Happy Thoughts


On Saturday, our very close friends tied the knot! So glad they finally made it legal. Just kidding of course. It was a beautiful wedding. The bride was gorgeous. The groom, so happy. We wish them the best!

Pacific Park, Santa Monica Pier

On Sunday, we hit Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier, and then we walked, and walked and walked. My legs feel as if they are broken. Seriously. I wish I could say I walked my butt off, but I checked this morning and it’s still there. How is this happy? Well, it was a beautiful day, I got to spend it with my family AND there was the promise of shopping at Nordstrom afterward, but I was too tired in the end. I know, too tired for Nordys! Unreal.

It was a busy weekend though. I have no food in the house, rehearsals to shuttle kids to, one sick kid (he ate a deep fried Twinkie, a bad one at that!) and numerous stuff going on at work. Monday is Monday but tomorrow will be better, right?

11 thoughts on “Happy Thoughts”

    1. With all the preservatives in the Twinkie you’d think the Twinkie would be okay, but the dreadlocked, rasta-looking guy who served it to him on Venice Beach wasn’t running an A rated establishment. I think the oil was questionable.

  1. Sounds like a great weekend, except for the bad twinkie… those go bad? I guess that nixes the search for Twinkie’s in Zombieland. LOL I hope you have a good week. I walked and walked carrying a heavy backpack of diapers, formula, baby food, clothes, and books all weekend, while hubby carried Wiggles around the National Book Festival….suffice to say, our shoulders and backs are killing us! 2 days with all that was a bit much — but so worth it for Yusef Komunyakaa on Sunday and Jill on Saturday!

    1. I still have to lug around a backpack sometimes. Not fun! I once got so hot carrying one that the stuff inside (sunscreen stick, lip balm) actually melted.

  2. It does sound like you had a very full and eventful weekend, and I can so relate to walking until your feet feel like they are going to fall off! I hope that your little one hasn’t sworn off twinkies forever, as they might deserve a second chance, though perhaps not fried!

  3. The bride is beautiful!! And I know what you mean about walking so much that your legs feel broken. I feel like that after every visit to an amusement park!

  4. And now it’s almost Friday again! Busy weekends are great…until Monday! Congratulations to your friends and it sounds like you had a great time Sunday. Deep fried Twinkie? ugh! But sorry your son is sick. That’s not fair!

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