of wrinkles, but husbands need to understand the slippery slope of offering a “self-improvement” gift. I know that their hearts are in the right place! Here is to another great year!

  3. He gets points for planning ahead, and if you were a botox kind of gal… it would be a great gift. I have a friend who would think her husband loved her more for giving this to her! HA 🙂

    I want to sit down and write down everything we did over the holiday’s just so I can reflect back on the time with our son (and girlfriend). I had an amazing break, exactly what I needed.

    Good luck with the laptop situation….

    Happy New Years!

  4. Oh, the Botox gift would not have gone over well with me, so I am glad that you are A LOT more understanding and convivial about the whole situation! Our vacation went fast too, and now it’s just me in the house alone again, which kind of makes me sad, but the quiet is almost blissful! I hope that your computer woes are over very soon, but I am glad to see you back! I hope that you have a great New Year over there, my friend, and for what it’s worth, I don’t think you need any type of wrinkle correction at all!

  5. Oh dear, you know your sweet husband thought he was being so clever. But breakfast and a movie sounds like a lovely make up gift. I love Santa Barbara, it’s where my girl goes to school.

    Good luck with your computer issues, I can totally relate. Happy New Year, girlfriend hope this year is fantastic.

  6. Husbands are silly people…men. I don’t think we women are that difficult to figure out, but they tend to bumble it frequently :/ He was trying to get you something you could do for yourself…maybe next time he’ll order you a massage 🙂
    We had summer weather all weekend but it’s back to freezing today…I’m wishing for a new computer for you, Ti. 😉

  7. That is quite the tricky little gift. He should have thought that through a little better. A certificate to a spa is one thing, but anything that includes BOTOX as an option is open for interpretation!!

    1. He’s heard of Botox but I don’t think he even knows what it’s for. Plus, this salesperson talked him into it. Made it sound like THE gift to get this Christmas. I just hope we get that refund.

  8. My hub bought me a salon gift card, too. But I am taking advantage of it – I have a pedicure appt today at 4 pm.
    DO have a super dooper 2012!

  9. Happy New Year to you too. Sorry you have to wait for a new computer, too bad the traveling salesman didn’t have any of those. To solve my gift “issues” with the hubby, I usually buy it myself and have him give it to me or I am very specific about what I want. Its disheartening for both when they make the effort but you get something that is nowhere near what you would have liked. Frigid here, lucky you to be able to read outside!

    1. I always buy my own gifts but Christmas snuck up on me this year. I did give him a list, but you know…men. I know he means well.

  10. The mystery gift doesn’t say you at all but I think it’s the rare husband who doesn’t purchase gifts that get returned. I’m glad you didn’t get upset …men! lol Sorry about your computer troubles but at least you’ve got one at work you can use for now.
    It sounds like you had a really nice time at home for the holidays and took great advantage of your days off. It’s amazing how fast it passes.
    I admit to some jealousy over your weather…82, wow…it’s around 30 here today! Oh well! lol
    Happy 2012, Ti, I hope you have a fantastic year….your family, too!

  11. No need to look in the mirror, I could have told you that you do NOT need botox… do you even have ONE wrinkle?

    No computer?! Thank goodness there’s one at work. Although — maybe it made for some good reading time?

    1. That’s right! You’ve met me! I need all sorts of things but Botox is not one of them. Ha! The computer situation blows. I’m sad.

  12. Botox?! No! So glad you are returning the mystery gift. Even though you were a shuttle service it sounds like you had a pretty good break. Mine felt long, which was great. However, being back at school today felt like I was never away 🙂

    1. It’s amazing to me how we can return from break and feel as if no time has passed. The only good thing for me, is that my boss took this week off so I eased into it. Next week will be hellish though with her back.

  13. Lovely lovely post…that is what I miss about no longer living in CA…it is freezing here today…a hoodie sweatshirt day for me…I wore an Eagles one that was down to my knees…
    enjoy your evening!!!

  14. Wow, Botox? Call me crazy, but that is even more dangerous than a husband buying a vacuity for a gift. LOL.

    You’re right the weather has been beautiful, so beautiful that I am having a rough time keeping up with blog posts.

    1. There were some other treatments on that there saved it from being a complete slap in the face but none that I would ever do. I expected normal stuff (mani/ped, massage) but it was stuff like hot stone therapy and mostly injectables.

      1. You are such a sport! Mine would have been sleeping with the dog, even if there were other options!

        LOL, I see that I was hit by auto-correct in my original reply. That was supposed to read “vacuum”!

  15. That’s too bad! Every once in a while when I’m having a low self-esteem day I tell my husband I’d love to have lipo rather than putting in the work to lose weight. He says he’s come close to giving it as a gift to me, but he’s too smart to cross that line. 🙂 He knows that it’s okay for me to complain but if he makes suggestions then feelings will be hurt.

  16. Happy happy New Year! Those hubby’s can be so goofy sometimes!! I can’t believe how nice it is out there right now, really makes me want to move to California every once in a while!! Sounds like even though you did a lot of running it was all good. And what’s better than making fun memories with the family, right?

    Hope 2012 is great and that you get a new computer soon! 😀

  17. 82 F in Jan.? We sure are living in different worlds. But we’re doing not too bad though, about 60F (the high), so it’s record high for us today.
    All the best for a new year of goodreads, Ti!

  18. Happy New Year Ti! Yup, hubby would have been better off just getting you a certificate to the spa or salon you go too. Men often think they’re doing a good thing when they aren’t.

    I’m glad you had a good Christmas and all. I hope you get a new computer soon. I have to take mine in to get fixed but luckily I have a netbook and iPad as well so I’m not stuck.

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